Medieval Glasses & Shot Glasses

The old and the new combine in this medieval glasses and shot glasses section at Dark Knight Armoury. Glass was not typically used for drinking in the Middle Ages, yet these pieces of medieval drinkware combine typical glasses with medieval and gothic themes, creating a distinctive style that is perfect for casual use or for special occasions. And just like the drinking glasses of modern day, our own medieval glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from casual drinking glasses to smaller tumblers, all the way down to decorative yet functional shot glasses. Many of our glasses have a stylized design that makes each as appealing to look at as they are fun to drink from, possessing either a medieval or a gothic style that transforms each into something more than just casual glassware. We have pilsner glasses and ale glasses that are perfect for holding a sufficient serving of ale, beer, or anything else, really, whether you prefer water, punch, tea, or soda. Our gothic tumblers are a bit smaller, making them great decorative pieces as well as perfect for holding just the right amount of alcohol for a controlled drink. And our shot glasses look like they belong in a wide variety of taverns, ranging from classic ale houses and gothic gin joints to Steampunk bars and more. Some are glass, some are pewter, although all are safe to drink from. Any one of our medieval glasses and shot glasses make for great house-warming gifts, as well as stunning vessels that will allow anyone to imbibe their preferred poison in style.
Albrecht Durer Miniature Beer Stein
The Albrecht Durer Miniature Beer Stein is crafted from pewter and features a raised-relief decoration. The body design consists of four subject panels depicting works by this famous Renaissance painter and engraver.
Price: $51.00
Albrecht Durer Shot Glass
The Albrecht Durer Shot Glass is made from pewter and features a raised-relief decoration. This is a companion piece to our other Albrecht Durer items. A must have for any medieval enthusiast and also makes a great gift.
Price: $24.00
Amy Brown Pint Glass Set
If you are looking for a pair of fairies to add to your collection, then look no further than this Amy Brown Pint Glass Set! Plus, not only do you get beautiful fairies to add to your collection, but also two new drinking glasses, too!
Price: $16.00
On Sale For: $14.00
Blood Rose Drinking Glass Set
Epitomizing the elegance of gothic styling, the Blood Rose Drinking Glass Set is a set of two functional drinking glasses which feature unique and intricate designs and emanate an exquisite sense of morbidity.
Price: $13.00
Captains Cups with Storage Box
Be you a heroic swashbuckler or a ruthless buccaneer, salute your next voyage with this elegant pair of shot glasses. Made of spun brass and plated in silver, the Captains Cups with Storage Box are safe for your next rum toast!
Price: $24.95
Chrysler Bat Shot Glass
There is something about the Chrysler Bat Shot Glass that just evokes thoughts of New York, circa the 1930s. This shot glass features creative Art-deco decorations combined with nocturnal nuances that fit the metropolis all too well.
Price: $40.00
On Sale For: $36.00
Death Dealer And Egyptian Queen Glass Set
If you admire the fantasy and science fiction works of illustrator, Frank Frazetta, then feasts your eyes on this drinkware. Miniature reproductions of his finest paintings appear on the Death Dealer And Egyptian Queen Glass Set.
Price: $19.99
Deer Hunt Shot Glass
A majestic stag runs through the forest, pursued by baying hounds. A hunter waits for the perfect moment to aim his rifle. The Deer Hunt Shot Glass displays this woodland scene in high relief, with a polished rim and a pedestal base.
Price: $30.00
Deutschland Pilsner Glass
The tall, slender shape of a pilsner glass is fairly well recognized, although not all have such great designs as this Deutschland Pilsner Glass, which are sure to impress, whether it is used to enjoy a beverage or a decorate a kitchen.
Price: $27.00
Doomed Skull Shot Glass
Death is coming for us all, so we might as well greet him with a drink. You can now have a drink in deaths honor with the intriguing Doomed Skull Shot Glass. Impress those at the bar with this stylish and thrilling shot glass.
Price: $9.00
Dragon and Skulls Shot Glass
Impress your friends with this stylish Dragon and Skulls Shot Glass, which can add new dimensions to your kitchen. This item will grab everyones attention and have them all wanting their own shot glasses that have this much attitude.
Price: $11.00
Dragon Claw Shot Glass
Dragon motifs decorate the flowered cross base of this luxury hard liquor glass. The Dragon Claw Shot Glass makes a stunning addition to your barware with its quality construction of glass and the finest English pewter.
Price: $43.00
On Sale For: $38.00
Dragon Crest Pilsner Glass
A highly detailed pewter badge decorates this Dragon Crest Pilsner Glass with a twisted base. The badge is a dragon crest with a crown at the top and a banner at the bottom. Our glasses are wonderful to use for special occasions.
Price: $18.00
Dragon with Pentagram Shot Glass
Allow the elegant Dragon with Pentagram Shot Glass to add a new dimension to your current kitchen set. This item is based on gothic fantasy and will inspire you to embrace a new style for your homes tired theme.
Price: $11.00
Dragon with Rose Shot Glass
Spice up your next hosting event with a touch of gothic fantasy like the Dragon with Rose Shot Glass. Balancing elegance and attitude, this drinking item is sure to impress your friends and have them wanting their very own.
Price: $11.00
Elk Pilsner Glass
This Elk Pilsner Glass shows woodland themed panels with German wildlife, including a pair of elk. The raised relief images are separated by tall trees and framed above and below by bands of oak branches with leaves and acorns.
Price: $100.00
Enslaved Angel Glasses
Do not be a slave to traditional glassware and boring drinking glasses. Instead, spruce up your drinkware with a few stylish glasses, like these Enslaved Angel Glasses, which puts gothic style at your fingertips and in your cupboard.
Price: $16.95
Eustoma Martini Glass
There is no better way to enjoy a drink than to do so from your personal glass. If you are looking for one that speaks to your style, then you need look no further, because this Eustoma Martina Glass is the one for you.
Price: $26.22
Gentleman Octopus Pint Glass
Some may look at all those arms and be reminded of a tentacled horror. But this octopus is quite a dapper fellow, look at the jaunty angle of his top hat! This Gentleman Octopus Pint Glass is perfect for your favorite beverage.
Price: $16.95
Germany Pilsner Glass
The tall, slender shape of a pilsner glass is recognized throughout the world, although not all have such great designs as this Germany Pilsner Glass, which are sure to impress, whether it is used for drinking or to decorate a kitchen.
Price: $27.00
Gothic Skull Drinking Glass
If you have ever wanted to drink from the top of a human skull, now is your chance! Though the Gothic Skull Drinking Glass is made from glass and is not a true skull, it will still give you the eerie effect you have been looking for.
Price: $9.00
Holy Water Pint Glass
One of the most common drinks during the Middle Ages, beer was consumed daily by all classes. Benedictine monks researched and refined recipes to create the best brews. This Holy Water Pint Glass is perfect for your favorite beverage.
Price: $16.95
La Fee Verte Shotglass
The La fee Verte Shot Glass features a distinctive art nouveau style, displaying vivid color reminiscent of Absinthe. Indeed, la fee verte means the green fairy, a term that sometimes used to reference the distinctive green spirit.
Price: $50.00
On Sale For: $45.00
La Fee Verte Tumbler
The La Fee Verte Tumbler is a classic, traditional, tall absinthe tumbler, crafted in pewter and forest green glass. It is perfect for taking Absinthe, and can also be used to enjoy any number of spirits or beverages as well.
Price: $59.00
On Sale For: $53.10
Lion Crest Pilsner Glass
Our classic Pilsner Beer Glass comes with a twist. This stunning twist bottom pilsner glass has a pewter Lion Crest badge with a blank area ideal for engraving. Our glasses are wonderful to use for special occasions.
Price: $18.00
Love Kills Shot Glass
Embrace the styles of gothic fantasy and introduce the Love Kills Shot Glass into your kitchen set. This daring drinkware will add new dimensions to your homes current decor while serving everyone their favorite beverages.
Price: $11.00
Mermaid Shot Glass
If you are hosting a gothic or pirate themed party, the Mermaid Shot Glass can be a great accessory. This original item will have all the guests of your party wondering where you found such a dazzling little glass.
Price: $11.00
Mermaid Shot Glass
Swimming through her aquatic world, this lovely mermaid appears in a fantasy of coral reefs and long sea grasses. The Mermaid Shot Glass allows you to enjoy this mermaid as a functional and decorative part of your home bar.
Price: $18.00
Miniature Bavarian Barrel Stein
The Miniature Bavarian Barrel Stein displays a blue and white diamond pattern framed by scrollwork patterns. Made from stoneware with a pewter lid, this mini beer stein makes a great gift for the brewer or reenactor in your life.
Price: $20.00
Miniature Bavarian Classic Stein
The Miniature Bavarian Classic Stein is made from fine stoneware with a pewter lid. Decorated with the Bavarian emblem of blue and white diamonds, this mini beer stein makes a terrific gift for the reenactor or brewer in your life!
Price: $20.00
Miniature Bayern Stein
The Miniature Bayern Stein is decorated with the Bayern coat of arms in blue and white. A diamond design wraps around the opposite side. This collectible stoneware stein is a fantastic gift for enthusiasts of the alpine region!
Price: $20.00
Miniature Boar Deutschherren Stein
The Miniature Boar Deutschherren Stein makes a distinctive gift or personal accent. Although Deutschherren literally translates as German men, it refers to the German Order of the Teutonic Knights which was founded during the Crusades.
Price: $22.00
Miniature Celebration Stein
The Miniature Celebration Stein features ornate raised relief detailing and a beautiful unique handle with an ornately flourished thumblift. The flat lid of the collectible pewter stein is unadorned and suitable for engraving.
Price: $65.00
Miniature Eagle Stein
A perfect gift for any fan of German culture and history, the Miniature Eagle Stein displays the coat of arms of the German Empire (1889-1918). The conical pewter lid and pewter thumblever add classic style to this collectible stein.
Price: $20.00
Neuschwanstein Castle Shot Glass
The Neuschwanstein Castle Shot Glass features detailed pictures of 3 castles King Ludwig of Bavaria is credited with building during the years of his reign. This is a must have collectible for any medieval enthusiast.
Price: $27.00
Nibelungen Shot Glass
Inspired by the epic 5th century poem of Siegfried the dragon slayer, the Nibelungen Shot Glass is crafted from lead free pewter. This collectible shot glass makes a great gift for any fan of the tragedy of Siegfried and Kriemhild.
Price: $35.00
Octopus Shot Glass
The octopus is highly intelligent, exhibiting problem-solving behaviors and adapting simple tools. Their eight limbs feature suckers along most of their length. Drink a toast to the adaptable cephalopod in this Octopus Shot Glass.
Price: $8.80
Old Masters Shot Glass
The Old Masters Shot Glass is ornately decorated with three highly detailed sculpted images. Each panel depicts a famous work by a 17th century painter from the Dutch Golden Age. This pewter glass makes a lovely gift or collectible.
Price: $30.00
Ossuary Skull Shot Glass
Start your gothic party off right with this Ossuary Skull Shot Glass. Made from quality cold cast resin, this collectible piece of gothic drinkware features multiple hand painted skulls that were given superb attention to detail.
Price: $7.50
Ossuary Skull Styled Shot Glass
With this ghoulish shot glass, the dead will be watching your every move. The Ossuary Skull Styled Shot Glass is made from cold cast resin and features an ossuary style design with evil looking skulls and bones adorning every inch!
Price: $7.50
Pewter Dragon Shot Glass
This cute dragon is not all he seems to be. When right side up, he appears to be a figurine, but when turned upside down, he holds a generous serving of your favorite liquor. The wings of the dragon create comfortable finger holds.
Price: $31.00
Pewter Wedding Glasses
These Pewter Wedding Glasses look like they were custom-designed for a wedding whose theme was pure elegance. These glasses, along with their lovely stand, are a perfect harmony of romance, style, quality, and of course, originality.
Price: $171.00
Pick Your Poison Pint Glass
Featuring a grinning skull and an ominous phrase, this inventive barware displays an original design. Filled with the beverage of your choice, this Pick Your Poison Pint Glass is the perfect way to end the day with a frosty drink.
Price: $16.95
Pirate Captain Cups
Made of spun brass and plated inside with silver, these Pirate Captain Cups are safe for your next toast! Brazed onto each jigger cup is a copper skull and crossbones, for added pirate flair. Each cup is sized close to a shot glass.
Price: $25.00
Pirate Shot Glass Set
Ahoy me matey! Whether you are a Goonie or a Blackbeard, this Pirate Shot Glass Set is sure to please the lads in your command. This drinkware set includes four shot glasses that feature a pirate skull with eye patch and crossbones.
Price: $25.00
Residenz Grog Glass
Inspired by the cups used to measure the daily grog ration given to sailors years ago, this Residenz Grog Glass has been fitted with a removable glass liner which doubles its capacity. This collectible glass is also great for tea.
Price: $100.00
Residenz Shot Glass
Some shot glasses are designed to be appreciated not for their contents, but also for the appeal that they bring. This Residenz Shot Glass is one such example, as it features an atypical design that is quite appealing to the eye.
Price: $32.00
Residenz Shot Glasses with Tray
You will be all set for entertaining when you add the Residenz Shotglasses with Tray to your bar! These high quality pieces are made from fine German pewter and inscribed with classic motifs that will coordinate with any home decor.
Price: $200.00
Rock Salute Coffee Mug
Start your day off right with big dose of metal from the Rock Salute Coffee Mug. This glow in the dark mug will help you find and consume your morning joe on those dreary early mornings before you get your dose of metal.
Price: $15.00
Ruah Vered Shot Glass
The pentagram represents the fifth element, the spirit or Breath of Life bound together with all nature. The Ruah Vered Shot Glass displays a romantic and sensual rose of love passionately entwined with a textured pentagram.
Price: $26.00
On Sale For: $23.00
Rubin Shot Glass
Raise a toast at your next Renaissance feast, birthday party, or Medieval event with this ornately decorated Rubin Shot Glass. Studded with deep red Swarovski stones, this collectible shot glass is made from fine German pewter.
Price: $45.00
Scotland Pint Glass
Sometimes, there is no better way to kick back after a long day then with a pint. And thanks to this Scotland Pint Glass, you can enjoy one in style, while also showing off your interest and passion for all things Scottish.
Price: $14.00
Silver Warrior and The Huntress Glass Set
A career as an illustrator for fantasy and science fiction publications heavily influenced the artwork of Frank Frazetta. Just observe the dynamic and suspenseful scenes presented by the Silver Warrior and The Huntress Glass Set.
Price: $19.99
Skull Drinking Glass
Few things would be as creepy cool as drinking out of a human skull. While we would not necessarily recommend using an authentic skull, this Skull Drinking Glass will allow you to have the same eerie effect without doing harm to anyone!
Price: $8.00
Skull Shot Glass
Get the party started in gothic style with the Skull Shot Glass. This collectible gothic drinkware item features a high quality cold cast resin base resembling a frightful human skull, hand painted with impressive attention to detail.
Price: $6.00
Skull Shot Glasses Set
Step into the life of a pirate with the Skull Shot Glasses Set. This unique collection can be great for a costume party or Halloween party because of the frightening designs that will send chills down your spine.
Price: $32.00
St. George Slaying Dragon Shot
Commemorate the heroics and valiant behavior of the St. George Slaying Dragon Shot Glass in your homes collection. Based on the medieval best seller, this item captures the spirit of that fight in a fun accent glass.
Price: $11.00
Steampunk Octopus Martini Glass
Sit back as a friendly sea critter offers you your favorite drink with the Steampunk Octopus Martini Glass. Made of cold cast bronze and glass, this unique drinkware piece features the curling tentacle of an antique tone octopus.
Price: $26.40
Steampunk Octopus Shot Glass
Whether you intend to use this aquatic glass as a part of your drinkware or add it to your collection, the Steampunk Octopus Shot Glass is sure to draw eyes. An octopus and gear mechanism decorates this neo-Victorian liquor glass.
Price: $19.00
Steampunk Shot Glass
You will always be able to identify your drink when you use this unique piece of Neo-Victorian imagining. Featuring brightly colored pipes and gears on a riveted base, this Steampunk Shot Glass makes an excellent collectible as well.
Price: $20.00

"With the help of the site and the awesome selection of merchandise. I was able to piece together my Dragr character and bring it to life at multiple faires. Seeing the look of amazement on children, adults and rennies alike made it all worth it. It's been so well received that performers at the Ohio renaissance festival have started to use me to interact with faire goers. And I love every minute of it!"

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