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Whether your LARP character is based on ancient history or is inspired by a realm of fantasy, the LARP Collections category at Dark Knight Armoury has the LARP weapon or LARP shield to suit your specific needs. In this category, we break down our massive assortment of live action roleplay gear by each distinct collection, with collections that range from Roman and medieval based to fantasy inspired and beyond. Masterfully crafted, each weapon is made to look authentic through its high quality coloration, appearing as though actually made of steel or wood. Though highly realistic, the LARP gear in these collections is safe for live action roleplay, made of high quality, shred resistant foam surrounding fiberglass cores. Coated in latex, they are then finished with an elastic gloss for resiliency, ensuring these weapons will serve you well in battle for years to come when properly maintained.
Ancient LARP Collection
Inspired by the weaponry of eras long past, the Ancient LARP Collection at Dark Knight Armoury has the LARP swords, LARP shields, and LARP daggers ideal for any live action roleplay that takes its theme from historic Rome. Wield a falcate or a gladius at your next LARP skirmish, and defend yourself with a large and sturdy, rectangular shield. All masterfully painted and crafted for an authentic look, these Forgotten Dreams LARP weapons are also made with safety in mind.
Chaos LARP Collection
The Chaos LARP Collection at Dark Knight Armoury is ideal for any dark warrior wanting to wield LARP weapons with a menacing look. The Chaos collection has LARP maces, LARP axes, LARP swords, LARP Daggers, and more. The collection even has shields in different shapes, such as LARP round shields and LARP rectangular shields, some even sporting a spattering of red to resemble the gore of battle.
Elven LARP Collection
Are you looking for LARP weaponry for your Lord of the Ring character? Dark Knight Armoury has the Elven LARP Collection that will fit your requirements. The Elven LARP Collection blends oriental style weaponry with elegant fantasy details. Made by Forgotten Dreams, the katanas, tantos, swords, and naginatas in this collection are ideal for fantasy live action roleplay.
Gaelic LARP Collection
For LARP weapons and shields adorned with elegant, golden colored Celtic knot work, choose the Gaelic LARP Collection at Dark Knight Armoury. With shields, claymores, lances, and axes all expertly crafted for live action roleplay, these historic-inspired weapons are sure to become a well-used addition to your characters arsenal. Both beautiful and fearsome, they are versatile enough to suit a variety of LARP themes.
Imperial LARP Collection
From members of the Round Table to adventuring Crusaders, the Imperial LARP Collection at Dark Knight Armoury is sure to suit a variety of knightly characters. Including hammers, halberds, daggers, and, of course, swords, these LARP weapons feature a realistic, historic-inspired appearance. Many are embellished with symbols of power, such as the Crusaders cross.
Medieval LARP Collection
One of the most popular LARP collections from Forgotten Dreams, Dark Knight Armoury presents the Medieval LARP Collection, which includes both basics for beginner LARPers as well as fantastically detailed pieces based on historic weapons of old. Choose from a wide selection of shields, swords, daggers, and other LARP weapons, all masterfully crafted for safety.
Mercenary LARP Collection
If you favor the cutthroat attitude of a blade for hire, check out the Mercenary LARP Collection at Dark Knight Armour. This collection includes a variety of LARP swords, shields, LARP halberds, LARP daggers, LARP hammers, LARP maces, and more, all in realistic detail resembling the authentic steel and wooden versions used by mercenaries in the medieval era.

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