Sometimes, you just do not have room for fully sized collectibles. But do not despair, because when it does happen, that just gives you all the more reason to visit Dark Knight Armoury and check out our wide array of great miniatures! We have a huge assortment of miniature medieval collectibles for you to enjoy, too! And trust us when we say we do have quite the collection of intriguing little accessories and accents! Here, you will find all our smaller-sized collectibles, ranging from stunning little miniature swords and other weapons of war to shrunken siege engines to small statues and more! For the arms collector in you, we have an assortment of miniature swords, weapons, and shields, to create the perfect little armoury that takes up barely any room at all! Plus, we have the swords and shields of King Arthur and his knights, to create a complete round table set that any Arthurian enthusiast would love. For those interested in small-scale siege weapons, we also offer an assortment of miniature cannons and catapults, to perfectly complete your little war camp! We even offer a variety of small statues, ranging from European to Japanese, and all are based entirely on historic examples. And if you are looking for a great little collectible or gift, then you really cannot beat our key chains or our pencil toppers. There is really something for everyone here, ranging from sword letter openers that are every bit as impressive as their larger cousins to replica cannons that look like they could fire to helmet pencil toppers that armor your writing utensil, down even to wicked key chains inspired by your favorite fighters, worlds, and eras of history and fantasy! You do not have to have a whole room to devote to your collectibles, because at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a whole slew of great medieval miniatures that are sure to catch your fancy.
Miniature Knights of the Round Table Set, King Arthur Miniature Sword, and King Arthur Miniature Shield
There is, perhaps, no greater medieval legend or story than that of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. And now, offered at Dark Knight Armoury, you have the chance to bring a series of accents into your home that perfectly represents this medieval legend in all its glory, in the form of the items found here, in our Miniature Knights of the Round Table Set!
Miniature Shields, Mini Medieval Shields, and Miniature Replica Shields
Not all shields are made for defense, and the selection of miniature shields offered here at Dark Knight Armoury are proof positive of that point. Instead, these impressive little accents are made for display, possessing a decorative design that is quite the sight see, while their smaller size makes them easier and more convenient than their full-sized cousins.
Pencil Toppers, Pencil Decorations, and Collectible Pencils
If you write for a living, or write frequently, either at home or at work, you will, not surprisingly, spend a lot of time looking at the tip of a pencil or pen. Why not spruce up your choice of writing utensil with a great pencil topper from Dark Knight Armoury? This way, your pen or pencil will show off your own love for medieval lore!
Pewter Japanese Warriors
The medieval warriors of Europe were not only the fierce fighters in history, nor are they the only ones worthy of celebration. In our pewter Japanese warriors section at Dark Knight Armoury, we pay our homages to the warriors who come from the Land of the Rising Sun, in a number of fantastic figurines that depict these warriors in truly stunning and accurate detail.
Miniature Swords and Letter Openers
There have been a lot of changes since the Dark Ages. Art, culture, learning, and more have all improved for the better. Another change is that you cannot readily carry a sword around at your side. But if you pay us a visit at Dark Knight Armoury, we can provide you with a sword to use in your day-to-day life, courtesy of our miniature swords and letter openers section!
Miniature Weapons
Of course, swords were not the only weapons wielded in the Dark Ages, so Dark Knight Armoury does not only carry miniature swords, but also various other sorts of medieval miniature weapons, too! Impressive in their detail, these weapons replicate the details found in their larger cousins, while their smaller size makes them great as personal accents to carry around!
Miniature Medieval Key Rings
If you have got a love for all things medieval, then perhaps the best way to show it is to keep something medieval on you at all times. But what? You cannot readily carry a sword with you every day of the week. You are in luck, though, because Dark Knight Armoury carries a huge selection of great miniature medieval key chains that allow you to show off your medieval interest no matter where you go or what you do.
Miniature Cannons
Coming straight to you from the early days of artillery are a few of Dark Knight Armourys most fun little surprises, miniature cannons! that is right, we have got an assortment of impressive little artillery weapons, as well as a few pieces of siege weaponry to go along with it, all made from the finest materials and offered to you, right here in this section!

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