Medieval Toys

There probably is not a kid today that would not love to play with a righteously awesome action figure, and luckily, those are the only kinds of action figures we carry here at Dark Knight Armoury. Each of our kids toys is impressively detailed, depicting either figures from history or figures from myth and fantasy, so that any child might have their very own play setting. Some of our medieval toys are action figures that depict a battle-ready figure from history. Some of our action figures are decidedly inspired by Roman figures, including typical soldiers and even generals and emperors, all armed in traditional Roman fashion. Some of our other action figures include Vikings from different centuries, all of whom look ready to raid, pillage and do battle with their enemies. And those are not all we have. Our toys include knights of various types, including Norman knights, Templars, Hospitallers, and general medieval knights, as well as countless other types of warriors that fought throughout the middle ages. We also have a wide variety of impressive little museum quality figurines that depict various aspects of history, myth, and fantasy, which serve to spark imagination in your children while they play! And not only do these action figures look cool on their own, but they also look great together, allowing for the creation of full settings that your child can play in and enjoy. Pick up one and give your child something historical to play with, so they learn as they play, or get them a couple of these Medieval kids toys so that they can re-enact events and re-invent old scenes all day long!
Amisi Figurine with Horse
Amisi is a really talented horseback rider. Time and again she comes up with new tricks she performs on the back of her horse. You can come up with and perform tricks of your own with the Amisi Figurine with Horse.
Price: $20.40
Ancient Rome Toob
Let your child explore one of the greatest ancient civilizations of the world with the Ancient Rome Toob! This Roman play set features the scholars, warriors, leaders, and architecture that defined this famous period.
Price: $20.00
Aqueduct of Ancient Rome
One of Ancient Romes greatest achievements was not a stunning building or a grand structure, but instead a clever notion that provided water to its citizens. This miniature of the Aqueduct of Ancient Rome recreates that construct.
Price: $3.99
Areion The Black Pegasus Figure
Up until now, pretty young princesses had a monopoly on winged horses, but not anymore. With Areion the Black Pegasus Figure, any young prince or knight can have his own winged horse, to soar the skies of fantasy.
Price: $11.99
Baby Love Dragon Figure
This pretty little fellow stares up at his beloved parent with complete adoration, begging for a cuddle! The Baby Love Dragon Figure curls its tail around itself, spreading its silvery wings ever-so-slightly from its back.
Price: $10.00
Baby Luck Dragon Figure
Much like its parent, this lucky dragon bestows good fortune on anyone who catches the gaze of its bright blue eyes! The Baby Luck Dragon Figure makes an adorable companion with its many gamboling limbs and eager expression.
Price: $10.00
Baby Pegasus Figure
A rare creature that hails from Greek mythology, the original Pegasus was said to be the child of Poseidon. The Baby Pegasus Figure depicts an adorable infant version of the legendary winged horse, hand painted in a brilliant detail.
Price: $8.00
Baby Unicorn Fantasy Figure
Even more elusive and rare then an adult unicorn is a baby unicorn, although thanks to this Baby Unicorn Fantasy Figure, catching a glimpse of one will never be much of a problem, as all you have to do is find one of these figurines.
Price: $4.75
Ballista with Armorer
The armorer who operates the ballista does not utter a single word. But everybody knows that honey cookies are his favorites. Play with this fearsome-looking yet kind hearted warrior in the Ballista with Armorer item.
Price: $40.00
Battle Arena with Accessories
In the battle arena, some warriors have become legendary heroes and heroines by defeating powerful foes and terrifying beasts. The Battle Arena with Accessories allows you to practice the skills of your favorite figures.
Price: $96.00
Behemoth Figure
A mysterious beast described in biblical story, the mighty Behemoth now gives its name to all sorts of monstrous beings. The Behemoth Figure presents a striking and fearsome fantasy interpretation of the enigmatic creature.
Price: $15.00
Big Knights Castle
There is a spy inside the castle who has eavesdropped the weak spots, and he will soon pass them on to his master. Be sure to protect the inner sanctum of the keep when you play with the Big Knights Castle!
Price: $144.00
Bilara Fantasy Figurine
The enchantress Bilara is riding on her flower-bedecked unicorn. She alone may ride that wonderful magical creature. This Bilara Fantasy Figurine is made from the finest materials to ensure that it is detailed and safe to play with.
Price: $19.00
On Sale For: $16.00
Black Twilight Dragon Figure
Some dragons like the day, and others come out only at night. This Twilight Dragon Figure is one such beast that usually only comes out at night, but it will make an exception for as often as anyone wants to admire or play with it.
Price: $18.99
Blue Dragon Plush
Baby Dragons are adorable! Sure, they grow up to be giant, fire-breathing lizards, but before that, they are just cute little things that want to play with fairies! Well, at least that is exactly what the Blue Dragon Plush wants!
Price: $30.00
BlueBell Fairy Figure
From a distance, lit fairy orbs can easily be mistaken for the light of a firefly. In reality, they are just the work of this BlueBell Fairy Figure, as she lights the way for fairy processions and other celebrations of the fairy kingdom.
Price: $8.75
Buttercup Fairy Figure
It is not common knowledge that no two pairs of fairy wings are alike, and we have the Buttercup Fairy Figure to thank for that. This figurine depicts a jubilant pixie with a joyful expression on her face, standing with her hand raised.
Price: $8.75
Captain Thomas Red Beard Crowe Pirate Figure
The captain may be the most important position on a pirate ship, which is probably why everyone wants to be one. When your child plays at piracy, they can do so with a captain, the Captain Thomas Red Beard Crowe Pirate Figure.
Price: $5.75
Catapult Play Set
The new knight catapult has been designed to be the biggest and most powerful weapon available to the armies of Eldrador. The Catapult Play Set will fire three huge boulders at your foes, leaving craters wherever they land.
Price: $20.40
Cave Dragon Figurine
You may think twice before entering a dark cave once you have beheld the fierce visage of this fantasy creature! The Cave Dragon Figurine depicts a powerful dragon that inhabits the confines of an underground cavern.
Price: $20.00
Centaur Fantasy Figure
The realms of myth and legend are filled with mysterious creatures, and none are so impressive as the centaur. Represented here in all his glory, this Centaur Fantasy Figure is a great toy and collectible for both the young and the old.
Price: $11.75
Cerberus Figure
Greek mythology will come to life in your childs hands, thanks to this Cerberus Figure. This three-headed dog once guarded the ancient Underworld, but now, it can guard your treasured possessions, or whatever else is held dear.
Price: $13.99
Chimera Fantasy Figure
Few beasts are as monstrous as the chimera, and that is what makes it such an intriguing myth. This Chimera Fantasy Figure recreates the monstrous beast in all its detail, while also serving to help teach a bit about Greek myth.
Price: $15.75
Christmas Designer Toob
Your child is sure to have a merry time with the Christmas Designer Toob! This unique holiday-themed play set includes eight brightly hand painted, professionally sculpted figurines stored inside a clear, reusable plastic tube.
Price: $14.00
Chrome Dragon Figure
The shimmering Chrome Dragon Figure hatched during a rare blue moon, adopting the silvery sheen of the celestial orb. Now you can discover the legend or invent another when you hold this sleek dragon toy in your hand.
Price: $17.00
Cloud Dragon Figure
As beasts of myth and legend, dragons often command forces that are beyond the norm. They are also intriguing creatures, so much so that this detailed Cloud Dragon Figure is capable of holding the interest of both the young and the old.
Price: $19.75
Crystal Cavern Dragon Figure
With a unique scale texture expertly crafted to resemble mystical crystal formations, the Crystal Cavern Dragon Figure is hand painted a brilliant white with tinges of pastel green, purple, and blue that shimmer when struck by light.
Price: $12.00
Cyclops Fantasy Figure
The Cyclops is a legendary creature out of Greek mythology, one to whom great works are attributed. You and your children can enjoy this mythic creature in the comforts of your own home, in the form of this Cyclops Fantasy Figure.
Price: $11.75
Daisy The Fairy Baby Figure
All infants are precious, and that is no different in regards to fairy babies. This Daisy the Fairy Baby Figure depicts an adorable yet mischievous fairy child as she stands and smiles in anticipation of her next learning adventure.
Price: $4.65
Damarai Figurine
The wings of the Damarai Figurine shine bright in all colors of the rainbow when she flies off in the morning to visit her friends. This magical being has the scaled body of a dragon with feathery rainbow wings!
Price: $20.40
Days of Old Toob
Our Days of Old Toob will take you on a magical fairytale adventure. These individually hand painted high-quality miniatures feature vibrant colors, professional sculpting, and accurate detail.
Price: $12.99
Desert Dragon Figurine
Adapted to live in hot, sandy environments, the Desert Dragon Figurine appears to be a hybrid of a dragon and a scorpion. The fantasy creature displays armored scales and a dragonesque head with the pincers and stinger of a scorpion.
Price: $20.00
Dragon Battering Ram Figure
The Battering Ram can easily break through the thickest walls of a castle, its penetrating power making it one of the most dangerous dragons in Eldrador. The Dragon Battering Ram Figure has a great fantasy design.
Price: $26.00
Dragon Diver Figurine
Deep beneath the ocean waves lurks a dangerous being that you may only see before you are lost to the water. The beast immortalized in the Dragon Diver Figurine has been cast by a survivor to warn everyone of this living nightmare!
Price: $26.00
Dragon Fighter Figure
Of all the dragons in the magical land of Eldrador, the Fighter is the strongest and wildest. The Dragon Fighter Figure shows off the fierce spiked head, spiny tail, sharp teeth, and tattered wings of this fantasy beast.
Price: $26.00
Dragon Flyer Figure
The Flyer soars higher, farther, and more skillfully than any other dragon in the magical land of Eldrador. The Dragon Flyer Figure shows off the sharp beak and teeth, wicked claws, and powerful wings of this fantasy creature.
Price: $26.00
Dragon Hatchlings Figure
Dragons do not begin as ferocious, fire breathing monsters. They hatch from eggs and happen to be quite the cute at first, as this Dragon Hatchlings Figure shows, although with time, any dragon hatchling can grow into a fearsome beast.
Price: $4.75
Dragon Hunter Figure
The Hunter does not need wings, as he moves rapidly across the ground to attack his prey with a poisonous bite. The Dragon Hunter Figure features wicked claws, a spiny club on it tail, and a spiked head and body.
Price: $26.00
Dragon King Fantasy Figurine
Dragons can be one of the most colorful, creative, and varied creatures in all of fantasy. This Dragon King Fantasy Figurine is a two-headed, brightly colored dragon that can act as a guardian, a foe, or anything else your child desires!
Price: $18.00
Dragon Knight Berserker
Underneath his armor, this berserker carries a charmed dragon scale to protect him from any peril. The Dragon Knight Berserker swings a huge battle axe that sends his enemies running from the battle field.
Price: $10.00
Dragon Knight King with Horse
With his sword uplifted, the king leads his Dragon Knights to battle. The Dragon Knight King with Horse allows you to enact the ride and the battle in which this brave warrior king is preparing to take part.
Price: $20.40
Dragon Knight Magician
The grand magician of the dragon order wields fire. He is able to toss fireballs towards his rivals or to fight them with a number of different spells. Defend the king and castle with the powerful Dragon Knight Magician.
Price: $10.00
Dragon Knight with Pole-arm Figurine
The dragon knight with the pole arm is the kings first knight. This Dragon Knight with Pole-arm Figurine is made from the finest materials to ensure that this toy is stunningly detailed, pleasing to touch, and safe to play with.
Price: $8.00
On Sale For: $6.50
Dragon Knight with Sword Figurine
The dragon knight is the greatest swordsman of them all. This Dragon Knight with Sword Figurine is made from the finest materials to ensure that this toy is stunningly detailed, pleasing to touch, and safe to play with.
Price: $9.00
Dragon Knight Xyrok Figure
The Dragon Knight Xyrok wields flaming weapons that were forged in the seething fires of a volcano. The Dragon Knight Xyrok Figure stands in his red, white, and black armor, ready to defeat any opponent who challenges him.
Price: $13.20
Dragon Rider Toy Figurine
The Dragon Rider is the elected warrior and the bravest among all Dragon Knights. This Dragon Rider Toy Figurine is made from the finest materials to ensure that this toy is stunningly detailed, pleasing to touch, and safe to play with.
Price: $42.00
Dragon Runner Figure
The Runner is so fast on the ground that you can hardly follow him with your bare eyes. The gray and bright green Dragon Runner Figure features powerful legs, a long tail, a spiked head crest, and aerodynamic wings.
Price: $20.40
Dragon Warrior Figure
Possessing high intelligence, fantastic flying skills, and scorching fire, the Warrior dragon is feared by all in the land of Eldrador. The Dragon Warrior Figure shows off sharp teeth, a clubbed tail, and spiked head.
Price: $26.00
Dragons Toob
Enjoy a variety of colorful winged dragons with this Dragons Toob. These individually hand painted, high-quality miniatures feature vibrant colors, professional sculpting, and accurate detail.
Price: $12.99
Dragons Treasure Figure
The prophecy tells that the one who finds the treasure of the dragon and takes its golden sword will be king, promising wealth and glory. The Dragons Treasure Figure displays a dragon skull biting a golden fantasy sword.
Price: $10.00
Duke of Britain Knight
Knights came from all over medieval Europe. This Duke of Britain Knight figure, for instance, is patterned after the knights that would have come from England, that would have served directly under a noble or a Duke.
Price: $2.85
Dunya Figurine
Dunya loves water. Every now and then, she sets sail in her self-made boat and afterwards tells her friends about her adventures. Entertain yourself with this colorful rainbow elf Dunya Figurine for hours of fantasy play!
Price: $9.00
Elven Magic Set
Only a special few elves have magical abilities strong enough to heal others, look into the future, or perform tricks. The Elven Magic Set includes a fairy-like elf sorceress with her magic wand, spell book, and crystal ball.
Price: $5.24
Fairies and Dragons Super Toob
Step into a realm of magic and wonder with the Fairies and Dragons Super Toob! Including an equal mix of hand painted fairy and dragon figures, will the two fantasy species unite or fight in your childs session of imaginative play?
Price: $20.00
Fairy Fantasy Toob
Flitting about the fantasy world with their shimmering wings, these fairies have been briefly captured in the Fairy Fantasy Toob. Each fairy boldly displays her colors in their butterfly wings and outfits.
Price: $12.99
Fairy Pony Figure
Sure, fairies are known to ride all sorts of other creatures, from insects to birds and more, but nothing quite beats the look of a pretty pixie when she is accompanied by a pure and pristine mount like this Fairy Pony Figure.
Price: $8.75
Fairy Tea Party Set
A fairy life is not always jubilance and mischief. Sometimes, a fairy will settle down and enjoy a quiet moment, and this Fairy Tea Party Set is the perfect way to depict one such moment between a pair of fairy friend.
Price: $21.75
Fantasy Fun Pack
See what happens when magic meets fantasy with our colorful Fantasy Fun Pack. These small fantasy figures are hand painted and professionally sculpted, so they have bright colors and lively details.
Price: $5.99
Felix Childrens Shield
Perfect for younger fans of the medieval ages wanting to join in the fun, the Felix Childrens Shield is sized just for youth. It is made of uncoated foam in a dark metal color, excellent for use in LARP and historical reenactment.
Price: $55.00
Felix Childrens Shield Cover
The Felix Childrens Shield Cover is made to fit the Felix Childrens Shield (MY100380) perfectly with a variety of color options and adds fun style to this foam LARP shield intended for the youngest fans of historical reenactment.
Price: $10.89

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