Womens Medieval Dresses & Renaissance Gowns

Dark Knight Armoury carries an assortment of amazing medieval dresses and gowns. Gentlemen, please note that these womens dresses and gowns make for phenomenal gifts for the ladies in your life. Each of our medieval and Renaissance dresses and gowns are outstanding garments. They are made from a variety of fabrics, including high quality velvet, satin, and cotton. Incredibly varied, these dresses and gowns come in multitude of styles from simple and unassuming to extravagant and ornate. This variety allows for almost any look to be achieved with ease. We have medieval dresses that are fit for peasants, wenches, nobles, and royalty alike, and all of them are absolutely stunning and elegant. And since they do provide that authentic medieval and Renaissance period look, you will be well served wearing any one of these dresses to any number of themed gatherings, including SCA events, Renaissance fairs, medieval festivals, costume parties, and even medieval themed wedding! And these are really just a few of the uses you might find for an exquisite medieval dress or gown.
Royal Blue Renaissance Dress
Beautiful brocade patterned with blue and white flowers is matched with dark blue taffeta to create the Royal Blue Renaissance Dress. This handmade gown is embellished with delicate white lace trim where these two fabrics meet.
Price: $190.00
Royal Court Gown
The Royal Court Gown is a two piece dress ensemble consisting of a bodice and skirt. The bodice is made of a very nice baroque brocade fabric and fully lined. The skirt is made from matching baroque brocade fabric.
Price: $350.00
Royal Velvet and Brocade Renaissance Gown
The Royal Velvet and Brocade Renaissance Gown has a regal look to it, handcrafted in an exquisite, historic inspired style. This noblewomans dress features long sleeves made from velvet as well as open hanging sleeves of brocade.
Price: $275.00
Royal Velvet Renaissance Dress
Befitting ruling ladies, princesses, and women of nobility, the Royal Velvet Renaissance Dress is lush and resplendent in its make with a style inspired by medieval and fantasy silhouettes. This elegant gown is lined with soft satin.
Price: $250.00
Royalty Of Fleur De Lis Gown
This gown has been designed for the royalty of medieval period. Fleur-de-lis motif fabric showcases the combination of golden shimmer with this specific symbol of the medieval court.
Price: $256.00
Runa Overdress
If you find that your medieval reenactment wardrobe or your commoner LARP outfit is too bland, why not add some color to it? The Runa Overdress is the perfect way to add some much-needed coloration to your outfit in a pinch!
Price: $40.00
Rustic Medieval Dress
Even a peasant girl or a serf can look lovely and elegant in this Rustic Medieval Dress! Possessed of elegant features and a reserved design, this dress is one that inspires beauty without evoking the typical appearance of a noble lady.
Price: $135.00
Scarlet Dream Dress
You will feel like you have stepped into the pages of a fairy tale when you wear this elegant gown. Made of a heavy red cotton velvet, the dress has full bell sleeves and a generous full skirt for a lovely look.
Price: $169.00
Scottish Lass Dress
The Scottish Lass Dress is a four piece dress ensemble consisting of a chemise, bodice, skirt, and shawl. The chemise is made of 100 percent white cotton and the bodice is made of a black high quality velvet fabric.
Price: $180.00
Scottish Tartan Dress
Modeled after traditional Scottish attire, the Scottish Tartan Dress is perfect for a highland lass or lady. This two-piece ensemble is available in a variety of different colors, and consists of an under-gown and an over-gown.
Price: $165.00
Silver Rose Elizabethan Gown
Named for its decorations, the Silver Rose Elizabethan Gown is a stately and stunning dress made from velvet and taffeta. This beautiful dress creates an appearance that is nothing short of perfect for a glorious, stately queen.
Price: $495.00
Silver Rose Renaissance Gown
Made from high-quality taffeta and velvet, the Silver Rose Renaissance Gown is an exceedingly elegant dress that is fit for a queen. It all but exudes royal style and beauty without being overly ostentatious or excessive in appearance.
Price: $275.00
Simple Medieval Dress
Today is the day you visit the market, so you are going to want to dress comfortably! Thankfully, you own a Simple Medieval Dress, which is easy to put on and sits loosely on your body, allowing airflow and freedom of movement.
Price: $40.00
Sorceress Hooded Dress Robe
Not all medieval maidens were helpless princesses or ruling queens. Some were mystics and sorceresses of the highest caliber. The Sorceress Hooded Dress Robe has a rich design and loads of appeal, as well as a touch of magical style.
Price: $142.87
Spanish Brial Gown
Based on a late 16th century gown that was popular in the Spanish region of Aragorn, the Spanish Brial Gown is a stunning example of how even the simplest of attire can be a beautiful, refined gown that is fit for nobility.
Price: $295.00
Spanish Saya Gown
Dating as far back as 1492, the Spanish Saya Gown is a reproduction of a dress worn by the wise virgin statue in Plasencia Cathedral in Spain. This gown is a tasteful and elegant choice that any lady would be happy to be seen in.
Price: $195.00
Spring Flower Renaissance Gown
For a look as unique and fresh as the first blossoms of the season, wear the Spring Flower Renaissance Gown. This elegant, handmade gown is inspired by womens historic fashions and features a remarkable pastel floral print fabric.
Price: $140.00
Steampunk Black and Brown Striped Dress
Combining the rockabilly fashion from the 50s with steampunk style, the Steampunk Black and Brown Striped Dress features a bold black and brown striped pattern and a thick black waist belt that emphasizes your curves.
Price: $69.00
Steampunk Ladys Fancy Dress
Not all steampunk style is eccentric gadgets and technological marvels. Sometimes, it is infused with a spark of revival and ingenuity. Such is the case with this Steampunk Ladys Fancy Dress, which merges the old and new.
Price: $199.00
On Sale For: $125.00
Steampunk Long Brown Tiered Ruffle Dress
You may begin to feel like Cinderella when you put on this fantastic floor-length dress! The Steampunk Long Brown Tiered Ruffled Dress features shimmery brown ruffles down the front of the dress with a striped top and overskirt.
Price: $148.00
Stella Dress
The perfect way to start your next period ensemble, the Stella Canvas Dress offers a simple yet attractive design suitable for Ren faires and other festivals scheduled in warmer months due to its lightweight cotton fabric.
Price: $51.00
Striped Medieval Gown
The Striped Medieval Gown is an elaborate and stylish dress worn by the young ladies of royal Medieval houses. The Striped Medieval Gown has lace on the back that gives a proper fit and shape.
Price: $109.00
Suede and Brocade Medieval Dress
For a look both rich in texture and rustic in its appeal, choose the Suede and Brocade Medieval Dress. The faux suede fabric is softer and lighter than traditional suede, making this historic dress both comfortable and stylish.
Price: $195.00
Taffeta Two Piece Renaissance Dress
For a positively regal Baroque-inspired look, wear the Taffeta Two Piece Renaissance Dress. Expertly handmade, this matching bodice and skirt ensemble features a shimmery, damask-patterned central panel bordered by lavish ruffles.
Price: $220.00
The Majestic Beauty Gown
This Sideless Nobel Surcoat was fashionable between 1340 and 1460, displaying a wide neckline and immensely large arm holes that reach the hips. This Surcoat is made with velvet.
Price: $228.00
The Tempest's Dress
Almost shocking in its color, the Tempests Dress is a remarkable garment that is bound to add a touch of style to your wardrobe. And with its unique style, this dress is a fantastic way to stand out in a crowd and set yourself apart.
Price: $30.00
Toledo Gown
Named not for the region it hails from but for the woman who made it famous, the Toledo Gown is a reproduction of the elegant gown worn by Eleanor di Toledo, the Duchess of Florence from 1539 to 1562, when she was laid to rest.
Price: $469.00
Traditional Scottish Tartan Ensemble
The Traditional Scottish Tartan Ensemble is a beautiful four-piece dress set that is modeled after medieval clothing and traditional Scottish garb. The ensemble is made from high-quality materials and is great for a variety of events.
Price: $180.00
Trennen Steampunk Corset Dress
Neo-Victorian style has never looked as good as it does in the elegant Trennen Steampunk Corset Dress. This formal sleeveless gown features a built-in sweetheart corset that creates a glamorous hourglass silhouette.
Price: $76.80
Tudor Court Gown
The Tudor Court Gown, inspired by historic styles, combines the refined look of antique velvet with white brocade, decorated with a delicate golden vine pattern, to create an elegant, yet striking, black and white Renaissance look.
Price: $275.00
Uma Canvas Dress
Create a period costume that is both authentic and unique. With its simple, yet elegant design, the Uma Canvas Dress is perfect for fair maidens who wish to partake in a renaissance fair or put on a historical performance when on stage.
Price: $36.00
Uma Damask Dress
The noble air and beauty offered by the Uma Damask Dress serves the maiden well when entering the royal courts, or for enjoying the festive atmosphere of a renaissance fair. Step gracefully into character with this luxurious dress.
Price: $80.00
Venetian Gown
This beautiful Venetian Gown recreates a design that was depicted in an Italian painting of two ladies of the Torella family on their palace terrace. With the elegant appeal of this gown, it is easy to see why noble ladies favor it.
Price: $160.00
Victorian Grace Dress
Enter the room in the regal Victorian Grace Dress, and you are sure to turn some heads. This historic-inspired dress commands attention with its unique high collar, attached golden colored organza cape, and puffed shoulder sleeves.
Price: $260.00
Victorian Inspired Dress
Reveal your inner elegance when you wear the Victorian Inspired Dress. This unique steampunk corset dress features a gathered short skirt layered over attached draping black lace, creating a look both intriguing and easy to wear.
Price: $90.00
Victorian Velvet Floral Corset Dress
Clothe yourself in whimsical decadence when you wear the Victorian Velvet Floral Corset Dress. The velvet bodice of this vintage inspired dress is attached to extravagant layers of ruffled lace creating a long, high low skirt.
Price: $142.00
Viking Apron Dress
In the cold of Scandinavia, one layer simply will not do the trick. For this reason, Viking women wore both under- and overdresses. The Viking Apron Dress beautifully recreates one such overdress typical of the early Middle Ages.
Price: $55.18
Vysera Cotton Long Vest
Add an extra layer of style to your medieval and fantasy fashions with the Vysera Cotton Long Vest. This vests stylishly wrapped structure is easy to drape and secure over dresses and skirts as well as adventurous tops and trousers.
Price: $40.00
Vysera Herringbone Long Vest
Wrap yourself in notable style when you wear the Vysera Herringbone Long Vest. Fit for a fine lady or well-to-do adventurer, this womens long vest is great for wearing as a top layer over almost any historical or fantasy outfit.
Price: $51.00
White German Wedding Gown
This top quality gown would make a lovely wedding dress for any bride that chooses to get married in a Medieval or Renaissance theme. This gown is made of white cotton velveteen and comes with a inset that is available in many colors.
Price: $325.00
White Medieval Maiden Hooded Dress
The White Medieval Maiden Hooded Dress is made from 100 percent cotton with ornament trim on the front. The White Medieval Maiden Hooded Dress is a one piece dress that closes with lace in the back.
Price: $140.00
White Toledo Gown
Named not for the region it hails from but for the woman who wore the style, the White Toledo Gown is a dazzlingly beautiful gown modeled on a dress worn by Eleanor di Toledo, the Duchess of Florence, Italy.
Price: $569.00
Wilma Wool Dress
For cooler mornings at the medieval market or autumn-time Ren faires, wear the Wilma Wool Dress. This long sleeve reenactment dress is made of wool that has a special double-sided flat weave for a more comfortable feeling on the skin.
Price: $60.00
Windsor Gown
The loveliest women at court this season are sure to be wearing the latest style from England, the Windsor Gown. Made of taffeta with embroidered gold trim, this one-piece period dress presents an impressively detailed courtly look.
Price: $89.00
Womens Astrid Dress
The clothing you wear while participating in a LARPing event or medieval reenactment determines your social status within those events. From royal LARPers to peasants, the Womens Astrid Dress spans all classes with its versatility!
Price: $49.00
Womens Crushed Velvet Medieval Gown
The Womens Crushed Velvet Medieval Gown presents a stunning take on the essential medieval robe. This handmade, historic inspired dress is made from crushed velvet, giving this piece its luxurious texture and shimmering appearance.
Price: $105.00
Womens Medieval Sleeveless Coat
Medieval nobles going out into public needed something to set them apart from the common people in their simple tunics. A fancy, colorful garment like the Womens Medieval Sleeveless Coat is just the thing to ensure your blood stays blue.
Price: $103.18
Womens Medieval Surcoat
Surcoats were not just for knights in medieval jousting tournaments. A more refined similar garment existed for those of a nobler stature. The Womens Medieval Surcoat is a regal recreation inspired by this medieval clothing.
Price: $55.18
Womens Medieval Tabard
For a classic element of medieval garb, you need look no further than at the tabard. It was worn by noble and serf alike, for countless reasons under the sun, and now you can have one of your own, in this Womens Medieval Tabard garment.
Price: $44.00
Woodland Peasant Dress
The Woodland Peasant Dress is made of 100 percent cotton and is closed with laces in the back. The Woodland Peasant Dress comes in a variety of colors to choose from and is offered in sizes small through extra large.
Price: $125.00
Wulflead Saxon Tunic
Become a stately maiden of the ancient eras when you wear the Wulflead Saxon Tunic. Inspired by the clothing of historical women, this ankle length linen tunic makes a fantastic addition to all sorts of reenactment wardrobes.
Price: $45.00

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