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Nothing quite echoes the prestige and the power that formal military attire does, and at Dark Knight Armoury, we do all we can to make that a possibility. That is why we offer a number of authentic military sword belts, which are crafted to the same specifications that the actual United States Armed Services use whenever they don their dress uniform. Many of these belts are made using high quality black leather and feature ornate and decorative buckles. Many are also based entirely on the ceremonial belts that are worn by soldiers in all four branches of the United States Military, which means whether you are looking for a belt from the Army, the Navy, the Marines, or the Air Force, you can likely find it here. Of course, modern military belts are not the only belts we offer, as we also carry a few historic military sword belts, too, like the Union Sword Belt which hails as far back as the United States Civil War. We have belts that are perfect for officers, soldiers, and enlisted personnel of all types. They make for a great gift if a loved one happens to be in the armed forces, and work just as well as a personal acquisition when it comes to completing your military look, whether it happens to be simulated for costume or carefully crafted for a real military event!
Navy Officer Ceremonial Sword Belt
Our Navy Officer Ceremonial Sword Belt is made from black leather with a gold plated buckle. It pairs perfectly the Navy Officer Sword, as well as other military swords. The belt width is 1.75 inches.
Price: $50.00
Union Sword Belt
The Union Sword Belt has two straps that attach to your sword scabbards rings. Finely crafted from high quality leather with its historical era in mind, this soldiers sword belt is ideal for Civil War reenactment events and costumes.
Price: $60.00
US Army Enlisted Personnel Belt
Our US Army Enlisted Personnel Belt is Government Spec and the current issue ceremonial sword belt. It features a 24K gold plated buckle with Army Coat of Arms and matching belt keepers. It comes in one adjustable size.
Price: $50.00
US Army Officers Ceremonial Belt
US Army Officers Ceremonial Belt is Government spec and the current issue ceremonial sword belts. It features a 24K gold plated buckle with Army Coat of Arms and matching belt keepers. The belt is adjustable up to a 48 inch length.
Price: $55.00

"This company ROCKS! I ordered something and it was too big. Their return policy was super easy and when I called and spoke to Rachael about adding something to my order she took care of everything over the phone and even ensured I would have my costume by Oct 25th. In this world where customer service seems to be a thing of the past it is so nice to deal with a company that puts customer service first! Well done!"

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