Medieval Pole Weapons

It is no stretch of the imagination to think that the pole arm might be one of mankinds first weapons. From the earliest of spears to the medieval axes, hammers, and more that developed, man has always used longer hafts and poles to make any weapon more deadly. And you now can do so too with any one of Dark Knight Armourys medieval pole weapons! There are conceivably hundreds of good reasons why any warrior would chose to use a pole weapon, but in reality, all those reasons boil down to one of two points. A warrior either needs a longer reach or needs more power. At Dark Knight Armoury, our medieval pole weapons are broken down into a variety of categories, ranging from hafted weapons that are mounted on shorter poles to longer implements that are quite typical of the traditional medieval pole arm. From a practical standpoint, pole arms were, and still are, a great weapon. Originally, they were easy to make, requiring as much or less steel then a sword, while also serving to greatly enhance the reach of a warrior. Used in tandem, a series of pole weapons could make an army functionally unreachable, as well as making a group of warriors very difficult to beat. Plus, a wall of spears and shields is quite the intimidating sight. Another benefit of pole weapons is that the wider grip and longer length allow for greater angular momentum, which means that your striking power is vastly increased, too. That was the prime benefit behind the various other hafted pole weapons, including the likes of axes, maces, hammers, morning stars, flails, and more. Plus, these weapons offered other benefits, which gave warriors all new reasons to consider a weapon other than the typical sword. Spears and halberds are perhaps the best known pole weapons, having been a favorite weapon of many groups, ranging from as early as the Greeks and the Romans to the Vikings to as late as Crusaders, knights, royal guards, and more. Some of our pole weapons are made from such famous manufacturers as CAS Iberia, Hanwei, Windlass Steelcrafts, and more, to specifications that make them fully functional, ensuring that you could not find a better reenactment pole weapon if you tried. Others are a bit more ornate and decorative, making them the perfect choice for the collector and the enthusiast who wants a weapon to display around the home. It is no secret that the pole arm is one of the prime weapons that really won battles for medieval armies, and now, thanks to Dark Knight Armourys huge selection of medieval pole weapons, you can try one out for yourself and let its long reach and striking power win a few battles for you, too.
Double Headed Battle Axes
The axe is a wicked weapon in battle, one that is as capable of smashing a warrior to the ground as it is capable of cleaving a warrior in twain. Of course, one working edge might limit a warriors options, and that is why there exists the double headed battle axe, which is the perfect weapon for an axeman who prefers to keep swinging his weapon until his foes are defeated.
A weapon capable of multi-tasking is a very good thing. Take the halberd, for example, which is a brutal medieval weapon that was capable of doing almost everything on a battlefield. And that is precisely why Dark Knight Armoury carries a number of this superb weapon, because medieval enthusiasts and reenactors deserve to access to this impressive weapon.
The development of better armor for the common soldier did more than just make it harder to defeat a typical warrior. It caused weapons to develop as well, forcing weapon smiths to focus their efforts on weapons that either penetrated armor or negated the protection that layers of steel can provide. And that is precisely where the mace excels.
Medieval Flails
Like the mace, the medieval flail was a weapon that developed to give warriors a way to negate the advantage that superior armor might grant in battle. And also like the mace, the flail developed a reputation as a weapon that armor offered little protection against, while also offering a few advantages that even a mace could not begin to provide.
Single Headed Battle Axes
Nothing cleaves quite like an axe, and that is primarily why the single headed battle axe remained a mainstay weapon of the warrior throughout history. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a large assortment of this traditional weapon, ranging from the purely decorative to the fully functional, ensuring that any modern warrior can have a weapon befitting their prowess.
Available to mankind since time immemorial, the spear is often viewed as one of mankinds earliest tools and weapons. And because of its long standing history, Dark Knight Armoury is happy to offer you a selection of great medieval spears for your use, allowing you to arm yourself just as the warriors of old did, and with just as much effectiveness.
War Hammers
At the dawn of its conception, the war hammer was a totally new type of weapon, one designed to counter the improvements of armour in the late Middle Ages and beyond. And counter it, the war hammer did, and that is why Dark Knight Armoury has devoted a section to this medieval crusher, allowing the masses of modern warriors to wield such a wicked and brutal weapon.

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