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A good medieval or Renaissance styled skirt from Dark Knight Armoury is an absolute must-have for any womans historical and fantasy wardrobe. These womens skirts are nothing if not exceedingly versatile, not to mention incredibly attractive. Here in the womens skirts category, you will find all manner of different skirts which are designed to be worn throughout countless different periods and styles of clothing. We have skirts that are perfect for the swashbuckling pirate ladies, just as we have skirts that are perfect for a traditional tavern wench. From peasantry to nobility, we have womens skirts that fit into every strata of medieval and Renaissance society. And that is not even considering that a good skirt has near limitless possibilities. You could just wear one skirt alone with a chemise or a bodice or you could combine two skirts to create a layered look. You can also wear a skirt under an open front dress. Skirts can be worn with one of our excellent petticoats or hoop skirts to create a full bodied, regal look. You can mix and match skirts to virtually any other piece of attire in your wardrobe and create a near infinite array of incredibly beautiful and historically authentic styles. The limit is only the confines of your imagination. You will also find a number of accessories in this category that work with skirts, like skirt hikes and bustles, which help to add depth and style to any appropriate look that involves a skirt or two. If you do not have a womens medieval skirt in your wardrobe, then you are sorely missing out on an exceedingly versatile garment. Remedy that problem immediately by checking out Dark Knight Armourys selection of womens skirts and picking out a couple of your favorites. Start putting together intriguing and attractive new looks today!
Tulip Skirt
A great addition to any medieval wardrobe, this dual layer skirt can be worn effortlessly from day to evening. The upper layer has been decorated with buttons in front and can be worn separately.
Price: $125.00
On Sale For: $112.00
Ursula Light Cotton Skirt
Light and flowing, the Ursula Light Cotton Skirt is a full, ankle length skirt that embodies classic elegance. Available in various colors, this versatile skirt is sure to become a favorite in the wardrobe of any medieval lady.
Price: $43.89
Ursula Premium Canvas Skirt
Made of high-quality cotton, the Ursula Premium Canvas Skirt is both elegant and timeless, perfectly suitable for a variety of historic looks. Featuring a full, ankle length style, this versatile skirt comes in a variety of colors.
Price: $44.00
Ursula Wool Skirt
Fair maidens of every era will wish to add the Ursula Wool Skirt to their wardrobe. The classic design of this period garment creates the historical look you seek, be you a barmaid, noble, merchant, pirate, or LARP adventurer.
Price: $110.00
Vampiress Tutu Skirt
This eccentric skirt is a combination of burlesque and gothic style, creating a colorful yet dark garment that will allow you to steal center spotlight! The Vampiress Tutu Skirt is short in the front and long in the back.
Price: $35.00
Vanessa Fitted Skirt
Just because it is Steampunk does not mean that it has to be covered in technology. Some pieces of Steampunk clothing, like the Vanessa Fitted Skirt, favor a style that is less industrial and cluttered and a little more sultry and chic.
Price: $45.00
Victorian Gathered Taffeta and Lace Skirt
Inspired by historical and steampunk styles, the Victorian Gathered Taffeta and Lace Skirt is an extravagant example of vintage themed fashion. This brown steampunk skirt features gathered taffeta over a long layer of matching lace.
Price: $70.00
Victorian Ruffled Skirt
Though the Victorian style does not show up much in modern clothing, it makes quite a statement when it does appear. The Victorian Ruffled Skirt features divided sections of ruched material to create a great bell shape in this skirt.
Price: $84.00
Victorian Skirt
There is no question that this Victorian Skirt has a style that can be defined as sleek and sultry. How will you choose to wear such a style since it goes so well with gothic looks, Victorian ensembles, and Steampunk styles?
Price: $43.00
Vintage Styled Butterfly Skirt
Butterflies possess a delicate, airy beauty that makes them ideal for clothing. The Vintage Styled Butterfly Skirt makes a great item for staying fashionable during the warm months of summer and can also be worn year round.
Price: $78.00
On Sale For: $74.10
Womens Basic Skirt
Our Womens Basic Skirt is a must have for any wardrobe. This skirt is very versatile in style and may be worn with many different themes. The skirt is quite adjustable for each size, as it has a drawstring waist.
Price: $34.00
On Sale For: $30.00

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