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You will not have to use the force to create a good Star Wars costume. Instead, you will just have to take a quick visit to Dark Knight Armoury, where you are sure to find all the costume pieces and accessories you need to put together a stellar Star Wars Costume that will transform you into your favorite Jedi or Sith, or even a classic Storm Trooper! Star Wars has been a phenomenally successful enterprise since its conception, spawning six movies, several video games, dozens of novels and stories, and the possibility for even more spin-offs, thanks to its broad and diverse open world. Here, you will find many different accessories, all classic to the Star Wars universe, including dark cloaks for adding that touch of intrigue and darkness to any Sith warrior, as well as the classic lightsaber, which has gradually become the iconic weapon of the Stars Wars universe. Our costume cloaks and accessories are perfect for accenting your ideal Star Wars costume, as well as a great place to begin when looking to assemble your very own Star Wars look, whether you are building a personalized character from the Star Wars lore or recreating the look of your favorite character. A good Star Wars costume is bound to be an instant classic, whether you are wearing it to a costume party, a gaming or film convention, or just to a gathering of like-minded friends who do not mind doing a little Star Wars LARP!
Super Deluxe Kids Jedi Knight Robe
Permit your young Star Wars fan to become their favorite character this Halloween with the Super Deluxe Kids Jedi Knight Robe. Whether your child chooses to become Obi Wan Kenobi or Yoda, this cloak is a great costume accessory.
Price: $55.00
Supreme Edition Adult Boba Fett Costume
Secure the highest bid and become the greatest bounty hunter the Galaxy has ever seen with the Supreme Edition Adult Boba Fett Costume. Seek out your Rebel target in full Mandalorian armour at the next Halloween or costume party.
Price: $1,150.00
Supreme Edition Adult Chewbacca Costume
Referred to by the nickname, Chewie, by his friends, this Wookie from the planet Kashyyyk sided with the Rebel Alliance in the original Star Wars trilogy. Take on this epic role with the Supreme Edition Adult Chewbacca Costume.
Price: $500.00
Supreme Edition Adult Darth Vader Costume
Do not allow the rebels to undermine the Empire. Harness the dark side of the Force and ensure the fall of the Galactic Republic. Fulfill the role of Sith Lord, Anakin Skywalker, with the Supreme Edition Adult Darth Vader Costume.
Price: $1,000.00
Supreme Edition Adult Darth Vader Mask
Take your portrayal of Anakin Skywalker to the ultimate level with the Supreme Edition Adult Darth Vader Mask. Cast from original movie molds, this helm is an essential piece for both your cosplay closet and Star Wars collection.
Price: $150.00
Supreme Edition Adult Shadow Trooper Costume
Ready a cloaking device and grab your T-21 repeating blaster, an epic Star Wars event awaits. Become a specialized Stormtrooper of the Galactic Empire for Halloween or cosplay with the Supreme Edition Adult Shadow Trooper Costume.
Price: $1,300.00
Supreme Edition Adult Stormtrooper Costume
Play an essential role in the Star Wars saga as an Imperial soldier of the Galactic Empire. Ensure the fall of the Rebel Alliance and further the dark plans of Emperor Palpatine with the Supreme Edition Adult Stormtrooper Costume.
Price: $1,300.00
Womens Darth Vader Jumpsuit Costume
Now female Star Wars Fans can take on the role of their favorite Sith Lord, Anakin Skywalker. The Womens Darth Vader Jumpsuit Costume is all you need to ensure that the Rebel Alliance does not prevail against the Galactic Empire.
Price: $74.00
Womens Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Costume
Unleash your steady aim upon the Galactic Empire and aide the Resistance as a skilled space pilot this Halloween with the Womens Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Costume. The Death Star will crumble under your relentlessly stylish attack.
Price: $55.00

"Thank you so much. I really can't thank you enough. I've been studying swordplay and fencing since I was 16 and ive finally gotten around to purchasing a sword for myself. You helped me get all the info I need super quick and were very friendly and easy to talk to over the phone. I look forward to purchasing more items in the future. The first of which would be the matching brown leather scabbard to go with my claymore. "

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