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With an emphasis on quality and artistry, Your Dressmaker handcrafts beautiful gowns, serviceable cloaks, and leather accessories inspired by your favorite moments from history. Dark Knight Armoury seeks out merchandise that expresses our deep love, or rather obsession, for historical reenactment and roleplay. As a result, we have created this special collection of Your Dressmaker apparel. This section includes dresses, shirts, jackets, and trousers from various periods such as the Renaissance and Middle Ages. Several of our capes and cloaks cater to the Gothic genre as well. With clothing sized for men, women, and children, the entire family may venture into a historical era together. Dark Knight Armoury never ceases its quest to bring you quality period clothing at affordable prices. Keep a careful eye on this ever-expanding section. Your Dressmaker never fails to capture our interest.
Black And Silver Dracula Cape
A good vampire does not need a cape, but if you are going for that classic or gothic vampire look, then you are going to want a good cape like the Black and Silver Dracula Cape, named for the most famous vampire of all.
Price: $132.00
Black and Silver French Styled Tabbard
The Black and Silver French Styled Tabbard is an elegant garment that is quite reminiscent of the Musketeers. This tabbard is made of high-quality velvet and is a great way to add a touch of obvious French style to your favored look.
Price: $185.00
Black and White Scottish Tartan Dress
Befitting a lass from the highlands of old, the Black and White Scottish Tartan Dress is a two-piece ensemble, including both the sleeveless tartan overdress and the long white chemise worn underneath. Ruffles and lacing add detail to this traditional Scottish ensemble.
Price: $165.00
Black Medieval Maiden Hooded Dress
The Black Medieval Maiden Hooded Dress is made from 100 percent cotton with ornament trim on the front. The Black Medieval Maiden Hooded Dress is a one piece dress that closes with lace in the back.
Price: $140.00
Blue-Green Civil War Dress
The Blue-Green Civil War Dress is a beautiful example of a renaissance-styled dress that remained popular in fashion throughout the U.S. Civil War. This elegant dress is made of high-quality materials, which only add to its appearance.
Price: $185.00
Boys Renaissance Frock
Dressed in high quality velvet and brocade fabrics, your child will look positively regal in the Boys Renaissance Frock. This stylish Baroque-inspired jacket features fantastic ornate details fit for a young Renaissance lordling.
Price: $145.00
Boys Renaissance Hat
Even children can get in on the fun of historic reenactment. The Boys Renaissance Hat, made of high quality antique velvet and beautifully patterned brocade, is ideal for helping your child get the look of a regal young lord.
Price: $33.00
Brocade and Lace Ball Gown
For a stately look at your next historic reenactment event, wear the Brocade and Lace Ball Gown. Made from two brocade fabrics in complimentary colors, this dress is features handcrafted ruffles and extravagant lace-trimmed sleeves.
Price: $330.00
Brown Baroque Renaissance Gown
The Brown Baroque Renaissance Gown is a two-piece dress that is perfect for occasions requiring a look that speaks of refinement and elegance. Made in brown taffeta, this bodice and skirt pair laces in the back, making it adjustable.
Price: $199.00
Brown Embroidered Medieval Dress
The Brown Embroidered Medieval Dress is a beautiful, one-piece medieval style dress. It is made from brown taffeta and is absolutely incredible to look at. It is fastened via laces on the back and front of the dress, making it very adjustable.
Price: $190.00
Brown Medieval Maiden Hooded Dress
The Brown Medieval Maiden Hooded Dress is made from 100 percent cotton with ornament trim on the front. The Brown Medieval Maiden Hooded Dress is a one piece dress that closes with lace in the back.
Price: $140.00
Buccaneer Pants
The Buccaneer Pants are an extremely well-crafted pair of pirate pants that any sea-bound swashbuckler would be eager to own and wear. Not only are these pants extremely well-made but they are also handcrafted from quality fabric.
Price: $85.00
Buccaneer Suede Shirt
Made out of soft, lightweight, and comfortable suede textured fabric, the Buccaneer Suede Shirt is a sure staple in any reenactors wardrobe. Stylish and versatile, this authentic inspired shirt is great for a number of historic looks.
Price: $62.00
Burgundy Fair Maidens Gown
The Burgundy Fair Maidens Gown is made from a red high quality velvet fabric with silver trim. There is lacing on both the front and back of the dress which can be adjusted to fit your figure.
Price: $275.00
Burgundy Medieval Ball Gown
The Burgundy Medieval Ball Gown is a charming medieval gown that has over 150 pearls embroidered into it. The Burgundy Medieval Ball Gown closes with laces in the back. This Burgundy Medieval Ball Gown is great for Medieval Weddings.
Price: $450.00
Cailin Scottish Ensemble
The Cailin Scottish Ensemble looks like it came right from Scotland. This two piece dress ensemble includes the white under gown and the green plaid over gown. The over gown is made of a high quality tartan fabric.
Price: $165.00
Catherine Victorian Style Dress
The Catherine Victorian Style Dress is an absolutely gorgeous Victorian-era gown made from high-quality taffeta, it features beautiful lace trim and ornamentation, and fastens via laces in the back, ensuring that the dress is highly adjustable.
Price: $140.00
Celtic Chemise
This Celtic Chemise is a beautiful handmade rayon medieval chemise. The Celtic Chemise has a generous length of drawstring at the neckline with full, long sleeves. The Celtic Chemise is worn under gowns and skirts, like a medieval slip.
Price: $60.00
Celtic Cross Buckle Belt
The Celtic Cross Buckle Belt is a classic leather belt that features a sleek and stylish Celtic-styled belt buckle. The belt is a simple, practical accessory that, when combined with the decorative buckle, is suitable for any style.
Price: $37.00
Celtic Maiden Skirt and Bodice Ensemble
The ideal outfit for medieval markets, Renaissance faires, and more, the Celtic Maiden Skirt and Bodice Ensemble effortlessly gives you style straight out of a storybook with three pieces sold together as a beautifully matched set.
Price: $185.00
Charlotte Victorian Style Dress
The Charlotte Victorian Style Dress is unmistakably designed in the style of the Victorian era, this beautiful one-piece dress is made in taffeta, features absolutely stunning decoration, and fastens via laces in the back, ensuring adjustability.
Price: $140.00

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