Gargoyles are one of the most highly recognizable gothic symbols from the medieval era, and Dark Knight Armoury is happy to offer an absolutely staggering selection of impressive looking gargoyle products. Gargoyles are typically classified as grotesques, which is as much a reference to their intriguing appearance as it is to their function. Originally, gargoyles were designed to be a decorative water spout that drained water away from walls to prevent damage, although as time went by, legends and myths about these creatures began to spring up as well. One of the more popular myths is that gargoyles offer protecting against evil spirits, as their fearsome appearance wards off evil, fighting fire with fire, in a manner of speaking. Adding on to that myth is the popular depiction of gargoyles coming to life after sundown, where they take flight and continue their vigil against evil spirits, only to return to their perch at sunrise, where they become stone again. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a wide assortment of different gargoyle items, ranging from traditional statues to eccentric tables and more. Gargoyle home decor is great for adding that gothic, medieval look and feel to your home, whether you are decorating a few rooms indoors or the garden just outside your windows. Gargoyle lamps will keep your home bright and illuminated, while other pieces of gargoyle home decor are perfect for adding that little touch you might be missing. They make great gifts too, provided that you know someone who loves the gothic look of a traditional gargoyle! So if you are looking for a place to get your gargoyle fix, then you are found just the right spot, because there are gargoyles aplenty here at Dark Knight Armoury!
Gargoyle Ashtrays, Gothic Ashtrays and Medieval Ashtrays
Not all gargoyles guard ancient cathedrals and medieval castles. Some, like these gargoyle ashtrays, are more suited for guarding smaller things, like cigarettes or other tiny trinkets. Of course, the gargoyle ashtrays at Dark Knight Armoury do more than just guard things, though, as they also are fantastic decorations to have sitting around your home.
Gargoyle Candleholders, Gargoyle Tea Light Holders and Gargoyle Candle Holders
In spite of the myth about gargoyles turning to stone during the day, not all gargoyles fear the light. Some, in fact, favor it, and those are the gargoyles we like here at Dark Knight Armoury. Our gargoyle candleholders all feature a number of different styles of gargoyles, although almost have a common interest in both light and fire.
Gargoyle Home Decor, Gothic Decor and Medieval Decor
Perhaps you are looking to decorate your home with gargoyles and you do not know where to start? If that is the case, then you have come to the right place, because here at Dark Knight Armoury, we have much in the way of gargoyle home decor, which ensures that you can get that gothic, medieval look and feel you want by having a gargoyle hidden in every room.
Gargoyle Incense Burners
In one legend of the gargoyle, the creature is more dragon-like and can breathe fire. Rest assured, none of these gargoyle incense burners actually breathe fire, and not many are very dragon-like either. But they will happily blow a lot of fragrant smoke around, and we at Dark Knight Armoury do not feel like that is a bad thing, so long as it is a scent you like.
Gargoyle Jewelry Boxes and Gargoyle Trinket Boxes
Gargoyles are natural guardians, and so that makes them the perfect choice when it comes to securing away all of your little trinkets. That is why the gargoyle jewelry boxes here at Dark Knight Armoury are so effective. It also does not hurt that each one is also an impressive looking display item that is likely to wow your guests and visitors.
Gargoyle Lamps, Gargoyle Hanging Lamps and Gargoyle Table Lamps
It is only the light of day that turns a gargoyle to stone, although these gargoyle lamps are perfectly content to remain in stone, so long as you let them hold their lights in the comforts of your home. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a great selection of intricate looking gargoyle lamps and lighting that are perfect for illuminating your home or office.
Gargoyle Sandtimers, Gargoyle Hour Glass and Gargoyle Sand Timers
All a gargoyle has is time, especially when it is spending the long hours of the trapped in stone. that is why we, Dark Knight Armoury, have taken those stony gargoyles and mixed them with a traditional hourglass to make a number of great gargoyle sandtimers, each of which is perfect for not only tracking the passage of time but also makes a great display piece.
Gargoyle Statues, Medieval Gargoyle Statues and Gothic Statues
It is hard to say if these gargoyles come to life when the sun goes down, if only because they are so realistic to begin with. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer an absolutely huge selection of great gargoyle statues, so much so that we are certain that we have a gargoyle statue for you, whether it is a goofy one, a grotesque one, or a ghastly one.
Gargoyle Tables, Griffin Tables and Medieval Gargoyle Tables
Typically, gargoyles just sit around and ward off evil spirits, while doing nothing in return. But thanks to these gargoyle tables, offered here at Dark Knight Armoury, you can finally put those stony guardians to work. Of course, a gargoyle table is good for so much more than just holding trinkets and lamps, though, thanks to its intricately carved look.

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