Lord of the Rings

First written between 1937 and 1949, the Lord of the Rings trilogy is an epic high fantasy novel by J. R. R. Tolkien. It is the second best-selling novel ever written, and it has inspired countless works, even to this day, and it remains an influential and popular element of fantasy and fiction, even to this day. The series has been adapted many times to radio, television, and film, but perhaps the most-well known iteration of the trilogy is the film series, a monumental trilogy of three epic works that abridged the series and brought its incredible story to the masses, while also bringing Middle Earth and its stellar cast to life on the big screen in a way that had never before been accomplished. With the films, audiences met Strider, Frodo, Gandalf, Legolas, and Gimli as if for the first time, and even today, the impact of the films is such that these characters are now firmly entrenched with their movie appearances. Like the novels before them, the films were a work of sheer invention, one that carried significant impact with the masses, and even today, its popularity remains relatively undiminished.

At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a huge selection of Lord of the Rings licensed products and collectibles, so much so that listing them all in one breath would be difficult, if not impossible. We offer movie replicas of weapons and armor, which brings a little touch of Middle Earth to your home and allows you to display the weapons of your favorite warriors, whether they are fighting for the Fellowship or struggling to bring the ring back to their master, Sauron. We offer Lord of the Rings costumes, which are perfect for taking on the persona of your favorite character, and since the costumes come in adult and kid sizes, they are perfect for the enthusiast of any age. We offer fully functional pipes, for those who want to smoke in style, as well as comfy t-shirts which are as collectible as they are fun to wear. A good LotR figurine can make for a great display piece in your collection, just as the various pieces in our Lord of the Rings jewelry collection will serve well as both a collectible and a fine accent, which will mark you as a LotR enthusiast whenever you wear it! So, if you count yourself as a fan of the series or a fanatic for all things Lord of the Rings, then there is no better place you can ask to be, then right here in the Lord of the Rings licensed product section, here at Dark Knight Armoury.
Lord of the Rings Armour and Helmets
The lands of Middle Earth were home to many powerful warriors, who wore impressive suits of armor and donned stunning helmets to protect themselves from harm, while also creating a distinctive and unique look that suited their character. And that is why Dark Knight Armoury is happy to provide a number of authentic Lord of the Rings Armours and Helmets.
Lord of the Rings Books and Novels
At Dark Knight Armoury, you will find that we carry a lot of a great Lord of the Rings merchandise, all inspired by these brilliant movies. But now, we also carry Lord of the Rings books and novels, which means that we carry the very stories that inspired these amazing films too! Now you can enjoy these stories as the world first experienced them!
Lord of the Ring Collectibles and LOTR Collectibles
When it comes to cool Lord of the Rings stuff, the fun does not end with awe-inspiring swords, great costumes, or any of that! Instead, it just leads to more fun! And at Dark Knight Armoury, we are proud to offer a selection of awesome, licensed Lord of the Rings collectibles that are sure to appeal to the Tolkien addict in you. Ranging from cool signs to fun trinkets and more, this section has it all!
Lord of the Rings Costumes
The Lord of the Rings is an epic tale that is filled with memorable characters, ones that were both good and evil. And if it is your desire to be one of those characters, then Dark Knight Armoury is eager to provide you with a number of great Lord of the Rings costumes that are perfect for transforming the young and the old into their favorite LoTR character.
Lord of the Rings Figurines, Lord of the Rings Sculptures, and Lord of the Rings Statues
When it comes to the Lord of the Rings, almost everyone has their own particular favorites. Favorite moments, favorite characters, favorite scenes. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a number of great Lord of the Rings figurines that serve to immortalize all of these different aspects into solid collectibles for any Lord of the Rings enthusiast to collect, own, and enjoy!
Lord of the Rings Jewelry, One Ring Replicas, and Tolkien Jewelry
At Dark Knight Armoury, we understand the craze that centers on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. it is an epic adventure, filled with fantasy and more - what is not to love, really? And that is why we offer a good selection of great Lord of the Rings jewelry, so that you can adorn yourself in the phenomenal pieces that are inspired by and seen in the big screen version of this famous story!
Lord of the Rings Pipes
It seems like one of the favored past times of hobbits and men alike in Middle Earth is to smoke pipe weed. And that is why you will find here, at Dark Knight Armoury, a section of Lord of the Rings pipes that are perfect for just such a use. In addition to being fully functional, they also make for a handsome display piece to having sitting around, too.
Lord of the Rings Swords
Nothing will quite mark you as a true fan of the Lord of the Rings quite like owning one of Dark Knight Armourys incredible looking Lord of the Rings swords. These stunning collectibles are modeled after the very same props that were used throughout the filming of the Lord of the Rings, allowing you to own your characters favorite sword for yourself.
Lord of the Rings T-Shirts, Lord of the Rings Movie Shirts, and LotR T-Shirts
Even though the trilogy has been complete for well over fifty years, and despite the trilogy of movies having been completed, the popularity of the Lord of the Rings has not yet begun to wane. That is why Dark Knight Armoury is happy to carry a wide assortment of Lord of the Rings T-Shirts that are perfect for expressing your love of this well-known series.

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