Chainmail Armor

Chainmail is one of the oldest and most prolific armors seen during history. It saw widespread use throughout not only medieval Europe but in dozens of other cultures. It even sees limited use in the modern world! Dark Knight Armoury is all too happy to provide you with the opportunity to pick up a number of fantastic pieces of chainmail armor. Each piece of our chainmail armor is ready made for your convenience. There is no assembling whatsoever. We offer a number of different pieces of chainmail armor, including things like chainmail shirts, coifs, hauberks, and gauntlets. Widening our variety of chainmail armor, we also offer numerous pieces in three distinct styles of chainmail, including butted, flattened, and riveted. Each of these three styles primarily determines how the rings that make up the chainmail are linked. We also offer chainmail armor in different materials, ranging from mild steel to high tensile steel, to even blackened steel and aluminum, ensuring that we have the broadest variety of readymade chainmail armor to offer to you. If you are aiming for an authentic look, our chainmail armor looks great by itself or paired with leather or steel armor. The lighter weight chainmail armor are also fantastic costume pieces. Chainmail is a great addition to any warrior arsenal. Knights, warriors, swordsmen, and mercenaries of all types will enjoy Dark Knight Armourys chainmail armor for its great historical look, as well as the protection and style they offer.
Chainmail Coifs, Mail Coifs and Chain Mail Coifs
Because the head is vital, Dark Knight Armoury offers a number of chainmail coifs to offer protection to the careful warrior. Our chainmail coifs come in a variety of types, materials and weights, making them great for costumes and reenactment alike.
Chainmail Hauberks, Chainmail Shirts and Mail Hauberks
For a historically accurate look, nothing looks better then one of Dark Knight Armourys fine chainmail hauberks, or chainmail shirts. Great for costumes and reenactments alike, our chainmail hauberks compliment almost any armored profile.
Chainmail Gauntlets, Mail Gauntlets, Chain Mail Gauntlets
Consisting of a leather or suede glove or mitten with steel chainmail affixed to the back, many of Dark Knight Armourys chainmail gauntlets are quite protective. They keep the hands of a warrior or knight safe while looking rather authentic, as well.
Chainmail Chausses and Voiders
Good mail does not only protect the chest or head - it can also protect the arms and legs! Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a wide selection of chainmail voiders and chausses, which are also known as chainmail sleeves and leggings, all to keep your arms and legs safe whenever you take up a contact event like sword fighting and reenactment.

"Thank you so much. I've'placed several orders (my entire costume)'from this company and have had nothing but exceptional service as well as products."

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