The term fencing has many different meanings. More often than not, though it references one of two different styles of sword fighting, either historic fencing, which was used in ages past as a system of combat, or Olympic fencing, which is a family of combative sports that is commonly practiced today. The two differ primarily in that one is a formalized sport, with rules and regulations, while the other is more loosely regulated and is based more heavily on the techniques used by swordsman from the medieval and Renaissance era. Fencing, as a modern sport, has experienced such popularity that it has even become an Olympic event, thus its designation, Olympic fencing. To accommodate those who have of love of either style of fencing, Dark Knight Armoury carries a full line of functional and decorative fencing weapons, including various styles of rapiers and traditional fencing weapons like foils, epees, and sabers, as well as functional main gauches and replacement blades. All of our functional fencing blades are made to withstand the rigors of fencing combat, ensuring that you have a strong, sturdy weapon in hand that will bend and flex when necessary, while still providing enough strength to deliver a good strike when the moment comes. And given that many rapiers of the age happened to have elaborate and ornate features, many of our rapiers, both decorative and functional, are also brilliant display pieces that you can display in your home or your office, either to celebrate your love of fencing, your love of history, or your love of historic arms. If you are a swordsman who favors the lightness of a rapier, then Dark Knight Armoury has the swords that will suit your skills, whether you are a modern fencer or a historic one. And if you are looking for a sword that will show off great style and detail, then you will sure to find one here, too.
Decorative Fencing Rapiers
As the sword evolved, so too did its design. The wide, cutting swords of the middle ages gave rise to the piercing thrust of the rapier, and with the rapier, can ornate, flowing guards and stunning designs and details that made every a sword a distinctive personal decoration. At Dark Knight Armoury, we carry a number of decorative rapiers that echo this notion perfectly.
Functional Fencing Main Gauche
Historically, the main gauche was wielded in the off-hand of a swordsman, both as a primary defense and as a secondary weapon. Dark Knight Armoury offers a great selection of these off-handed daggers, to ensure that a swordsman can have just the dagger he or she desires. And every one of our functional fencing main gauche daggers will stand up quite well in a fight, too.
Functional Fencing Rapiers
The rapier evolved from the typical cut and thrust swords of the 16th and 17th century. Unlike most swords, though, the rapier experienced an immense level of variation. Here at Dark Knight Armoury, we pride ourselves on offering a wide assortment of functional fencing rapiers, in as many styles as we could gather, all to give a swordsman their choice of preferred blades.
Functional Swept Hilt Fencing Rapiers
As ornate and decorative as the swept hilt seems, it is not without its uses. Combined with its impressive appearance, swept hilt rapiers were popular with swordsman and nobility both! At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a wide selection of functional swept hilt fencing rapiers, for the discerning swordsman who wants a beautiful blade.

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