Dragon Globes, Fantasy Dragon Globes and Medieval Dragon Globes from Dark Knight Armoury Dragon Globes, Fantasy Dragon Globes and Medieval Dragon Globes from Dark Knight Armoury

Dragon Globes

Have you ever shaken a dragon? It sounds like it would be quite the mistake to make, and yet, when it comes to these Dragon Globes from Dark Knight Armoury, it is not. In fact, these fantasy styled dragon water globes are meant to be shaken, and the dragons involved are typically too busy enjoying their position to do more than enjoy a good shake. They are also meant to be visually appealing and enjoyed, as these dragon snow globes all possess an impressive level of detail that renders each one a great display item to include in your decor. The style of our dragon water globes can vary from one to the other, as some feature dragons contained within the globe, while others depict dragons outside the globe as they look in, either admiring what lays within or gloating over somehow trapping the occupants of the globe. Given the association of dragons with medieval fantasy, many of our dragon globes also feature things like castle, treasure, and even wizards! So the next time you get the urge to add a new little dragon decoration to your home decor, why not make it one of the dragon globes from Dark Knight Armoury? Not only are they great to look at, but they are also somewhat interactive. Plus, how often can you say that you get the chance to shake a dragon up daily?
Blue Dragon on Castle Snow Globe
A new king has ascended to the throne and will rule with fire, in the Blue Dragon on Castle Snow Globe. Hail the new king and be thankful that it will only compliment your homes current theme instead of incinerate it.
Price: $23.00
Double Dragon Sandstorm Ball
If you have been looking for a unique and new item to add to your dragon decor, then your search is over! This Double Dragon Sandstorm Ball is an intriguing little decoration that is sure to attract attention every time someone goes near it!
Price: $36.00
Dragon Castle Water Globe
If dragons and water don't seem to go together to you, then it's time to think again, as this Dragon Castle Water Globe is a remarkable accessory that combines a great and powerful blue dragon with the classic design of a decorative water globe.
Price: $28.00
Dragon Treasure Water Globe
If there's one thing that dragons are notorious for, its greed. Like ravens, dragons horde shiny things, often possessing untold riches piled up into great treasure hordes. And this Dragon Treasure Water Globe depicts one such valuable dragon-horde.
Price: $28.00
Green Dragon on Castle Snow Globe
Fans of medieval fantasy will appreciate the elegance of the Green Dragon on Castle Snow Globe. This original item will captivate your imagination while enhancing the look and feel of your homes current décor situation.
Price: $23.00
Midnight Dragon Water Globe
In the belly of this watery globe rests the Midnight Dragon, a watchful creature of strength and poise painted with the deepest blues of the midnight sky. The Midnight Dragon's eyes burn a brilliant red from inside the Water Globe.
Price: $16.00
Purple Dragon on Castle Snow Globe
The kingdom has a new ruler in the Purple Dragon on Castle Snow Globe. This legendary beast has claimed his new home and will not give it up easily, in this lively decoration that can easily add fantasy into any room.
Price: $23.00
Red Baby Dragon Water Globe
Perched inside this Water Globe is the Red Baby Dragon, a dazzling creature who inspires affection and awe. The Baby Red Dragon is awash in scaly detail inside its Water Globe. Red, white, and purple scales mark his hide.
Price: $16.00
Red Dragon on Castle Snow Globe
The unique Red Dragon on Castle Snow Globe is a dazzling decoration that is rich with medieval fantasy elements. An item as stunning as this can be a subtle enhancement to any room in your home or a collection of statues.
Price: $23.00
Sleeping Dragon Sandstorm Ball
Have you ever heard the phrase that it is best to let sleeping dragons lay? Well, that is not the case with this Sleeping Dragon Sandstorm Ball. Of course, you won't actually wake up the dragon, but you can 'wake up' the wall that the dragon sleeps on!
Price: $44.00
Sulky Dragon Water Globe
Sitting sullen and long faced in the midst of a his water globe is the Sulky Dragon. This cute creature is perfectly pouty with his arms crossed and his bad mood stare.
Price: $16.00
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