Womens Medieval Dresses & Renaissance Gowns

Dark Knight Armoury carries an assortment of amazing medieval dresses and gowns. Gentlemen, please note that these womens dresses and gowns make for phenomenal gifts for the ladies in your life. Each of our medieval and Renaissance dresses and gowns are outstanding garments. They are made from a variety of fabrics, including high quality velvet, satin, and cotton. Incredibly varied, these dresses and gowns come in multitude of styles from simple and unassuming to extravagant and ornate. This variety allows for almost any look to be achieved with ease. We have medieval dresses that are fit for peasants, wenches, nobles, and royalty alike, and all of them are absolutely stunning and elegant. And since they do provide that authentic medieval and Renaissance period look, you will be well served wearing any one of these dresses to any number of themed gatherings, including SCA events, Renaissance fairs, medieval festivals, costume parties, and even medieval themed wedding! And these are really just a few of the uses you might find for an exquisite medieval dress or gown.
Lenora Wool Tunic
Whether you are a peasant from a historical village or an adventurer from a LARP kingdom, the Lenora Wool Tunic offers both warmth and style during roleplay. Wear it with an undergarment, bodice, and belt to complete your look.
Price: $76.00
Lientje Canvas Apron Dress
Inspired by the overdresses, or hangerock worn, by Norse maidens during the Viking Age, the Lientje Canvas Apron Dress is perfect for a time-traveling adventure into the exciting era when Viking raiders ruled the European coast.
Price: $31.00
Lightweight Castle Dress
The Lightweight Castle Dress is a handmade medieval-inspired gown crafted for effortless elegance and comfort. This fully lined historic dress is made from 100 percent soft and breathable muslin cotton, commonly used for chemises.
Price: $120.00
Maiden Surcoat
This Maiden Surcoat is inspired to represent the daily clothing style of medieval women. This medieval dress was worn by middle-class women. Maiden Surcoat is very comfortable and well made.
Price: $85.00
Marie Louise French Renaissance Dress
Extravagant and feminine, the Marie Louise French Renaissance Dress is handmade from a unique pastel floral print fabric. This Baroque inspired dress features a multitude of purple taffeta flowers, ruffles, and ribbons throughout.
Price: $320.00
Medieval Alvina Dress
Handmade with care from crushed velvet, the Medieval Alvina Dress features an elegant luster decorated with golden lace trim around its round neckline, included belt, and along the hems of its luxurious, floor length sleeves.
Price: $240.00
Medieval Contessa Dress
A countess was expected to look her best at all times, as she was expected to be the pinnacle of poise and grace. If you are looking to recreate such grandeur, then look no further than this lovely Medieval Contessa Dress.
Price: $145.00
Medieval Demoiselle Dress
This dress is, all at once, noble yet conservative. The design of the Medieval Demoiselle Dress is extraordinarily in appearance. The use of high-quality fabrics takes the simple design of this dress and makes it extremely stylish.
Price: $125.00
Medieval Dress
The Medieval Black Cotton Dress is a one of a kind garment with an authentic look, lacing on the back, and buttons along the sleeves. The Medieval Dress is made of 100 percent natural cotton with great quality trim.
Price: $130.00
Medieval Germanic Dress
Across Europe in the Middle Ages, clothing varied from place to place based on culture and climate. The Medieval Germanic Dress replicates what womens wear looked like in Eastern Europe along the Alps during the medieval era.
Price: $71.98
Medieval Ladies Classic Dress
Even for a noble lady, not every occasion called for jewels and finery. Sometimes, comfortable, casual clothing was needed. For any medieval maiden, this Medieval Ladies Classic Dress represents casual comfort at its finest.
Price: $59.66
Medieval Maidens Everyday Dress
Elaborate design and beauty are not always one and the same. This Medieval Maidens Everyday Dress is proof that sometimes, something can be subtle in its design yet still beautiful thanks to quality and classic appeal.
Price: $65.63
Medieval Maidens Mulberry Overdress
It is not hard to look stunning when you wear this flattering medieval gown. The Medieval Maidens Mulberry Overdress is a stylish and graceful choice that can be paired with chemises and blouses to create a host of beautiful looks.
Price: $120.00
Medieval Mystic Dress Robe
There is a subtly deceptive quality to this Medieval Mystic Dress Robe. It looks like it is two pieces - an outer layer and an underdress. In fact, it is one solid piece, one that carries with it a mystical, beautiful appeal.
Price: $142.87
Medieval Overdress
Weather was not always a pleasant thing in the medieval lands. Even shelters as grand as castles can sometimes be drafty. But have no fear, because this Medieval Overdress is a perfect way to stay warm, while looking your best, too.
Price: $48.67
Medieval Pinafore Dress
The Medieval Pinafore Dress is a two piece set including a loose fitting chemise and a lined overdress, ideal for achieving a stylishly layered, historic-inspired look. This handmade set is made from 100 percent natural cotton.
Price: $125.00
Medieval Princess Dress
The Medieval Princess Dress is made up of brocade that is embellished with golden lace along the edges and hem. Designed for a princess, the dress has been decorated with maroon flowers sitting right on the edge of the front slit.
Price: $99.00
Medieval Princess Dress
The Medieval Princess Dress is made from a red high quality velvet fabric with baroque damask with lace trim. The Medieval Princess Dress is great for Medieval Weddings, Renaissance Fairs and Medieval re-enactments.
Price: $199.00
Medieval Serf Hooded Dress
Just because all medieval ladies and maidens are not royalty does not mean that they cannot all be lovely. The Medieval Serf Hooded Dress is made in the style of the lower social strata, yet it still creates a lovely medieval style.
Price: $78.19
Medieval Servant Dress
The Medieval Servant Dress is a great dress for your medieval kingdom staff. The Medieval Servant Dress includes the shirt, bodice, apron, and hood. This Medieval Servant Dress is made of cotton and the bodice has laces around the rib area.
Price: $155.00
Milady's Gown
This lovely gown is just as suited for attracting dashing young swordsmen as it is for accenting a queens regal beauty. This Milady's Gown possesses all the detailing that a woman would want out of a dress fit for old world nobility.
Price: $159.00
Morgan le Fay Gown
Morgan le Fay is known as the most powerful enchantress in the Arthurian legends. This lovely Morgan le Fay Gown is crafted from a combination of rich black and scarlet red cotton velvet for a bold appearance.
Price: $159.00
Mysterious Maiden Medieval Dress
Everyone loves a mystery. When you wear this Mysterious Maiden Medieval Dress, you will be one of those mysteries, as this dress features an elegant look, as well as a full hood that is perfect for hiding who you really are!
Price: $156.69
Noble Ladies Velvet Overdress
People say it is what is inside that counts. However, the outer layer can be just as important. This Noble Ladies Velvet Overdress is a stylish way to layer your medieval outfit as an actual queen might have back in the day.
Price: $64.37
Noble Medieval Dress
Do you want extra oomph in your medieval attire? Are you looking for something guaranteed to get the attention of others? You might want to consider wearing this Noble Medieval Dress, because it can do just that!
Price: $70.65
Noble Medieval Overdress
When it comes to making looks seem impressive and appealing, layering is a good way to go. This Noble Medieval Overdress makes that easy to do, as it is designed to go over any dress that you might already own and wear!
Price: $93.89
Noble Velvet Dress with Train
Attend royal balls or rule with dignity when wearing the Noble Velvet Dress with Train. This handcrafted Renaissance gown is actually a two-piece skirt and bodice set! Both pieces are made of antique velvet accented with brocade.
Price: $325.00
Noble Womens Gown
The Noble Womens Gown is a three piece dress ensemble consisting of a chemise, bodice and skirt. The chemise is made of high end gold satin fabric. The bodice is made from a brocade damask fabric and fully lined.
Price: $230.00
Nobles Bell Sleeved Medieval Dress
The beauty of a maiden is brought out by the finery of the era. Nothing offers up a classic image of medieval loveliness more than the Nobles Bell Sleeved Medieval Dress. The layered look and flowing design is iconic and stunning.
Price: $65.63
Nobles Gown with Lace Bell Sleeves
Subtlety is one of the strong points of this dress. From afar, the Nobles Gown with Lace Bell Sleeves has all the appearance of a beautiful garment, but it is only when it is viewed up close that its designs become more readily apparent.
Price: $112.73
Normandy Gown
This beautiful Normandy Gown will transport you back to the days of Early England. Constructed using a soft, garnet red rayon, this dress is fully lined with matching red cotton and has princess seams allowing for a perfect fit.
Price: $179.00
Odette Victorian Style Dress
The Odette Victorian Style Dress is a one-piece taffeta design that captures the Victorian-era aesthetic perfectly, this stylish dress has luxurious ornamentation, boning around the bodice, and fastens via laces in the back.
Price: $140.00
Open Shoulder Renaissance Dress
The Open Shoulder Renaissance Dress presents a unique take on Renaissance fashion. Made from shimmering taffeta, this historic-inspired dress features ruffled shoulder straps with sleeves starting at the level of the square neckline.
Price: $159.00
Open Sleeves Renaissance Gown
Handmade from golden patterned brocade and coppery royal velvet and trimmed throughout with delicate white lace, the Open Sleeves Renaissance Gown proudly showcases decorative open hanging sleeves attached at its shoulders.
Price: $245.00
Ophelia Cotton and Damask Dress
With the dark elegance of a classic fairytale, the Ophelia Cotton and Damask Dress will transform you into the fairest maiden in the realm. Inspired by both history and fantasy, this medieval gown showcases romantic damask fabric.
Price: $91.00
Ophelia Renaissance Dress
Named after the great beauty in Shakespeare's play Hamlet, the Ophelia Renaissance Dress is a vision of loveliness, possessed of rich detailing and style that will transform any woman into a beauty straight out of Shakespearian lore.
Price: $140.00
Ophelie Brown Brocade Corset Dress
A gorgeous option for your next formal event, the Ophelie Brown Brocade Corset Dress provides a waist-slimming effect with its built-in corset. The high-low dress cascades down the back in layers of ruffled brocade and lace.
Price: $160.00
On Sale For: $144.00
Ophelie Cream Brocade Corset Dress
Perfect for a formal event or an enchanting party, this Ophelie Cream Brocade Corset Dress is resplendent with ornate details. Decorative satin ribbon lacing framed by lace ruffles embellishes the front panel of this Victorian frock.
Price: $160.00
On Sale For: $144.00
Ornate Empress Dress with Hood
The style of this Ornate Empress Dress with Hood is, as its name implies, reminiscent of something that nobility would wear. With its color options, this dress also becomes something fit for ladies of any station to enjoy!
Price: $90.75
Ornate Taffeta Renaissance Dress
Wearing the Ornate Taffeta Renaissance Dress, you will be ready to take command of the kingdom. Impress your subjects and suitors in this handcrafted medieval gown. Elegant golden swirls decorate its burgundy taffeta structure.
Price: $189.00
Peasant Ensemble
The Peasant Ensemble is made of faux suede and has an A-line shape appearance. The bodice is made with faux suede very smooth in texture. The front is held together by laces and has fish bone inserts. The chemise is standard cotton.
Price: $185.00
Peasant Gown
This design looks simple, but a great deal of research has gone into it. The Peasant Gown looks great on almost any figure. The side lacing makes it more comfortable and stylish. The brown chemise seen in the pictures is not included.
Price: $65.00
Peasant Over-Dress
This peasant-style overdress has side adjustable strings that provide a fitted look. The Peasant Over-Dress has contrast lace on neckline and hem to make it more impressive. A fabric belt with lace is included with the product.
Price: $96.00
Pink Antoinette Dress
Calling to mind images of opulent nobility and royalty, the Pink Antoinette Dress is an absolutely beautiful renaissance-styled dress made from soft, luxurious taffeta that features a number of elegant and attractive design elements.
Price: $220.00
Pink Princess Renaissance Dress
Our Pink Princess Renaissance Dress is a beautiful renaissance style one-piece dress made of taffeta with a center section embroidered in a flower pattern design. Perfect for Medieval reenactments, Renaissance faires and themed weddings.
Price: $140.00
Pixie Sleeved Dress with Hood
Elegance is something that women can appreciate. For those who want it with a touch of medieval flair, this Pixie Sleeved Dress with Hood delivers plenty of style in a casual design that will make any girl look like a medieval maiden.
Price: $78.19
Pleasant Peasant Dress
The Pleasant Peasant Dress is based on gowns worn extensively by both peasant and free class women during the 12th and 13th centuries. It is made from a poly-cotton blend fabric that is super comfortable to wear during any season.
Price: $79.00
Princess of Pearl Dress
The splendor and beauty of medieval era has never been more apparent than in this stunning dress. The shimmering satin material, elegant blue and gold trim and white high quality pearl used in place of buttons give it a royal look.
Price: $107.00
Queens Ball Gown
Our Queens Ball Gown is a two piece dress ensemble consisting of a bodice and skirt. The bodice and skirt are made of a high quality gold baroque brocade fabric with an inner panel of gold velvet fabric.
Price: $350.00
Ravishing Red Renaissance Gown
Make an entrance your rivals and suitors will not soon forget in the Ravishing Red Renaissance Gown. Brimming with decadent detail, this handcrafted historic ball gown has a dramatic high collar and layered, draping sleeves.
Price: $300.00
Red and Gold Baroque Renaissance Gown
The Red and Gold Baroque Renaissance Gown is a two piece dress ensemble consisting of a bodice and skirt. The bodice is made of a very nice baroque brocade fabric and fully lined. The skirt is made from matching baroque brocade fabric.
Price: $350.00
Red and Gold Tudor Dress
Made from lush, heavy royal velvet with a low sheen for a refined look, the Red and Gold Tudor Dress is fit for the most regal occasions. This handmade dress features a historic inspired design with details trimmed in golden ribbon.
Price: $275.00
Renaissance Duchess Dress
Arrive at your next historic reenactment event with panache when you wear the Renaissance Duchess Dress. Golden colored brocade, detailed with a delicate swirling vine pattern, makes up the majority of this dress fit for nobility.
Price: $315.00
Renaissance Monique Dress
Extravagantly patterned, the Renaissance Monique Dress makes a statement no matter where you wear it. This handcrafted dress, inspired by Baroque fashion, is made from black and white striped and vine patterned jacquard fabrics.
Price: $330.00
Renaissance Noblewomans Dress
Incredibly regal in its design, materials, and handmade construction, the Renaissance Noblewoman Dress is an impressive display of historic inspired style. Its collar and train will make your royal status known at your next event.
Price: $330.00
Renaissance Princess Gown
The Renaissance Princess Gown is actually a very simple dress. Because it is made from high-quality baroque damask, however, it takes on a much grander appearance, one that is fit for both nobles and princesses alike.
Price: $175.00
Renaissance Wedding Gown
Handmade with extraordinary attention to detail, the Renaissance Wedding Gown displays unmatched beauty and elegance. Its silver brocade fabric is detailed with ornate, glimmering designs while feathers and gems decorate the front.
Price: $330.00
Renaissance Wedding Gown and Veil
This is one of the most magnificent dresses we have ever offered. Perfect for your storybook or period wedding, this stunning white gown is layered in polyester satin and decorated with hand made flowers and white artificial pearls.
Price: $189.00
Renaissance Yorkshire Duchess Dress
Consisting of two separate pieces, a matching bodice and skirt, the Renaissance Yorkshire Duchess Dress is fit for any noblewoman, made of elegant patterned brocade, panels of velour velvet, and luxurious lace sleeve details.
Price: $220.00
Robe du Soir Gown
The Robe du Soir Gown is a vibrant and beautiful pair of garments modeled after an early 16th century Flemish gown. Including an inner and outer gown, these dresses look great on their own or paired with a classic white chemise.
Price: $300.00
Royal Blue Renaissance Dress
Beautiful brocade patterned with blue and white flowers is matched with dark blue taffeta to create the Royal Blue Renaissance Dress. This handmade gown is embellished with delicate white lace trim where these two fabrics meet.
Price: $190.00

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