The development of better armor for the common soldier did more than just make it harder to defeat a typical warrior. It caused weapons to develop as well, forcing weapon smiths to focus their efforts on weapons that either penetrated armor or negated the protection that layers of steel can provide. And that is precisely where the mace excels. The mace has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years, as even the earliest clubs and bludgeons, with rocks mounted at the tip, can be considered rudimentary maces of a sort. The mace also has the distinctive in that it was the first weapon designed to be used for killing humans, as opposed to hunting. Maces did not really come into popularity until the 12th century, though, when improved armor forced warriors to find a new way to hurt their foes. At its most simple, a mace is a heavy weight at the end of a club, and at its most complex, a mace can feature deadly looking flanges, spikes, and intricate weights that are perfect for bashing and smashing. How maces excel against armor is simple. Edged weapons put a great deal of force onto a small edge, and the hard surface of plate armor and the sturdy surface of mail serve to diffuse that energy, creating a smaller cut or a harmless strike. Maces, with their heavy weight and broader surface of impact, do not suffer this drawback, and thus, even in armor, warriors will feel the full force of the blow. Plus, a heavy impact can dent armor. Our maces here at Dark Knight Armoury are great for variety of uses, ranging from medieval martial arts practice to solo training. You can even use some for reenactments. And of course, we also offer a range of great display pieces that recreate the look of some of the ceremonial maces and battle maces that have been used throughout history, allowing you to show off this intimidating weapon in the comforts of your own home. So if you want to put your armored foes in their place with startling ease, then you want to wield one of the medieval maces that you can find right here at Dark Knight Armoury.
16th Century German Mace
By the 15th Century, armor had become so well developed that it was almost impervious to a sword cut and even a thrust. The mace, which evolved from mans oldest weapon, the club, could make short work of that armor.
Price: $95.00
16th Century Italian Mace
By the 15th Century, armor had become so well developed that it was almost impervious to a sword cut and even a thrust. The mace, which evolved from mans oldest weapon, the club, could make short work of that armor.
Price: $95.00
4 Flanged Steel Mace
Flanged maces were popular throughout early history. They afforded direction to a mighty blow, tearing through armor during combat. The flanged mace has a steel head and shaft with a wrapped leather grip. The length is 30.5 inches.
Price: $93.10
Authentic War Club
Metal shards produced by crude mining techniques were put to effective use by ancient weapon smiths in battle, creating weaponry such as the War Club. Before swords this weapon had been widely used by ancient cultures during war.
Price: $189.05
Authentics Mace
This incredible medieval mace belongs in every collection! The hand crafted blackened steel ball embedded with spikes rests atop a hand wrought blackened steel and seared wood handle. Overall length of mace is about 26 inches.
Price: $198.55
Authentics Skull Mace
You must have this incredible medieval skull mace. Steel spikes, 2.5 inches long, rest atop a blackened steel skull attached to a hand pounded heavy blackened steel rod which goes into the blackened hand carved wood handle.
Price: $198.55
Bar Mace
The remains of a mace of this type were found in the River Thames. Little finesse was needed for this brutal mace, and a warrior strong enough to wield it could crush helms and break swords with the heavy blows it could deliver.
Price: $130.00
Battle Mace
What is the best way to put a knight in full plate armor in their place? Show them the effectiveness of this Battle Mace! This mace was made to match the appearance of historical blunt weapons, while also featuring a rugged strength.
Price: $62.00
Early Norman Mace
This early medieval mace would be a perfect offensive weapon in Norman warfare. Though lightweight, a mace could easily break bones and cave in a Saxon helm. This Early Norman Mace makes a stunning piece for collectors or reenactors.
Price: $79.00
Flanged Medieval Mace
A good Flanged Medieval Mace is just what you need to get past any opponents armor. Not only does a mace pack considerable impact, but the angular flanges also offer a good chance of piercing armor, including plate, in some instances!
Price: $103.00
German Mace
This German mace proves that weapons can be art. Although pleasing to the eye, it is deadly in function. By the 1500s armor had become very good protection from most weapons, but that was not the case with a mace like this one.
Price: $95.00
Gothic Flanged Mace
An eye-catching historical weapon for the modern man at arms, the Gothic Flanged Mace provides a contemporary interpretation of the classic gothic bludgeon. The high carbon steel mace is the perfect weapon to oppose armored foes.
Price: $184.99
On Sale For: $148.00
Gothic Parade Mace
This historic weapon is something of a two for one, in that it is wicked mace that conceals a deadly secret. The Gothic Parade Mace is a sleek weapon that hides a secondary dagger, making this bludgeon a true double threat.
Price: $135.00
Gunstock War Club by Cold Steel
They hit with remarkable force and proved to be lethal weapons as their hitting power was often enhanced by the addition of a short lance point or knife blades. In fact, the Gunstock war club became so popular it soon migrated.
Price: $52.99
On Sale For: $42.40
Indian War Club by Cold Steel
In battle, a dedicated blow from the ball of the club could easily break a limb or crush a skull. For added dynamism, and increased effectiveness, the ball was sometimes spiked with an antler, bone, or even iron.
Price: $52.99
On Sale For: $42.40
Morning Star
A widely popular weapon amongst professional soldiers and militia men alike throughout the medieval period, the Morning Star is a melee weapon that is similar to a mace and features a spiked head attached to a wooden handle.
Price: $54.00
Polish Mace
Inspired by historical weapons, the Polish Mace offers minimalist style with maximum functionality. The functional mace features a thickly walled hollow handle ending in a ridged steel bulb-shaped head topped by a brass finial.
Price: $139.99
On Sale For: $112.00
Spiked Mace
This spiked mace is a great weapon for any medieval reenactments or historically themed events. The spiked mace has an overall length of 23 inches with a heavy hardwood handle that has a diameter of 1.75 inches at the top.
Price: $23.90
On Sale For: $21.51
Spiked Skull Club
Given how easy it is to pick up a stick and hit something, the club could be mans first weapon. And since it has been around so long, it has undergone countless changes, until it was made into something like the Spiked Skull Club.
Price: $44.00
Ventilator Zombie Mace
If you are hacking, slashing, or stabbing your way through a herd of zombies the Ventilator Zombie Mace will keep them at bay. You do not want to find yourself in a situation without this magnificent zombie slaying tool.
Price: $99.95
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