Medieval Tankards, Gothic Tankards and Pewter Tankards from Dark Knight Armoury Medieval Tankards, Gothic Tankards and Pewter Tankards from Dark Knight Armoury

Medieval Tankards

Along with the goblet, the tankard was one of the common drinking vessels of the Middle Ages. Medieval tankards were probably a more common choice, if only because the addition of a handle makes the drinking vessel easier to manage and hold. At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a wide assortment of tankards that are perfect for show and for use. A tankard is fairly typical in its form, unlike the goblet which could vary in certain aspects. Tankards virtually always have a similar shape, with size and detailing being the only two factors that vary. All of our tankards are crafted from steel, pewter, and silver, which helps to render each one safe to drink from, while also ensuring that each one can also feature stunning decoration, and many of them do. Pewter is also advantageous because it is easy to take care of, requiring only a bit of metal polish to ensure that pewter retains a brilliant shine. Some of our tankards have a definitive gothic style, featuring skull emblems and gothic designs that make them perfect for dark nobles and vampires to drink from. Others are more definitively medieval in their look, possessing impressive engravings and carvings, as well as decorative handles that take the shapes of various beasts, including dragons, lions, and more. And of course, Viking tankards are a must-have staple, featuring figures from Norse mythology, as well as bone handles, serpentine themes and knot designs. Many of our tankards are exceptional not only for their design, but also for their price, which makes it so much easier to pick up a personal drinking vessel that suits your personal style and taste. Best of all, we also carry tankard straps that allow you carry your tankard with ease, so you never have to go to any fair without it! Medieval tankards are perfect for any occasion, whether you are casually drinking among friends or celebrating a momentous event, like weddings, knightings, births, or more! Just think, one small trip to browse through Dark Knight Armourys medieval tankards section, and soon, you could be enjoying a quality beverage in the comforts of your own home from a delightful and stylish looking tankard that appeals to your sense of style.
Simple Medieval Tankard
This Medieval tankard is simple in design. The Simple Medieval Tankard could be used by any social class from Peasant to Noble. It features a stainless steel base with a satin finish body. This item is ideal for engraving.
Price: $19.00
Viking Horn Tankard
Take hold of this Viking Horn Tankard and down your meat like a real warrior! This impressive tankard takes the classic medieval drinking vessel and transforms it with a horn handle that you will love to get your hands on!
Price: $130.00
On Sale For: $117.00
Pewter Pirate Skull Tankard
Our Pewter Pirate Skull Tankard has a nice, classic shape with a brightly polished finish. A separately cast skull and crossbones is applied to the body of the tankard. The handle is a separately cast winged skeleton.
Price: $38.00
Classic Pewter Tankard
This Medieval tankard is simple in design. The Classic Pewter Tankard could be used by any social class from Peasant to Noble. It features a satin matte finish with a pewter handle and a glass base. This item is ideal for engraving.
Price: $45.00
Silver Dragon Tankard
This beautiful pewter Silver Dragon Tankard has a sateen finish with a heavy multicasting. Displaying a breathtakingly sculpted dragon in full flight, this tankard evokes a fantasy feel for those who grab its handle and take a drink.
Price: $125.00
On Sale For: $112.50
Turpin's Gallows Leather Tankard
An enduring tribute so you can drink a pint to the memory and death of the legendary London to York highwayman, Dick Turpin. The Turpins Gallows Leather Tankard captures his last moment for you to enjoy, in more ways than one.
Price: $120.00
On Sale For: $108.00
Pewter Tankard with Lion Handle
This classic pewter tankard has a brightly polished finish with a sculpted lion as the handle. A very unique piece, the Pewter Tankard with Lion Handle will earn you compliments at the dinner table or hanging on display.
Price: $45.00
Sailors Pewter Tankard with Rope Handle
Our Sailors Pewter Tankard with Rope Handle has a classic shape to it with a brightly polished finish. The sculpted rope handle makes this tankard very appropriate for any Pirate or Seafarer. A glass base is standard on this tankard.
Price: $45.00
Scottish Piper Pewter Tankard
The rampant lion is the proud handle of this brightly polished pewter tankard with glass base. The body of the Scottish Piper Pewter Tankard is adorned with an eye-catching stamped Scottish bagpiper motif.
Price: $53.00
Classic Medieval Tankard
The Classic Medieval Tankard is a drinking vessel for those who want something subtle and understated, yet adorned with that touch of flourish that makes it stand out more than the average cup at a medieval feasting table.
Price: $26.00
Tir Na Nog Cross Tankard
More than a dash of Celtic styling infuses this tankard, just like more than just words make up its name. This Tir Na Nog Cross Tankard is a medieval tankard gone Celtic, making it a true work of art to be appreciated and enjoyed.
Price: $54.00
Worcester Tankard
This beautiful pewter Worcester tankard has a sateen finish with a Georgian style handle. This marvelous pewter Worcester tankard is great to take to medieval faires, medieval wedding, medieval themed parties or every day casual use.
Price: $39.95
Polished Classic Tankard
There is no denying that a good tankard will let you enjoy your drinks in medieval style, but this Polished Classic Tankard allows you to do so while also looking your best, and all thanks to its shiny finish and its subtle design.
Price: $49.00
Captains Tankard
The Captains tankard is safe for all beverages and has a 1 pint capacity. Every civilization in history had some form of drinking vessel to hold their alcohol or drinkable fluids. Our medieval tankards are affordable and made of the finest English pewter.
Price: $56.00
On Sale For: $40.00
Shamrock Tankard
Tankards were once the vessel of choice when it came to enjoying a beverage, and even today, they remain a popular choice. This Shamrock Tankard is a perfect match for those who want something Celtic to enjoy their beverage from.
Price: $54.00
Tribal Spine Skull Tankard
If you want to enjoy a drink and look gothic and cool, nothing beats a beverage container quite like this Tribal Spine Skull Tankard. Grinning skulls and bone detailing make it a personal mug par excellence.
Price: $20.00
Elegant Tankard
The tankard was the vessel for both peasant and prince alike, once upon a time, and now, it can be your drinking vessel of choice, too. If you prefer to be a bit more princely in your style, then this Elegant Tankard is the one for you.
Price: $54.00
Celtic Dragons Mug
Dragons remain notable for their size and reptilian appearance, often appearing with fierce majesty. The Celtic Dragons Mug displays two dragons clutching an orb among a Celtic knotwork pattern.
Price: $20.00
Guardian Gargoyle Mug
Gargoyles frequently feature in Gothic architecture as guardians against evil spirits. You can bring this style to your dinner table with the Guardian Gargoyle Mug, which displays a winged lion on the cup.
Price: $20.00
Dragon Pentacle Mug
The word Dragon references its serpentine qualities as seen in some of the oldest depictions of the creature. The Dragon Pentacle Mug displays a dragon that weaves its sinuous form through the bars of a pentacle.
Price: $20.00
Zombie Mug
This frightful mug has even odds with your coffee for providing a morning jolt! The Zombie Mug features the greenish head of a zombie as its base, each feature outlined in bloody gore and a pistol coming out of its head.
Price: $24.00
Incineration Ceramic Mug by Tom Wood
Excellent for use in enjoying anything from a hot cup of coffee to a cold glass of water, the Incineration Ceramic Mug by Tom Wood is a black ceramic mug which features the eye catching artwork of celebrated fantasy artist Tom Wood.
Price: $10.00
Dragons Dissent Ceramic Mug by Tom Wood
If you enjoy the dark and sinister side of fantasy and wish to enjoy your morning cup of coffee in style, then look no further than the Dragons Dissent Ceramic Mug by Tom Wood, which features an exceptional detailed dragon graphic.
Price: $10.00
Dragons Night Ceramic Mug by Tom Wood
Crafted for individuals who love dark fantasy and are fascinated with mythical beasts, the Dragons Night Ceramic Mug by Tom Wood is a functional ceramic drinking mug which features a stunning depiction of a dragon.
Price: $10.00
Sentinel Ceramic Mug by Tom Wood
Perfect for individuals who wish to enjoy their beverages in style, the Sentinel Ceramic Mug by Tom Wood features the artwork of the widely celebrated artist Tom Wood, who specializes in realistic depictions of monstrous dragons.
Price: $10.00
Scourge Ceramic Mug by Tom Wood
Featuring a terrifically detailed graphic of a ferocious dragon, the Scourge Ceramic Mug by Tom Wood is an exceptional means for displaying your passion for dark fantasy while you enjoy your favorite hot or cold beverages.
Price: $10.00
Steel Insert Flying Dragon Mug
Drink your favorite beverages with fun fantasy style with the help of this dragon cup! The Steel Insert Flying Dragon Mug shows off a detailed dragon with its wings spread along the side and intricate patterning along the top.
Price: $20.50
Steel Insert Dragon and Skulls Mug
Offering a great piece of dragon drinkware for fantasy lovers with a striking gothic twist, the Steel Insert Dragon and Skulls Mug features a handle in the shape of a dragon with its wings spread out on the sides of the cup.
Price: $20.50
Steel Insert Grinning Skulls Mug
Wicked as this coffee cup looks, it is sure to become a favorite piece of skull drinkware for fans of gothic or pirate style. The Steel Insert Grinning Skulls Mug features a malevolent skull backed by radiating bones on the side.
Price: $26.50
Steel Insert Skull and Bones Mug
Warn off anyone from trying to approach you before your morning coffee by enjoying your favorite brew in this decorative coffee mug! The Steel Insert Skull and Bones Mug displays a large grinning skull on the side of the gothic cup.
Price: $20.50
Bloodshot Zombie Mug
After waking up, you may feel like a member of the undead prior to having some caffeine, but this sculpted mug makes the perfect solution! Drink your favorite beverage from the Bloodshot Zombie Mug for a real jolt.
Price: $13.00
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