It stands to reason that Dark Knight Armoury would have a section devoted entirely to knights. After all, it is in the name. Here in our knights section, you will find, essentially, all of our items that feature a distinctive knightly style and are now available for you to take into your home, so that you can show off true knightly style in your castle or medieval abode. Knights, for better or worse, are an irrevocable part of the medieval era. Children are raised on stories of their valor, even now, and dream of the days of fantasy when knights would slay evil sorcerers and foul dragons. Real knights hardly hunted beasts of legend, but forged legends of their own by being the dominant fighter of their times, ones that adhered to things like chivalry, honor, and other values that are easily forgotten on the field of battle. In homage this warrior, all of our knightly items are done in the utmost detail possible, ensuring that every little ridge and line of their armor is properly rendered, whether you are looking at a full-sized statue, a little shelf miniature, or even the piece of one of our knightly chess sets. Of course, knights were known as mounted warriors and so we offer statues of knights that are both mounted on horseback and standing on foot. And of course, we also offer some of the most famous knights of all time, the form of our Knights of the Round Table sets. Even as battle-hardened warriors in full armor, there is something artistic about these knights, and thus, they make for a great touch to any room that you feel might need a touch of knightly valor and style, and the larger ones are great centerpieces to have if you are looking for a medieval theme in your home. Perhaps having one of the knights from Dark Knight Armoury will help you emulate the knightly ideals of chivalry and fairness in your life, although, if nothing else, they will assuredly add an impressive touch of medieval style to your decor or gain you the love of that special someone when you give them one of our various knights.
Arthurian Chess Set
The story of King Arthur, his loyal knights, and his realm of Camelot is a classic tale of fantasy and fiction, although it is also a sad one. Now, though, you can reenact the last of King Arthurs great battles in the form of a chess game by acquiring one of these impressive Arthurian chess sets, offered right here by Dark Knight Armoury.
Knights In Armor
At first glance, you might look at any one of our knights in armor here at Dark Knight Armoury and ask what makes them different from any other statue? Well, a lot of things make them different, although key among them is that many of these suits of armor are not theoretical knightly appearances, but rather are scaled replicas of suits of actual armor.
Knights Of The Round Table
There is, perhaps, no tale of knightly virtue and valor as famous as the tale of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. At Dark Knight Armoury, we give a place of special importance to these famous knights, and we also offer a stunning set of models that recreate each knight, as well as the famous round table, for collectors and enthusiasts to own.
Miniature Pewter Knights
What sets these knightly statues apart from the others offered here at Dark Knight Armoury? Well, it is all in the name, really, as well as in the construction. As can be guessed from the name, these miniature pewter knights are crafted from quality pewter and are designed to depict knights in a variety of positions, both battle-ready and relaxed.
Pewter Medieval Sculptures
Of course, knights were not the only medieval warrior of note, as knights were not the only ones who took to the field of battle. Here, in our pewter medieval sculpture section at Dark Knight Armoury, you will find an array of different sculptures, depicting a number of different warriors that might have fought side-by-side with medieval knights, all those hundreds of years ago.
Miniature Knights on Horseback
If you want a statue of a knight as he truly would have appeared on the field of battle, then look no further than these miniature knights on horseback. These stunning knightly statues, offered here at Dark Knight Armoury, depict these medieval warriors as they sit on the backs of mighty mounts, looking quite impressive and quite intimidating.
Knight Statues
Say, perhaps, you have a love of knights and all things medieval, but you do not have the space to set up a full-sized knight in your own home. Whatever will you do? Wait. Do not give in to despair and panic, because here at Dark Knight Armoury, we have a large selection of great knight statues that are greatly detailed and perfectly sized.
Full Size Knight Statues
The full suit of armor is not only iconic of the knight, but also a classic decoration that was found in many a castle or fortress during medieval times. Now, Dark Knight Armoury is happy to provide a selection of full sized knight statues, so that you can include such a formidable, impressive, and traditional display in the comforts of your own humble abode.

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