Frank Miller's Movie 300

In 480 BC, the Persian Army attempted to conquer Greece for a second time. Most famous of the defenders of Greece was King Leonidas, who led 300 Spartans to The Hot Gates at Thermopylae, where he held for 3 grueling days. Frank Millers Movie 300 is a stylized retelling of this epic story that depicts Leonidas and his Spartans as they fend off a Persian force of 1 million soldiers. The story is told in bold, graphic depiction, with stylized monsters and epic creatures filling out the Persian forces, seemingly making the Spartans look as if they would be overwhelmed with mythic monsters and beasts from across the globe, only for the Spartans to triumph in every way with decisive military action, brutal skill, and unflinching courage. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer everything you need to recreate the look and feel of these legendary warriors, as Frank Millers film depicted them. We offer a carbon steel replica of the falcata-like sword that the Spartans used to devastating effect, as well as the massive shield that they used to defend and destroy with equal ease. We also offer a spear-head and spear-butt combo, so that you can create the heavy spear that the Spartans used for thrust-and-guard stratagems. Of course, a Spartan is nothing without his armor, and so we offer bronze covered steel greaves and bracers to help make up the look, as well as the iconic red Spartan cape, which even historic Spartans were said to favor. And the final touch comes in the form of two helmets - one for King Leonidas, who shall lead, and one for his warriors, who shall follow his glorious example. When all is said and done, after a visit to Dark Knight Armoury, you will look just like one of the warriors of Sparta, as seen on the big screen in Frank Millers Movie 300.
300 Spartans T-Shirt
The hit film, 300, follows the life and death of the Spartan King Leonidas as he and his 300 man guard attempt to stop the invasion of King Xerxes at Thermopylae. Support their cause and this epic film with the 300 Spartans T-Shirt.
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