League of Legends

In the world of Runeterra, champions called forth by unseen summoners battle it out for honor, glory, or even redemption. Enter the realm of League of Legends, the immensely popular online multiplayer game by Riot Games. Since its debut in 2009, League of Legends, or LoL, has garnered millions of fans worldwide who compete for fun, locally, and even in an annual World Championship. Dark Knight Armoury is proud bring you a selection of officially licensed League of Legends collectibles and gear to help you bring your love of the video game into real life. Shop adorably stylized Funko POP figure versions of your favorite champions, like Lee Sin, Jinx, Ashe, Braum, and more, as well as fantastically detailed collectible action figures featuring characters like Zed and Fiora. With our colorful assortment of licensed League of Legends merch, any fan of this fun and fast paced battle arena game is sure to find something to love here at Dark Knight Armoury.
League of Legends Ashe POP Figure
Inspired by tales of Queen Avarosa, this champion seeks to unify the tribes of Freljord. Summoners, who value the power and precision of the Frost Archer, will wish to add the League of Legends Ashe POP Figure to their collection.
Price: $12.00
League of Legends Braum POP Figure
While his legendary strength provides an advantage during battle, his ceaseless laughter rallies his allies. Summoners, who choose the Heart of the Freljord as their champion, can now own the League of Legends Braum POP Figure.
Price: $12.00
League of Legends Fiora Action Figure
While this champion refuses to conform to a traditional role, she upholds the code of honor valued by the House Laurant and the kingdom of Demacia. Show favor for the Grand Duelist with the League of Legends Fiora Action Figure.
Price: $23.00
League of Legends Jinx POP Figure
The ranged marksman depicted by the League of Legends Jinx POP Figure is sure to add a touch of mayhem and create havoc wherever she goes. The villagers of Piltover bestowed her name for the trouble that always accompanies her.
Price: $12.00
League of Legends Lee Sin POP Figure
The martial artist depicted by the League of Legends Lee Sin POP Figure combines the mystical arts with hand-to-hand combat. Seeking atonement for the sins of his youth, this fighter is a worthy champion for the clever summoner.
Price: $12.00
League of Legends Thresh POP Figure
Those unfortunate enough to encounter the Chain Warden should beware the end of his scythe and avoid entrapment within the Soul Lantern. The League of Legends Thresh POP Figure provides a safer way for summoners to view the champion.
Price: $12.00
League of Legends Vi POP Figure
The champion depicted by the League of Legends Vi POP Figure is always ready for a good fight. Life on the streets has left this hero with a deep distrust for authority, a snarky attitude, and a brashness that proves handy in battle.
Price: $12.00
League of Legends Zed Action Figure
The League of Legends Zed Action Figure is a treasured find for summoners who prefer the forbidden ways. Choosing to forsake the balanced path, this champion destroyed the old ninja order, replacing it with the Order of the Shadow.
Price: $23.00

"I just wanted to express my gratitude towards Alecia in your customer service department. I had ordered something that was out of stock and she gave me several options that I may be interested in and also suggested ordering another size. I asked her some questions regarding the other size and she was quick to respond (within hours!) and had a great attitude. She was quick to respond and because of her great customer service I would gladly recommend this company for ordering products and I will also continue to order products. Even though I didn't get what I initially ordered I believe the different size will work just as well."

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