Medieval Surcoats

Dark Knight Armoury offers a number of incredibly stylish medieval surcoats that are a perfect accent to almost any knightly style. Our medieval surcoats and tabards are designed to be worn no matter the circumstances. You can wear them over your shirt and pants if you are simply seeking outerwear of some type. You can wear them along with your armor for a truly intimidating and authentic knightly look. Several of our medieval surcoats and tabards have taken inspiration from history. We offer surcoats that feature the heraldry of famous kings like Richard the Lionheart and King Arthur, as well as crusader and Templar surcoats that proudly display the simple emblems of these famous knightly orders. We also have a number of medieval tabards, which differ from surcoats in that their sides are left open. Otherwise, they function exactly the same way. Several of our tabards, like our surcoats, display heraldic symbols and crests, while others are historically based on famous groups who wore them like our Musketeer tabards. Worn over clothing, a medieval surcoat or tabard is a fantastic accessory that adds style and authenticity to any look. Worn over armor, a medieval surcoat or tabard becomes an identifying mark that distinguishes a knight from his enemies and makes for a truly intimidating appearance.
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"I absolutely love it (DK7008)!!! It fits beautifully and looks AMAZING with my Qarth and Season 4 dresses! Soooo happy!! Would definitely recommend!!"

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