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At Dark Knight Armoury, we do not just provide medieval items, weapons, and clothing. We also do collectibles, and nothing has more appeal then a licensed product that comes direct to you from your favorite film, game, or television series. So if you have always wanted something that you saw on the silver screen, then here is the place to start looking. Many of our licensed products look like they are coming direct to you from the silver screen, making them a great addition to any fan collection. Of course, we do not just offer items from well-known movies, but also from hit television series, as well as some collectibles from the greatest games of all times! Here in this section, you will find items from Frank Millers movie 300, as well as items from the blockbuster trilogy the Lord of the Rings. We also offer collectibles and items from Robin Hood, Braveheart, and The Eagle, as well as from many more films! Of course, if you are looking for collectibles and items from your favorite games, we have those too, including a selection of items that comes directly from the popular Assassins Creed series, as well as a number of wonderful items that come from the wide world of Azeroth, as it is portrayed in the World of Warcraft game! There is a lot of merchandise that is here to see, ranging from swords to shirts to decorative pieces to functional clothing and armor, and so more! So if you are just browsing, why not take your time with our licensed collectibles section and see what a thorough search might turn up? And if you do happen to be looking for a specific series, movie, or game, then worry not, because Dark Knight Armoury has taken the liberty of breaking all of our items up into categories to make sure that finding the items you seek is as easy as pointing and clicking.
World of Warcraft
Before the MMORPG craze, Warcraft was a popular RTS game that pitted orcs and humans against one another. The series expanded from there, including two more real-time strategy games, numerous books, a few table-top role playing games, and most notably, the World of Warcraft, which is a massive multiplayer role playing game that many consider to the pinnacle of the MMORPG.
300 Rise of an Empire Helmets, Swords, Clothing and Shields
When the Persian Emperor Xerxes tried to invade Greece, he did not turn away after the loose at Thermopylae. No, more battles would come. Depicted in the hit film by Frank Miller, 300 showed the bravery of the Spartans in that battle. And now, 300 Rise of an Empire reveals more to the story, showing how brave Grecians fought to stop the god-king Xerxes in his conquests!
Assassins Creed Altair Clothing, Armour, Swords, Daggers, and Collectibles
It all begin with a master assassin, in the year 1191, when, after failing a mission, he was demoted to the rank of novice and sent on a mission for redemption. From that point, audiences and gamers alike have experienced countless journeys, of Altair and his descendants, as they fight against the evil Templars, who struggle to control the world with artifacts of ancient power.
Beauty and the Beast POP Figures, Beauty and the Beast Collectibles, and Beauty and the Beast Keychains
Beauty and the Beast has enchanted fans for eras, even before Disneys animated movie charmed viewers in 1991. Dark Knight Armoury is proud to present our selection of licensed Beauty and the Beast collectibles and gear featuring characters like Belle, the Beast, Mrs Potts, Lumiere, and more as they are portrayed in the fantastic 2017 live-action remake starring Emma Watson as the beloved Disney princess.
Call of Duty Gear, Apparel and Collectibles
As a youth, who did not want to a clandestine spy or commando - a war hero who fought enemies with clever tactics and cool guns, as well as clever gadgets and plenty of explosives? The Call of Duty series of games is all about military action, allowing any gamer to step into the shoes of a true soldier, ranging from gung-ho grunts to special operations forces that are capable of getting almost any mission done.
Diablo Gear, Apparel and Collectibles
Diablo is a game that has been around since 1996, and since then, it has garnered many fans. The release of Diablo II only fueled the flame of its popularity in 2000, and the third installment, the most frequent was released in 2012. Revolving around a world called Sanctuary, the games detail the journey of one demon as he tries to break his bindings, destroy Heaven, and make the world into his own hell.
Doctor Who Merchandise, Doctor Who Collectibles, and Doctor Who Drinkware
Who is the Doctor? That question recurs throughout the ever-popular British science fiction show, Doctor Who! Dark Knight Armoury allows Whovians to show their love of the Doctor and his iconic time machine, the TARDIS, with our selection of excellent Doctor Who merchandise. These Doctor Who collectibles range from t-shirts to POP figures to various drinkware options, ensuring that there is something for everyone!
Fallout Gamer Gear, Fallout Merchandise, and Fallout Collectibles
A popular role-playing video game series, Fallout takes place in a retrofuturistic setting in which nuclear technology came to the fore after WW2, leading to nuclear fallout. Fans of the post-apocalyptic series are sure to enjoy the licensed Fallout merchandise that we carry here at Dark Knight Armoury. Our Fallout collectibles feature popular characters and game designs, making them great gifts, as well.
Licensed Halo Merchandise, Halo T-Shirts, and Halo Collectibles
Show off your love of one of the most popular video game franchises of all time by picking out licensed Halo merchandise to add to your collection! At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry excellent Halo t-shirts for men and women, Halo collectibles like Master Chief figurines, and other Halo decor like decorative shields. Take a moment to browse among our fantastic Halo products, and you are sure to see something that catches your eye!
League of Legends Funko Figures, League of Legends Action Figures, and League of Legends Licensed Collectibles
For fans and players of League of Legends, Dark Knight Armoury carries officially licensed collectibles and merch from this massively popular online multiplayer game. Shop fun stylized Funko POP figure versions of your favorite champions, carefully detailed collectible LoL action figures, and more, all featuring fan favorite characters from this battle arena video game.
Magic the Gathering Figurines, MtG Pop Figures, Magic Collectibles, and Magic Apparel
Channel the power of the planeswalker by immersing yourself into the world, and the game, of Magic the Gathering! Dark Knight Armoury is keen to join in on this intriguing world of mysticism and planar travel, and now you can celebrate some of your favorite figures from the card game and the lore by checking out our growing selection of Magic the Gathering collectibles and figurines!
Minecraft Gear, Apparel and Collectibles
The beauty of a sandbox game like Minecraft is the freedom. You can do just about anything, and thanks to the way that Minecraft was built, that is not an over-exaggeration. With time and creativity, almost anything can be built! For that reason, Minecraft is a wildly popular game, and Dark Knight Armoury is no stranger to how popular the game has become with many players.
Mortal Kombat T-Shirts, Mortal Kombat Masks, and Mortal Kombat Collectibles
Dark Knight Armoury provides a fine assortment of Mortal Kombat gear from the legendary fighting game franchise. Cannot get enough violence and mayhem? Then be sure to browse our Mortal Kombat apparel to find the perfect Mortal Kombat t-shirt, or dress like Scorpion or Sub Zero with a Mortal Kombat mask. Our Mortal Kombat merchandise includes great Mortal Kombat collectibles for fans new and old to show off their enjoyment of the game.
POP Vinyl Figurines, Wacky Wobblers, and Pocket POP Keychains
Discover characters from some of the most popular TV shows, movies, games, and books in our selection of POP vinyl figures, Wacky Wobblers, and Pocket POP keychains! These figures make great collectibles and toys. We carry Walking Dead vinyl figures, Game of Thrones POP keychains, Star Wars POP Figures, and much more. Spend a moment browsing our incredible selection of adorable POP vinyl merchandise for your favorite characters!
Star Trek Merchandise, Star Trek Collectibles, and Star Trek Apparel
The vision of Gene Roddenberry has continued throughout the decades with unfailing popularity in the form of Star Trek and its many spinoff series. The Star Trek merchandise here at Dark Knight Armoury gives fans the perfect opportunity to show their love for the starship Enterprise and her crew. Our Star Trek collectibles include t-shirts, clocks, totes, signs, magnets, and many more fantastic pieces.
Hunger Games Merchandise, Hunger Games Collectibles, and Hunger Games Gear
Reluctant heroine Katniss Everdeen has become a staple of YA literature with the success of the Hunger Games book trilogy and film adaptations. The Hunger Games merchandise you find here at Dark Knight Armoury comes in many forms licensed to and inspired by the series, ranging from actual Katniss archery equipment to charming POP figures. These Hunger Games collectibles will help you show your love of Katniss and her struggle for survival!
The Legend of Zelda Clothing, Zelda T-Shirts, Zelda Swords, and Zelda Collectibles
Fans of the popular Legend of Zelda games will be thrilled to see our fantastic selection of Zelda merchandise. We carry Zelda clothing and Zelda apparel like Zelda graphic tees, Triforce t-shirts, and Link shirts. Additionally, we offer a variety of Zelda swords, Zelda shields, and Zelda bracers that work great for Zelda home decor or Zelda cosplay. Our Zelda collectibles allow you to show off your love for the franchise all the time!
The Walking Dead Merchandise, Licensed Walking Dead Collectibles, and Official Walking Dead Weapons
The Walking Dead tells the story of survivors of the zombie apocalypse as they struggle to remain human in a world of walkers that hunger for their flesh. At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry an array of official Walking Dead merchandise including Walking Dead POP figures, keychains, bobble-heads, Walking Dead weapons replicas, and Walking Dead t-shirts and apparel. Fans of the show are sure to enjoy these collectibles!
The Witcher Merchandise, Witcher Apparel, and Witcher Collectibles
Fans of the Witcher video game franchise can enjoy their favorite game in a whole new way with the range of official Witcher products that we carry here at Dark Knight Armoury! Our assortment of Witcher merchandise includes Witcher apparel and Witcher collectibles such as wolf head medallion replicas, Witcher keychains, Witcher t-shirts, and Witcher jackets inspired by the game and its sequels. Fans are sure to find something of interest.
Vikings TV Series Merchandise, Ragnar Lothbrok Axe, and Vikings TV Show Collectibles
The historical drama Vikings retells the saga of legendary Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok as he rises to fame and glory from his humble beginnings. Find new ways to enjoy this popular History channel TV show with the selection of Vikings merchandise we offer at Dark Knight Armoury. We carry a variety of Vikings collectibles ranging from Vikings weapons like Ragnar Lothbroks axe to Vikings figurines like our Vikings POP Figures.
Game of Thrones Collectibles, Game of Thrones Weapons, and Game of Thrones Apparel
Written by George R. R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire is a stunning saga of epic novels that details the fate of the world of Westeros and its reigning noble families. And the Game of Thrones television series takes that epic story and brings it to the masses, so that all might see how nobles wage war and decide the fate of their kingdom.
Lord of the Rings
Written by J. R. R. Tolkien between 1937 and 1949, The Lord of the Rings is an epic fantasy that has captured the hearts and minds of many. And in 2001, the movie trilogy began, adapting this wonderful series to the big screen, where it would enthrall the masses all over again. We at Dark Knight Armoury are no stranger to the LotR craze, and we now offer you a selection of great licensed Lord of the Rings products.
Hobbit Clothing, Hobbit Costumes, Hobbit Movie Collectibles, and Hobbit Swords
Before it was a film, it was a book. The Hobbit, or There and Back Again, better known by its abbreviated title, The Hobbit, was a fantasy novel and childrens book written by J. R. R. Tolkien and first published in 1937. Even today, though, it remains a standard of classic reading and popular choice by all, and Dark Knight Armoury pays homage to its reputation with a variety of great licensed The Hobbit products.
Gladiator Movie Collectibles, Gladiator Movie Armour, and Gladiator Movie Apparel
In 2000, Ridley Scott directed an epic historical drama that starred Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix, among others, in order to recreate the look and feel of the ancient Roman Empire. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a number of great licensed collectibles that recreate a number of the weapons and armors that were seen in the film.
Robin Hood Clothing, Robin Hood Swords, and Robin Hood Collectibles
Robin Hood is a hero whose story has been told hundreds of times. It has been, at times, humorous, Romantic, and adventurous, but rarely has it been portrayed as strongly or as uniquely as it was in the blockbuster 2010 film, Robin Hood. And here at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer licensed items to you that look like they have come directly from the film itself.
Frank Miller's Movie 300
In 480 BC, the Persian Army attempted to conquer Greece for a second time. Most famous of the defenders of Greece was King Leonidas, who led 300 Spartans to The Hot Gates at Thermopylae, where he held for 3 grueling days. Frank Millers Movie 300 is a stylized retelling of this epic story that depicts Leonidas and his Spartans as they fend off a Persian force of 1 million soldiers.
The Tudors
Named after the Tudor dynasty of English kings, the Showtime original series, The Tudors, centers around the life of King Henry VIII, who ruled England for just shy of forty years, from 1509 to 1547. At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a number of licensed products that are derived from the clothing and arms of this series, allowing fans to garb themselves in the true fashions of an English king.
The Eagle Weapons, The Eagle Accessories, and The Eagle Movie Swords
The Eagle is an epic historical film that is based on the Ninth Spanish Legions supposed disappearance in Britain around the year 117AD. The film boasts an impressive level of realism, featuring an astonishing level of authenticity and accuracy in its design. And for that reason Dark Knight Armoury strives to offer you accurate to screen reproductions from this film.
Sleepy Hollow Clothing, Sleepy Hollow Costumes, and Sleepy Hollow Accessories
Are you ready to embark on a dark tale that involves Romance, betrayal, and the ghost of a long-dead soldier? You had best be ready, because the tale of Sleepy Hollow is a classic, one that is perfectly retold in the 1999 film of Sleepy Hollow. Directed by Tim Burton and starring a few big names, this film is as entertaining as it is dark and ghostly.
Monty Python and the Holy Grail T-shirts, Holy Grail Costumes, and Monty Python Clothing
Monty Python and the Holy Grail is something of a cult classic, possessing humor in spades as it parodies the myth surrounding King Arthur and his search for the Holy Grail. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we love humor and medieval mayhem as much as the next and that is why we are happy to provide a number of items featured in this funny film.
Harry Potter Clothing, Harry Potter Costumes, and Harry Potter School Robes
Magic is something that fascinated many of us as children, and that is why the amazing world of Harry Potter appeals to so many, as it is a world filled with magic, one that exists right alongside the everyday world. And now, Dark Knight Armoury is happy to provide you with a number of licensed Harry Potter products to help you infuse some magic into your world.
Conan the Barbarian Collectibles, Conan the Barbarian Swords, and Conan the Barbarian Armour
Conan the Barbarian is, perhaps, the best known barbarian in fantasy and fiction! And at Dark Knight Armoury, he has got a category all to his own that is filled to the brim with fantastic Conan items, ranging from small little collectibles to an assortment of weapons both big and small that are sure to sate your appetite for Conan collectibles.
Star Wars Apparel, Star Wars T-Shirts and Star Wars Hoodies
May the Force be with you. These iconic words form a greeting that was once exchanged solely between members of the Jedi order, yet have now become a farewell for all the fans of the Star Wars genre as well! At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a wide array of Star Wars merchandise, ranging from serious to humorous, from the original canon and the expanded universe!

"Well what i can say? I just love you guys, great stuff not only for LARP fans also have great stuff for collectors and decorative things for your house is just amazing. I love movies so i search a 300 helmet then i watch the huge variety of weapons, clothes, banners, armor and i just fall in love of the store... what else i can say? In simple words... great quality, great variety and great prices."

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