Bring subtle style and unbeatable basics into your medieval and fantasy wardrobes with historical clothing and accessories from Burgschneider. Dark Knight Armoury is proud to offer Burgschneider pieces for the whole family, ranging from mens medieval tunics and pants, womens medieval gowns, childrens reenactment clothing, and much more to begin or bolster a wide variety of historical looks. Versatile pieces range from Renaissance shirts, womens chemises, and medieval aprons made from cotton to wool blend cloaks, hoods, and other accents that will help transform you into your LARP persona or historical reenactment character.
Aegir Viking Tunic
In Norse mythology, Aegir was an ocean-dwelling Jotunn bon-vivant who often held parties for the entire Norse pantheon. The Aegir Viking Tunic gives you the style and comfort to enjoy yourself at even the most boisterous gathering.
Price: $55.18
Albrun Medieval Surcoat
Albrun Pass is a place in the Alps that serves as a mountain trail between Switzerland and Italy. In the Middle Ages, people using that pass would need heavy clothes to keep warm. The Albrun Medieval Surcoat provides such an outfit.
Price: $83.98
Asgard Viking Winingas
It is the Viking dream to die nobly in battle, but tripping on your pants and landing on your sword will not get you into Valhalla. The Asgard Viking Winingas are designed to keep the pants against the shins so you can battle unhindered.
Price: $43.18
Aslaug Viking Coat
According to Norse mythology, Aslaug was the wife of Ragnar Lodbrok and the daughter of the hero Sigurd and the valkyrie Brunnhilde. Such a noble person requires a noble garb, a garment that has been recreated in the Aslaug Viking Coat.
Price: $115.18
Benedictine Monk Habit
In medieval Europe, there existed a wide variety of religious sects. Even the largely unified Catholic religion saw itself breaking into smaller groups. The Benedictine Monk Habit replicates the classic garb of one such monastic order.
Price: $115.18
Bernulf Warrior Chausses
Saint Bernulf was a 9th-Century Germanic bishop who is known for having died nobly for his cause. Those who wish to emulate such a steadfast spirit will benefit from adding the Bernulf Warrior Chausses to their medieval wardrobe.
Price: $55.18
Birka Classic Viking Coat
Birka was a trading hub along the coast of Sweden during the Middle Ages. Archaeological digs there have led to the discovery of well-preserved Viking clothes, one of which has been beautifully replicated in the Birka Classic Viking Coat.
Price: $103.18
Brandolf Warrior Chausses
The German name Brandolf translates roughly to wolf swordsman, reflecting that the bearer of the name is a ferocious fighter. The Brandolf Warrior Chausses are an excellent garment for those who wish to brandish their might.
Price: $43.18
Childrens Viking Underdress
We so often think of Vikings as brawny warriors that we neglect to acknowledge the younger members of ancient Nordic society. The Childrens Viking Underdress is exactly the thing for making the Renaissance fair a family event.
Price: $43.18
Classic Medieval Dress
During the Middle Ages, while nobles were adorned in jewelry and capes, the ordinary people dressed in a simple, functional style. The Classic Medieval Dress takes a womens outfit from this era and authentically resurrects it.
Price: $71.98
Classic Middle Ages Underdress
The Middle Ages were a time of interesting fabric patterns and necklines that are still popular even to this day. The Classic Middle Ages Underdress recreates the garb of the period, reflecting the origins of some of these styles.
Price: $67.18
Classic Viking Underdress
Winters are cold in Scandinavia. This means the best way to survive is to use layers. The Classic Viking Underdress combines functionality with authentic medieval style to provide a classy, humble piece of Viking underwear.
Price: $55.18
Ekwin Viking Tunic
The name Ekwin is derived from a Norse word that translates roughly to Swordbrother. It is only fitting that the most formidable of warriors, then, be garbed in the regal and imposing style provided by the Ekwin Viking Tunic.
Price: $55.18
Elvish Fantasy Apron
In the medieval winter, the best way to keep warm is to wear layers. Especially if you live in the woods and rely on trees to house you. The Elvish Fantasy Apron provides an outer layer that is sure to keep you cozy and stylish.
Price: $55.18
Elvish Fantasy Battle Skirt
As you lead your army onto the battlefield, a thousand orcs rushing toward you, the last thing you want to worry about is tripping over your skirt. That is why you wore the always reliable and stylish Elvish Fantasy Battle Skirt.
Price: $55.18
Erik Viking Tunic
Erik the Red, famous for founding a settlement in the tundra of Greenland, is one of the most well-known Vikings. The Erik Viking Tunic provides the style and warmth that someone like Erik, widely respected and easily chilled, requires.
Price: $55.18
Eriksson Childrens Viking Tunic
Even fearsome Viking warrior-chieftains like Leif Eriksson were just children once. Start your little Vikings path to glory right with the Eriksson Childrens Viking Tunic, a garment that replicates authentic Viking clothing.
Price: $35.98
Franciscan Monk Habit
During the Middle Ages, monasteries were built across Britain. The Order of St. Francis, known for their brown robes, was one of the most common monastic orders. The Franciscan Monk Habit replicates their iconic garb in authentic detail.
Price: $115.18
Freya Viking Apron Dress
The Norse goddess Freya ruled over beauty and love. Few things enhance superficial beauty like style, and for their time, the Vikings had lots of style. This is exemplified in the Freya Viking Apron Dress, based on classic Viking wear.
Price: $43.18
Freya Viking Underdress
In Norse mythology, Freya was the goddess of beauty and war. The Freya Viking Underdress brings these two vastly different concepts together in one classy garment, perfect for any medieval ensemble, be it noblewoman or Viking warrior.
Price: $55.18
Freyr Brooches Set
The Norse god Freyr held dominion over fair weather and sunlight, which made him one of the most important deities to the Vikings. The Freyr Brooches Set are a perfect way to honor Norse culture while adding some pizzazz to your outfit.
Price: $43.18
Frigg Viking Underdress
In Norse mythology, Frigg is the goddess of wisdom and wife of Odin. Such a position of power requires a regal garb. The Frigg Viking Underdress provides such poise with its modest, humble design, based on medieval Viking underwear.
Price: $83.98
Gyda Eiriksdatter Viking Apron Dress
Gyda Eiriksdatter was a Norse queen who pushed Harold Fairhair to unite all of Norway under one ruler. A noble task like that requires power, poise, and hard work. The Gyda Eiriksdatter Viking Apron Dress reflects each of these qualities.
Price: $55.18
Hedeby Viking Overdress
During the Viking Age, the northern German town of Hedeby was a teeming trading hub. Archaeological excavations there recovered clothing from that era, one of which has been beautifully recreated in the Hedeby Viking Overdress.
Price: $35.98
Hibernus Medieval Hooded Cloak
Hibernus was a Latin word used to describe winter as well as to denote someone from Ireland. The Hibernus Medieval Hooded Cloak is perfect for winter wear, and it resembles those garments worn by the ancient Celtic people.
Price: $131.98
Kievan Rus Viking Pants
The Kievan Rus was a medieval conglomerate of Slavic territories and peoples that spanned much of Eastern Europe. It is from these people that many Vikings traced their ancestry. The Kievan Rus Pants replicate the garb of these peoples.
Price: $71.98
Laced Back Medieval Underdress
Lacework has been around since long before corsets and shoes. This nifty clothing feature was used even in the Middle Ages. The Laced Back Medieval Underdress replicates one such usage of lacing in an authentic medieval garment.
Price: $55.18
Lagertha Viking Undertunic
The first wife of Ragnar Lodbrok, Lagertha, was a fearsome warrior who later became the ruler of Norway. A powerful warrior like Lagertha would only be slowed down by a dress. For this reason, the Lagertha Viking Undertunic exists.
Price: $43.18
Landsknecht Pants
The Landsknecht were a group of German soldiers-for-hire who dressed in vibrant colors and wielded pikes or lances. The Landsknecht Pants keep true to the style and color of these soldiers, offering you a true medieval experience.
Price: $55.18
Lannion Medieval French Dress
In Brittany, on the northern coast of France, there is a town called Lannion that was occupied by people from Britain in the Middle Ages. The Lannion Medieval French Dress replicates clothing from this region and time period.
Price: $71.98
Large Medieval Messenger Bag
During the Middle Ages pants did not have pockets, and grocery shopping did not come with the luxury of disposable bags. Luckily, there were satchels for carrying large items. The Large Medieval Messenger Bag is modeled on such articles.
Price: $19.18
Large Viking Brooch
During the Middle Ages, clothes were fastened together with the highly functional penannular brooch, which was most popular among Vikings and Celts. The Large Viking Brooch takes this design and revamps it for the modern age.
Price: $16.78
Late Medieval Blouse
During the late Middle Ages, clothing was beginning to become more similar to the outfits worn today. The Late Medieval Blouse perfectly accentuates this gradual transition in style, borrowing elements from either era to make one shirt.
Price: $43.18
Late Medieval Germanic Dress
As fashion began to replace function, the end of the Middle Ages saw the coming into being of clothing that resembled what is commonly worn today. One such garment has been authentically recreated in the Late Medieval Germanic Dress.
Price: $71.18
Late Medieval Hooded Wrap Dress
Before the puffy coats of the modern era or the woolen jackets of the 19th Century, there were other, more rudimentary ways to stay warm. One of these early coats has been beautifully recreated in the Late Medieval Hooded Wrap Dress.
Price: $71.98
Late Medieval Scandinavian Cape
The late Middle Ages saw the Vikings, seafaring explorers, begin to settle down in Scandinavia, and with this new lifestyle came new clothing. One such piece of clothing has been replicated in the Late Medieval Scandinavian Cape.
Price: $103.18
Late Medieval Underdress
In the late Middle Ages, as clothing evolved, underdresses began to resemble what are now called night gowns. The Late Medieval Underdress takes this precursor of modern style and replicates it in authentic detail for you to wear.
Price: $55.18
Late Medieval Waist Cincher
During the late Middle Ages, the corset was beginning to come into being, although in very rudimentary forms. The Medieval Waist Cincher captures one frame of this garments evolution and allows you to add it to your Renaissance wardrobe.
Price: $35.98
Late Medieval Winter Wrap Dress
During the late Middle Ages, there was no air conditioner or heating, so people in Scandinavia had to bundle up in the winter. The Late Medieval Winter Wrap Dress recreates what one of their winter garments would have looked like.
Price: $115.18
Late Medieval Wrap Belt
Clothing in the late Middle Ages gradually became less about function and more about fashion. Even the Scandinavian Vikings began to wear stylish decorative garments, one of which has been recreated in the Late Medieval Wrap Belt.
Price: $35.98
Late Medieval Wrap Dress
As the Vikings began to settle down in Scandinavia, their clothing began shifting its focus from function to fashion. The Late Medieval Wrap Dress recreates one such Scandinavian garment that combines staying warm with looking good.
Price: $83.98
Leif Viking Undertunic
Leif Erikson led an adventurous life as an explorer, discoverer, missionary, and chieftain. In this modern era, such titles and adventures are hard to come by, but your wardrobe can still be audacious with the Leif Viking Undertunic.
Price: $43.18
Leifsson Childrens Viking Undertunic
Leif Erikson would not have been the Viking he was without his father Erik the Red. You can carry on the legacy of this legendary father-son duo with the Leifsson Childrens Viking Undertunic, based on actual Viking clothing.
Price: $28.78
Loch Laga Medieval Underdress
During the Middle Ages, the Scottish Highlands belonged to the tribal people, descendants of Celts who dressed in tartans and styles different than the rest of Britain. The Loch Laga Medieval Underdress emulates this Celtic style.
Price: $55.18
Lodin Viking Tunic
The name Lodin is derived from the old Norse word meaning wooly or hairy. This winter, you do not have to be hairy to keep warm. The Lodin Viking Tunic will do that for you while keeping your look stylish and authentically medieval, too!
Price: $83.98
Loki Viking Coat
In the deadly chill of the Scandinavian winter, even the gods must keep warm. The Loki Viking Coat is a garment fit for the trickster god himself and is sure to keep your heart warm with the fires of mirth even in the coldest weather.
Price: $91.18
Magician Chapeau
Even if you are a proud magician who follows tradition, it is okay to admit that those wide-brimmed, pointy hats look stupid. Luckily, you can upgrade to something more stylish while maintaining your mystique with the Magician Chapeau.
Price: $28.78
Maid Marian Head Scarf Set
Maid Marian is the famous love interest and cohort of Robin Hood, acting as his liaison to nobility and the commoners. Sneaking into Sherwood Forest so often would require camouflage. The Maid Marian Head Scarf Set offers such a garb.
Price: $15.58
Medieval Apron
The apron has enjoyed popularity for centuries, both because it protects the body or clothing and because it provides aesthetic pleasure. The Medieval Apron replicates one of the earliest incarnations of this garment in lovely detail.
Price: $16.78
Medieval Arming Cap
When knights engaged in jousting tournaments or battles, they would put something on under their helmets to keep the metal off their scalps. The Medieval Arming Cap replicates one such piece of headgear in authentic detail.
Price: $19.18
Medieval Bathing Dress
In the Middle Ages, when people went to bathe, they wore underclothing to and from the tub. The Medieval Bathing Dress replicates one such garment, directly reconstructed from the illustrations in the famous German Wenceslas Bible.
Price: $43.18
Medieval Battle Skirt
Girl, this is the 14th Century, and you are a strong, independent woman warrior who dont need no misogynistic chivalric codes. Take up the sword and make your might and fierceness in combat known with the Medieval Battle Skirt.
Price: $67.18
Medieval Bonnet
The bonnet has enjoyed popularity since the Middle Ages. It has undergone many variations over the years, but sometimes, it is nice to revert to the original. The Medieval Bonnet recreates this hat with beautiful authenticity.
Price: $15.58
Medieval Braies
Underwear is nothing new. Even in the Middle Ages, they had something resembling boxers, except it was okay if they were seen by strangers, since they usually went under chausses. The Medieval Braies are a necessary piece of any ensemble.
Price: $35.98
Medieval Cucullus Gugel
The Roman cucullus was one of the earliest cowls, and its design carried over into the Middle Ages, as seen in the hoods worn by farmers, priests, and peasants. The Medieval Cucullus Gugel revives this design in beautiful accuracy.
Price: $43.18
Medieval Germanic Dress
Across Europe in the Middle Ages, clothing varied from place to place based on culture and climate. The Medieval Germanic Dress replicates what womens wear looked like in Eastern Europe along the Alps during the medieval era.
Price: $71.98
Medieval Gugel
One of the most popular items of clothing from the Middle Ages was the cowl. It was worn by farmers in their fields, peasants in the market, bards, and priests. The Medieval Gugel recreates the classic medieval cowl in authentic detail.
Price: $28.78
Medieval Nobles Apron
When you go to the jousting tournament held in your honor, you had better be sure you look your best. That means your outfit needs a little more flare than usual. Accessorize your medieval ensemble with the Medieval Nobles Apron.
Price: $43.18
Medieval Pirate Shirt
When people think of the Middle Ages, they think of knights and noble battles. But the Seven Seas were also rife with strife. The Medieval Pirate Shirt serves as a classy reminder that piracy predates the romanticized buccaneer.
Price: $43.18
Medieval Sash
Even in the Middle Ages, people were resourceful. Sometimes, a single piece of cloth could serve innumerable functions. With the Medieval Sash, you can add the epitome of versatility to your medieval or Renaissance ensemble.
Price: $26.38

"Love this arm cuff (DK6074). Fits great and is made of great material. Received a day early."

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