Medieval Hats and Crowns from Dark Knight Armoury Medieval Hats and Crowns from Dark Knight Armoury

Medieval Hats and Crowns

What is a king without his crown? What is a bandit without his cowl? What is a pirate without his hat? Well, each of these individuals is still what they are, but they might just look a little less impressive sans their chosen headgear. If that is a stylish touch you just cannot do without, then you should really check out the medieval hats and crowns section at Dark Knight Armoury. Here, you will find various pieces of headgear that are great for adding that last touch of flair to almost any look. We have headbands and caps that are perfect for the lords and ladies of court, as well as a number of cowls and hoods that are great for nobles and woodsmen as well as bandits and archers, who might have a need to hide their appearance. And with leather tricorns and pirate hats, we have just the right headgear for a pirate. Our crowns will certainly add that touch of sparkle and royal power to any noble look. Each crown is suitable for men or women and is either finished in gold or silver, while featuring fleur de lis symbols and faux jewel decorations. Our medieval and Renaissance hats will compliment almost any look, be they noble, warrior, or peasant, or king - of that, you can have no doubt.
Knights Medieval Hood
This hood has a very authentic look to it, making it great for archers or knights. The hood has a full mantel that covers the shoulders. Made of soft wool and lined with cotton, this is a quality hood and is very comfortable to wear.
Price: $32.00
: $28.80
Leather Cavalier Hat
No period outfit would be complete without a fine hat to top off a dashing appearance. This hat is one of the best and most affordably priced on the market. Made of fine black leather.
Price: $85.00
Captain Jack Tricorn
This Tricorn Hat is inspired by the swashbuckling antics of Captain Jack and is for those who still live by the 'Code'. Top grain leather with a weathered dark brown finish. A must for any Pirate.
Price: $75.00
Capitano Hat
Worn in Barcelona, Spain in the late 16th century, the renaissance-era Capitano evolved into the 17th century Cavalier hat. Our durable reproduction is made of suede velvet and constructed with buckram using traditional methods.
Price: $132.00
Gold Kings Crown
Throughout the course of history, the most iconic piece of apparel that has defined royalty has been the crown. This magnificent piece is manufactured of metal, has over 250 artificial diamonds and measures a full 24" in circumference.
Price: $120.00
Tudor French Hood
The Tudor French Hood is the perfect finishing touch for many of our period gowns. This simple, yet elegant hat has been designed to match many of our dresses seen throughout our catalog or can be used with any of your existing outfits.
Price: $49.00
Floppy Hat
Floppy hats are worn by both men and women. These hats fit with most periods, Medieval through Renaissance. Made of cotton velveteen, they are also suitable for Peasant or Noble. A truly universal hat, a must for your wardrobe.
Price: $42.00
Skull and Crossbones Leather Hat
This stylish variation of the standard pirate tricorn hat is certain to make your crew's blood run cold. This fine black leather hat has an antiqued brass skull and crossbones emblazoned on the front.
Price: $78.00
Embroidered Hood with Fur
The Hood is made from soft wool and is embroidered with large swirls designs. The opening is trimmed with a dark grey faux fur that is sure to keep the wind out of your face on those cold days while LARPing or re-enacting.
Price: $36.00
Pirates Black Bandana
our Black Pirate Bandana has a Suede-like textured finish with rough weathered lace to show that you can pillage and plunder the high seas right away. 100% rayon.
Price: $34.00
Silver Kings Crown
Throughout the course of history, the most iconic piece of apparel that has defined royalty has been the crown. This magnificent piece is manufactured of metal, has over 250 artificial diamonds and measures a full 24" in circumference.
Price: $120.00
Chemise Headcap
This is a matching headcap for any type of chemises that we carry. The Chemise Headcap is made from cotton and is machine washable. The drawstring has been provided for tying the headcap for comfort and adjustability.
Price: $10.50
Muffin Hat
Our Muffin Hats are a classic design and go perfectly for almost all periods. They are made of cotton velveteen and have metallic trim around the band which is a nice detail. These are one size fits all. Machine wash, tumble dry.
Price: $37.00
Black Gotham Top Hat
This impressive hat hails back to an era when brutal gangs dominated the streets of Old New York City, showing that good style cannot be diminished. The Black Gotham Top Hat is a dapper and dashing accessory fit for any gentleman of stature to wear.
Price: $105.00
Wheel of Time Aiel Shoufa Turban and Veil
The world depicted in the Wheel of Time series is a dangerous one, and in the Aiel Wastes, this is doubly true, for it is desert inhabited by fierce warriors known as the Aiel, many of whom wear something like this Wheel of Time Aiel Shoufa and Veil.
Price: $40.00
Ladies Assassin Hood
Being an assassin is not just a mans job. Ladies need their assassin gear, too, so get the Ladies Assassin Hood - a bolero jacket styled as a piece of assassin attire, which has been made specifically for literal femme fatales.
Price: $69.99
Leather Witch Hunter Hat
Crafted from full-grain leather that has been vegetable tanned, this wide brimmed hat makes a great addition to your look. The Leather Witch Hunter Hat goes well with period and fantasy costumes as well as modern attire.
Price: $120.00
: $108.00
Leather Top Hat
Well-crafted and smart-looking, this excellent leather hat makes a striking addition to the outfit of any gentleman or lady. The Leather Top Hat is made from quality full-grain leather than has been vegetable tanned.
Price: $106.00
: $95.40
Black Felt Pirate Hat with Ostrich Feather
Dashing and elegant, this stylish tricorn hat adds the perfect element of confidence to your buccaneer swagger. The Black Felt Pirate Hat with Ostrich Feather makes an unbeatable addition to the attire of any trendy pirate.
Price: $74.00
Brown Felt Pirate Hat with Ostrich Feather
Bold and rakish, the Brown Felt Pirate Hat with Ostrich Feather makes the perfect addition to your pirate outfit! This soft felt hat feels great to wear and looks even better with its traditional folded tricorn design.
Price: $74.00
Black Felt Pirate Hat with Feather and Bow
This buccaneer hat looks like it just arrived from the millinery shop after being carefully decorated! The Black Felt Pirate Hat with Feather and Bow combines elegant style with the bold tricorn shape for an unbeatable look.
Price: $75.00
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