Skeleton Home Decor

Only the truly brave can venture into a tomb that is filled with skeletons and skulls, which really makes it hard to get good, gothic home decor pieces, let us tell you. But thanks to our efforts here at Dark Knight Armoury, we have gathered together an array of cool and creepy skeleton home decor items so that you can bring some bony style to your decor with ease. This category is filled to the brim with intriguing and eccentric little display pieces that will serve you well when it comes to bring some skeletal style or gothic appeal to your decorating scheme. And thanks to the variety of products found here, you can go big or small, depending on your needs. Wind chimes, skull boxes, little skeleton statuaries, and even skull water globes all bring that little touch of style to your decor. And bigger pieces, like bony wall mirrors and skeletal tables are perfect centerpieces for a more gothic inspired design. There are also dozens of intermediate pieces, like skull journals for writing, dragon skull heads for display, skull wind chimes for some inharmonic beauty, and skull fountains for that interactive element in any room! All of it is impressively detailed and perfectly suited for everyday display and use, as well as for seasonal use too, if that is what you have in mind. So if you are in the market for skull accessories and skeleton home decor, you have come to the right place, by Dark Knight Armoury has plenty of that. Best of all, we offer it at killer prices that would surely make the dead roll over in their graves!
Angel and Demon Yin Yang Clock
In the age-old battle between good and evil, some believe that the two forces need each other in order for the world to keep turning. This Angel and Demon Yin Yang Clock represents this concept in a colorful piece of home decor.
Price: $14.00
Angel of Death Statue
The Angel of Death Statue depicts an angel of death standing atop a square pillar. This ghastly figure does not hide its skeletal form under a black robe but instead perches silently and waits, watching for its next victim.
Price: $25.00
Anne Stokes Dance with Death Fleece Blanket
While the thought of dancing with Death is thrilling, it may also send a literal chill right up your spine! This Anne Stokes Dance with Death Fleece Blanket will keep you warm and toasty while also keeping your Gothic style in mind.
Price: $32.00
Anne Stokes Dance with Death Woven Blanket
If you are searching for the perfect gift for someone who enjoys Gothic style, then look no further than this Anne Stokes Dance with Death Woven Blanket. Its stunning design and fine quality are sure to make this blanket a big hit.
Price: $52.00
Anne Stokes Hellfire Fleece Blanket
When the burning flames of hell are just not enough to keep you warm, this Anne Stokes Hellfire Fleece Blanket will do just the trick. Curl up in this insulating blanket and let the gruesome skull keep you toasty all winter long.
Price: $32.00
Anne Stokes Hellfire Woven Blanket
If your home is needing an update of edgy Gothic style, then this Anne Stokes Hellfire Woven Blanket is just the ticket. This blanket combines a wicked skull design with the elegant and comfortable style of a fringe throw blanket.
Price: $52.00
Anne Stokes Hellrider Fleece Blanket
If you already have a skeleton style theme in your home, or if you are looking to create one, then this Anne Stokes Hellrider Fleece Blanket is the perfect way to do so. This warm and cozy blanket features a stunning, detailed image.
Price: $32.00
Anne Stokes Hellrider Woven Blanket
The art of Anne Stokes is something that anybody would be proud to have displayed in their home. Thanks to this Anne Stokes Hellrider Woven Blanket, her daring designs are not only wonderful to look at but also quite warm and toasty.
Price: $52.00
Atlas Skeleton Goblet
After the Titans lost the Titanomachy, Zeus condemned Atlas to stand at the edge of the world and hold the sky upon his shoulders. With the Atlas Skeleton Goblet, you can add the weight of your favorite beverage to this burden!
Price: $17.50
Biker Goth Reaper Statue
If you try to outrun Death on a motorcycle, Death will catch up. And it might have a haircut you would expect to see on Keanu Reeves. The Biker Goth Reaper Statue is here to remind you that these roads and this life will ultimately end.
Price: $36.00
Black Dragon on Pirate Skull Snow Globe
Combining elements of fantasy and gothic art, the Black Dragon on Pirate Skull Snow Globe serves as an eye-catching piece of home decor. A proud dragon perches atop a snow globe that encloses a grinning pirate skull for a unique look.
Price: $18.00
Black Dragon on Skull Snow Globe
With its eye-catching look, the Black Dragon on Skull Snow Globe is sure to be a unique piece to add to your collection! This dragon snow globe features two skulls in its design, one in the globe with a bullet hole through the forehead.
Price: $18.00
On Sale For: $15.00
Black Skull Mug
The Black Skull Mug is a great piece to add to your home! It can be used everyday, or you can set it aside in your collection. This mug features a ceramic human skull with the top cut off. The handle looks to be made of bones as well.
Price: $20.00
Soul Bringer - Black
Charon, the ferryman of the underworld, delivers the souls of the freshly dead to the realm of Hades to be judged. He pushes his ferry down the river Styx in silence. His grim visage can be seen in the Soul Bringer - Black statue.
Price: $10.00
Blue Dragon on Jeweled Skull Statue
This dragon is not only the protector of a valuable jewel, but also two sinister skulls! Combining Gothic and medieval styling, this Blue Dragon on Jeweled Skull Statue will add just the right touch of fantasy to your home decor.
Price: $17.00
Blue Rose La Catrina
Blue flowers gracefully adorn the beauty that proudly displays her carefully chosen attire. She joyfully clothes herself to honor her departed loved ones. Be enchanted by the devotion and creativity of the Blue Rose La Catrina.
Price: $26.00
Boneyard Skull Tankard
For one unafraid to venture through the cemetery at night, only a special piece of drinkware will do. Whether to start your day with coffee, or top it off with ale, the Boneyard Skull Tankard is a fine companion for the daring.
Price: $24.00
Bronze Kiss of Death
Victor Hugo wrote It is nothing to die. It is frightful not to live. Display this Bronze Kiss of Death on your desk or shelf to remind you to suck the marrow out of every moment, and when all else fails, dance your heart out.
Price: $58.00
Bronze Skull Bottle Opener
Crack open a cold one and relax with your new best pal, the Bronze Skull Bottle Opener! Though he may not have much to say, this macabre magnet sure will come in handy in your kitchen as he hangs on your fridge, waiting to be used.
Price: $10.00
Buccaneer Skull Trinket Box
Who would trust their valuables with a pirate? Well if the pirate were alive, you might have a problem on your hands. Thankfully, the pirate in this Buccaneer Skull Trinket Box is long gone, letting you safely store your treasures.
Price: $24.00
Celtic Crypt Box
Safely set your jewelry and trinkets to rest in the Celtic Crypt Box. This cast resin trinket box blends history, beauty, and macabre style for a breath-taking result. A grinning skull sits at the center of its knotwork designs.
Price: $16.50
Celtic King Box
The Celtic King Box is a great place to keep your personables. This box would make quite a conversation piece as well. The cross-shaped coffin has stunning Celtic designs around it. There is the skeleton with his sword on the lid.
Price: $27.50
Celtic Skull Box
What better place to store something than in an item so creepy and strange that no one will ever want to examine it! The Celtic Skull Box is a truly unique decoration that you can use to hide all your neat little valuables.
Price: $19.00
Celtic Skull Cross Trinket Box
With the frightful look of a screaming skull embedded within its cross shape, the Celtic Skull Cross Trinket Box is a stunning example of gothic decor. Made of cold cast resin, this trinket box is hand painted for a metallic look.
Price: $11.50
Celtic Skull Trinket Box
The Celts believed the most honorable deaths occurred in battle and offered the dead items needed for the next life. The Celtic Skull Trinket Box allows you to commemorate these warriors with a skull bearing Celtic knotwork.
Price: $13.00
Charon of the Underworld LED Statue
Beneath the realm of the living, the skeletal ferryman awaits. The Charon of the Underworld LED Statue depicts this notable character from Greek mythology, said to carry the souls of the dead across the rivers Styx and Acheron.
Price: $71.00
Charons Ferry
Coast down the river Styx in the boat of the ferryman, Charon, with the skeletal guide himself. The Charons Ferry statue is a stylized representation of the macabre boat of Charon, the grim and skeletal ferryman of the underworld.
Price: $25.00
Conquest - Apocalypse Horseman
The Apocalypse Horseman, Conquest, would make a great addition to your gothic themed room. The rider of the white horse has been argued to represent both evil and righteousness. He is most often seen with a bow and a crown.
Price: $32.00
Coral Rose La Catrina
A graceful hand rests over a devoted heart. Faithful eyes wander heavenward from behind an elegant sugar skull tattoo. The Coral Rose La Catrina symbolizes bittersweet romance in the celebration of the Day of the Dead.
Price: $26.00
Crimson Rose La Catrina
She smiles softly while stepping out for all to see her festive attire. A carefully designed sugar skull tattoo graces her face. Celebrate the Day of the Dead with the Crimson Rose La Catrina as she gladly remembers her dearly departed.
Price: $26.00
Cyborg Skull Trinket Box
Though society has modernized greatly since the 1800s, the Victorian fascination with death still remains in effect today. This Cyborg Skull Trinket Box combines modern and historic style to create a striking piece of steampunk decor.
Price: $25.00
Dance with Death by Anne Stokes
Giving a modern twist to the medieval danse macabre allegory, Dance with Death by Anne Stokes portrays a masked maiden dancing with a winged reaper. This Gothic death statue makes a stunning addition to any dark fantasy display.
Price: $70.00
Dark Steampunk Skull Trinket Box
You might find this skull box sitting around the laboratory of some mad scientist or Neo-Victorian inventor! The Dark Steampunk Skull Trinket Box makes an excellent accent for your storing your own odds and ends out of sight.
Price: $24.00
Day of the Dead Magnet Set
Decorative magnets add a touch of personality while serving a useful purpose. Whether celebrating your favorite holiday or spicing up a rather dull area, the Day of the Dead Magnet Set will add flavor to your decorative space.
Price: $28.00
Day of the Dead Water Glass Set
Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican celebration surrounding souls that have long since departed and those they have left behind. The Day of the Dead Water Glass Set includes two cups displaying striking graphics along their sides.
Price: $17.21
Death - Apocalypse Horseman
The Apocalypse Horseman, Death, would make a great addition to your gothic themed room. This version of death carries a bloody scythe and rides on a green steed, his skeletal face grinning wickedly.
Price: $32.00
Demon Skull Clock
The skull featured in this Demon Skull Clock is not just any ordinary head of a skeleton. Straight from the depths of the fiery underworld, this skull is transforming into the demonic hellion it will remain for the rest of eternity.
Price: $14.00
Demonic Skull Display Mask
A unique skull can easily take your home decor from dull to daring in an instant! If you are looking to spice up your interior design with a bit of spooky flair, then you need look no further than this Demonic Skull Display Mask.
Price: $70.00
Devil Skull and Crossbones Plaque
An age-old symbol of danger gets a modern update in this Devil Skull and Crossbones Plaque. That addition of demonic style takes this old symbol and makes it all the more appealing, as well as more forewarning of impending danger.
Price: $30.00
Dragon Skull Box
Keep your keys, coins, or jewelry in the Dragon Skull Box, ready to guard your treasures with its frightening skeletal visage. The remains of this ferocious dragon are as fearsome as the living beast must have been, if not more!
Price: $37.50
Eastern Dragon Skull Mirrored Trinket Box
The art of Anne Stokes is always so unique and fascinating, and this Eastern Dragon Skull Mirrored Trinket Box is certainly no different. Great for storing small items, this box will also add an Oriental touch to your home design.
Price: $10.00
Empty Skull Cookie Jar
This is one cookie jar that you certainly do not wish to get caught with your fingers in! Grim yet fun, this Empty Skull Cookie Jar recreates the look of the human skull, making every cookie contained within a real tasty gothic treat.
Price: $35.00
Fancy Goth Skeleton Girl Statue
With her wide ruffled skirts and matching feathered top hat, this skeleton girl is dressed to the nines in Victorian-inspired gothic style. The Fancy Goth Skeleton Girl Statue displays a bashful skeleton wearing this fun fashion.
Price: $25.00
Fate of Narcissus Compact Mirror
Glimpse the culmination of your mortal vanity as you muse upon the futility of worldly endeavors with this secret memento mori. The Fate of Narcissus Compact Mirror is framed by intertwining vines with roses along one curved side.
Price: $15.00
Floral Skull Lamp
The combination of flowers and skulls seems to strike a special place in many peoples hearts. Maybe it is the polarity, one symbolizes death and the other life, or maybe it is just how cool the Floral Skull Lamp looks when lit up!
Price: $80.00
Food for Thought Skull Bowl
Anything taken from the brain cavity of a skull is to produce some sort of thought, and in that regard, this Food For Thought Skull Bowl is an eerie yet fun accent that you can have sitting around your home, just for that reason alone!
Price: $21.00
Frank and Bride Dancing Statue
Even monsters are capable of love! The Frank and Bride Dancing Statue displays the true love felt between the monster of Dr. Frankenstein and his black and white-haired bride! They may be skeletons, but they make a cute couple.
Price: $27.00
Frank and Bride Kissing Statue
Love comes in all shapes and sizes, it knows no limits and when it is true love, it endures beyond the grave. The Frank and Bride Kissing Statue is a fine example of this, as it shows Frankenstein and his beloved wife kissing.
Price: $27.00
Furrybones Scorchie Dragon Statue
With a lightly toasted marshmallow clutched in its claws, this dragon imposter makes quite an adorable sight. The Furrybones Scorchie Dragon Statue depicts a charmingly stylized skeleton wearing a black and red baby dragon costume.
Price: $7.00
Furrybones Tatsu Dragon Statue
Dressed as a young green dragon, this adorable skeleton holds a golden egg in one costumed claw. The Furrybones Tatsu Dragon Statue, made of high quality cold cast resin, depicts this unique figure in vibrant, hand painted colors.
Price: $7.00
Furrybones Unie Pink Unicorn Statue
With its stylized face peeking out through the head of its costume, the mischievous skeleton wears the guise of a pink and purple unicorn. The Furrybones Unie Pink Statue depicts this delightful fantasy character with adorable detail.
Price: $13.00
Furrybones Unie Teal Unicorn Statue
Masquerading as a teal unicorn, the mischievous skeleton smiles from the face of its costume. Crafted from high quality cold cast resin, the Furrybones Unie Teal Unicorn Statue depicts this adorable creature in hand painted colors.
Price: $7.00
Furrybones White Uni Unicorn Statue
Everyone has heard the phrase A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing, but have you heard A Skeleton in Unicorn Clothing? The Furrybones White Uni Unicorn Statue depicts a chibi skeleton who just wants the love and attention that unicorns get!
Price: $13.00
Geistalon Unicorn Skull
The thundering phantom of a legendary armored cataphract unicorn, revered in the Scrolls of Carrhae for their terrifying and decisive actions in battle. The Geistalon Unicorn Skull depicts a heavily armoured skeletal unicorn head.
Price: $35.00
Gem-Eyed Skull with Rose
Even in death, romance can still live. This Gem-Eyed Skull with Rose is proof of that, depicting a skull with gleaming faux gemstone eyes that is clenching a rose in its teeth, like Casanova, who swept maidens off their feet.
Price: $20.00
Glass Skull Corked Decanter
One of the greatest things about skulls is that they can be implemented just about anywhere in your home, including the bar! This Glass Skull Corked Decanter makes the perfect storage device and display bottle for your favorite spirits.
Price: $10.00
Glowing Skull LED Candle
Candles are a great way to add a decorative touch to your home, whether that touch is warm and comforting or dark and sinister. This Glowing Skull LED Candle is the latter, depicting a bright light emitting from a grinning red skull.
Price: $20.00
Golden Colored Santa Muerte Statue
Santa Muerte, or Our Lady of the Holy Death, is chiefly said to protect those who seek passage to the afterlife. With the Golden Colored Santa Muerte Statue, you can now enjoy the likeness of this Mexican folk saint in your own home.
Price: $35.00
Golden Skull Bookend
Most depictions of pirates show them as illiterate or unintelligent, which means they probably would not have read much. When they did read, they probably had something like the Golden Skull Bookend to hold their books and charts!
Price: $30.00
Gothic Casket Horror Ornament
Who can really say what unspeakable terror lies within this casket? Hopefully, the Gothic Casket Horror Ornament stays shut whilst hanging from your tree and does not start to creak open in the middle of the night.
Price: $11.95

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