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It might not seem like it, but the scabbard or sheath of the sword is a very important part of the sword. And at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a number of replacement leather scabbards and sheaths for warriors who have somehow lost theirs, ensuring that their swords can be safely stowed and secured, providing some of the best protection that a blade can have when it is not in use. Surprisingly, swords are relatively easy to damage. Leaving a sword out for extended periods of time, even simply for display, can sometimes damage a steel blade, as the constant exposure to moisture in the air can lead to the appearance of faint rust markings. That is why the sheath or the scabbard is so important. The ones offered here at Dark Knight Armoury are all made from the finest leather, to best ensure its look and performance. The leather sheaths and leather scabbards are all noted with clear measurements as well, so that it is easy to locate one that suits the sword, dagger, or blade that you need to cover. Plus, a sheath or scabbard makes for a fine addition to a sword display and look, as well as a great way to keep your sword safe and secure at your side, as well as ready for a quick draw the moment you need it. So if you have got a nice sword or dagger that you want to carry along, or that you feel needs a good home to keep it safe, then check us out here at Dark Knight Armoury, and take some time to browse through our Leather Scabbards and Sheaths section, to find the one that suits your need and your blade.
31 inch Leather Sheath
When you are not training or in conflict your sword needs a place to rest. Give that weapon a home with the 31 Inch Leather sheath. Do not lay that sword on the ground or against a tree when it deserves a respectable carry method.
Price: $41.50
On Sale For: $37.35
31-Inch Suede Sheath
You can stop searching for a stylish yet function accessory with the 31-Inch Suede Sheath. Able to protect your trusty weapon this sheath can also provide a comforting carry method while keeping your sword at the ready.
Price: $23.50
On Sale For: $21.15
38 inch Leather Sheath
If you have been searching for a way to keep your weapon comfortably close at hand then the 38 Inch Leather Sheath is your solution. Balancing function and style this sheath is an excellent way to carry your trusted sword.
Price: $46.50
On Sale For: $41.85
38 inch Suede Sheath
You will not always be conquering a castle or protecting royalty so rest your trusted sword in the 38 Inch Suede Sheath. This quality sheath is ready to carry your weapon when defensive action is not entirely necessary.
Price: $25.50
On Sale For: $22.95

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