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Music knows no boundaries, and at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a variety of musical instruments and accessories, as well as learning materials, so that anyone might take up and master a medieval instrument! After all, even music made in the old fashion can still be a beautiful sound to hear, whether you are playing for a crowd, hear it at a fair, or just practicing at home. Instruments had a variety of uses in medieval days, ranging from pure entertainment value to military use, as many instruments were used, from as early as the Roman days, to help in commanding an army, drum tones or horn bursts being used to signal distant troops. Here, in this section, you will find a variety of instruments, including classic wind, string, and percussion instruments that are perfect for a wide variety of uses. Our trumpets and horns are great for battle notes, while a bag pipe is the perfect hobby to take up for one to celebrate their heritage or the instruments unique sound! Percussion instruments are perfect for setting a marching cadence, as well as for casual playing, and our string instruments will beautifully in making beautiful music. This section accommodates beginners and experts alike too, thanks to the inclusion of instructional books and videos that are offered, and for instrument care and storing, we also offer a number of instrument accessories to choose from, too. For a medieval band, there is no better place to be, just as this section will serve well the medieval hobbyist, who has an interest in learning how to make music and play an instrument. And of course, it goes without saying that our medieval instruments are fully functional - and if they are not, a note is made to make that known. Whether you are playing for a wedding, playing at fair, playing for battle or playing for fun, you can bet that the best place to get your medieval instrument for your historic musical hobby is right here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Instructional Music Books, Music Instruction DVDs, and Practice Chanters
For the beginner to the realm of medieval music, there is no better place to start then Dark Knight Armoury, and more specifically, in our section of instructional books and videos, where beginners will find all manner of learning aids that will help them to start on the road to musical mastery with a wide assortment of different medieval music instruments.
Instrument Accessories, Replacement Strings, and Instrument Cases
Chances are, if you are looking at buying or have already bought a musical instrument from Dark Knight Armoury, you are going to want to look through this section of instrument accessories too, just to make sure you have all you need when it comes to your instrument of choice. After all, a good carrying case and some replacement parts are things that any good musician should have - right?
Percussion Instruments, Medieval Drums, Monks Bells, and Renaissance Drums
Percussion instruments make sound via struck surfaces and force, and our selection of medieval percussion instruments here at Dark Knight Armoury is no different. Not surprisingly, percussion instruments were used for both entertainment and for military purposes, and even to this day, drums are used to set marching pace, just as they were used throughout history.
String Instruments, Medieval Harps, Celtic Harps, and Renaissance Harps
String instruments are known not only for producing highly varied, but also incredibly beautiful sound. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a wide assortment of medieval inspired string instruments that are perfect for beginners and experts alike. With a little practice and some know-how, any musician can use these stringed instruments to produce beautiful medieval melodies.
Wind Instruments, Medieval Flutes, Period Horns, and Medieval Bagpipes
Wind instruments were likely among the more common of instruments found and played in the medieval era, likely because they were somewhat easier to make. Ease of creation, though, hardly makes for an inferior instrument, and at Dark Knight Armoury, we are proud to offer a number of great medieval wind instruments for the intrepid musician to take up and play.

"'Larp and the medieval Faire so let me get in touch with that time period. I love this page because it shows me even more unique things from that time. I love learning about historical times and events and items. I have European descendents in my blood lines so it also makes me feel more connected to my origins and family roots."

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