Womens Medieval Dresses & Renaissance Gowns

Dark Knight Armoury carries an assortment of amazing medieval dresses and gowns. Gentlemen, please note that these womens dresses and gowns make for phenomenal gifts for the ladies in your life. Each of our medieval and Renaissance dresses and gowns are outstanding garments. They are made from a variety of fabrics, including high quality velvet, satin, and cotton. Incredibly varied, these dresses and gowns come in multitude of styles from simple and unassuming to extravagant and ornate. This variety allows for almost any look to be achieved with ease. We have medieval dresses that are fit for peasants, wenches, nobles, and royalty alike, and all of them are absolutely stunning and elegant. And since they do provide that authentic medieval and Renaissance period look, you will be well served wearing any one of these dresses to any number of themed gatherings, including SCA events, Renaissance fairs, medieval festivals, costume parties, and even medieval themed wedding! And these are really just a few of the uses you might find for an exquisite medieval dress or gown.
Gothic Striped Queen Dress
You can wear this dress on its own or overtop a long skirt for an amazing period look. The Gothic Striped Queen Dress shows off a bold pattern of black and white stripes that makes it an eye-catching piece of apparel.
Price: $83.00
Green and Gold Baroque Renaissance Gown
The Green and Gold Baroque Renaissance Gown is a two piece dress ensemble consisting of a bodice and skirt. The bodice is made of a very nice baroque brocade fabric and fully lined. The skirt is made from matching baroque brocade fabric.
Price: $350.00
Griselda Norman Tunic
Attractive detail and classic style form the Griselda Norman Tunic. This womens reenactment tunic is based on styles popular in the days of William the Conqueror and features contrasting panels of black fabric trimmed with white lace.
Price: $41.00
Gyda Eiriksdatter Viking Apron Dress
Gyda Eiriksdatter was a Norse queen who pushed Harold Fairhair to unite all of Norway under one ruler. A noble task like that requires power, poise, and hard work. The Gyda Eiriksdatter Viking Apron Dress reflects each of these qualities.
Price: $55.18
Heavy Cotton Peasant Dress
Timeless and reliable, the Heavy Cotton Peasant Dress is sure to become a trusted addition to your historic reenactment and LARP wardrobe. This ankle length sleeveless dress features a fitted and adjustable front lacing bodice.
Price: $35.00
Hedeby Viking Overdress
During the Viking Age, the northern German town of Hedeby was a teeming trading hub. Archaeological excavations there recovered clothing from that era, one of which has been beautifully recreated in the Hedeby Viking Overdress.
Price: $35.98
Helen of Troy Gown
This lovely flowing gown harkens back to an age of Olympian gods and goddesses with its pure white material and golden accents. The Helen of Troy Gown will allow you to dress as the most beautiful woman of the ancient world.
Price: $195.00
Helena Canvas Dress
If you just cannot decide what color to wear, the Helena Canvas Dress has you covered. This medieval gown vertically displays two festive colors, ensuring an eye-catching look at your next reenactment event or Renaissance festival.
Price: $60.00
Heloise Canvas Dress
For those who are truly noble, just a subtle hint of gold is enough to portray your status. Wear the Heloise Canvas Dress, adorned with golden ribbon at the neck and sleeve cuffs, to elegantly display your refined sense of fashion.
Price: $40.00
Highland Dress
The Highland Dress is a four piece dress ensemble consisting of a chemise, bodice, skirt, and shawl. The chemise is made of 100 percent white cotton and the bodice is made of a black high quality velvet fabric.
Price: $180.00
Hildegard Princess Dress
The Hildegard Princess Dress is made of velvet with beautiful brocade fabric side panels. This dress has puffy upper sleeves giving it a unique appearance. There is a drawstring with loops on the back of the Hildegard Princess Dress.
Price: $130.00
HMS Gown
This layered crimson satin HMS Gown consists of 3 layers. The bottom layer of the gown is trimmed in black net. An attached overskirt is a black net with black rayon fabric that can flow freely or be tied in a bow for a sassy look.
Price: $149.00
Hooded Renaissance Dress with Train
For a look that evokes both regality and mystery, choose the Hooded Renaissance Dress with Train. This handmade Renaissance gown features a full hood with a point, a modest train in the back, and black and gold metallic jacquard trim.
Price: $145.00
Hooded Renaissance Sorceress Gown - Blue and Gold
Whether you are casting spells or attending a royal ball, exude mysterious elegance when you wear the Hooded Renaissance Sorceress Gown - Blue and Gold. This gorgeous dress is based on medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy styles.
Price: $120.00
Hooded Renaissance Sorceress Gown - Bronze and Gold
Astound your subjects in the Hooded Renaissance Sorceress Gown - Bronze and Gold. Handmade from high end taffeta and brocade, this reenactment dress takes its style cues from the realms of history and fantasy for phenomenal effect.
Price: $120.00
Hooded Renaissance Sorceress Gown - Burgundy
Enchant the members of the royal court when you wear the Hooded Renaissance Sorceress Gown - Burgundy. Gorgeous swirls of gold decorate the pointed hood, bell sleeves, and front panel of this hooded historical fantasy dress.
Price: $120.00
Hooded Renaissance Sorceress Gown - Burgundy and Gold
Radiate regal elegance when you wear the Hooded Renaissance Sorceress Gown - Burgundy and Gold. Handmade using high end taffeta and brocade, this medieval fantasy gown is ideal for queens of the realm and royal spell casters alike.
Price: $120.00
Hooded Renaissance Sorceress Gown - Gold and Green
Charm your way into the annals of history when you wear the Hooded Renaissance Sorceress Gown - Gold and Green. A full, pointed hood and dramatic bell sleeves lend a magical touch to this handmade, historically inspired dress.
Price: $120.00
Hooded Renaissance Sorceress Gown - Purple and Ivory
Conjure up an evening of elegance when you wear the Hooded Renaissance Sorceress Gown - Purple and Ivory. Medieval styling meets magical vibes in this handmade dress, as seen in its dramatic bell sleeves and full, pointed hood.
Price: $120.00
Hooded Renaissance Sorceress Gown - Rose and Red
Fit for the princess of a magical or medieval realm, the Hooded Renaissance Sorceress Gown - Rose and Red is an exquisite dress handmade from gorgeous taffeta and brocade. A pointed hood and bell sleeves lend whimsy to its design.
Price: $120.00
Idonea Norse Reversible Tunic
Whether you want a bold new look or an earthy tone staple, the Idonea Norse Reversible Tunic is the tunic for you! This reversible ladys tunic can be worn red side out to make a statement or tan side out for understated elegance.
Price: $82.00
Irene Canvas Dress
With its lace-up bust and quarter length sleeves, the Irene Canvas Dress will help you stand a step above the average peasant maiden. This full length medieval gown is made of cotton canvas in a slightly fitted A-line shape.
Price: $40.00
Iris Hooded Canvas Dress
Guide a party of adventurers into a LARP realm, put on a historical performance, or enjoy the festivities of a renaissance faire. Regardless of which event leads you to roleplay, the Iris Hooded Canvas Dress gets you into character.
Price: $51.00
Irish Dress
This open front dress laces up on the bodice for closure but remains open down the front to reveal a contrasting colored skirt or chemise. Our cotton dress is perfect for hot days. It is ideal for Wench, Pirate and Celtic looks.
Price: $135.00
Isabel Silk Dress
The Isabel Silk Dress features a silk waist belt with beautiful lace on the cuffs and hem. This medieval dress is made of soft poly-silk fabric that gives it a royal yet casual look. This Medieval dress is great for Renaissance Fairs.
Price: $96.00
Italian Medieval Dress
Stylish diamond shapes and outlines decorate the Italian Medieval Dress. This handmade dress is inspired by historic styles and made with utmost attention to detail out of 100 percent natural medium weight cotton fabric.
Price: $165.00
Italian Renaissance Antoinetta Dress
With extravagant layers of delicate lace decorating its round neckline and sleeves, the Italian Renaissance Antoinette Dress displays elegance and charm. Wear this historic inspired, handmade dress to your next reenactment event.
Price: $345.00
Italian Renaissance Contessa Dress
The Italian Renaissance Contessa Dress is, in one word, extravagant. This expertly crafted historic reenactment gown is fit for a lady of high status. A long organza cape, attached to the back of the collar, forms a modest train.
Price: $198.00
Italian Renaissance Francisca Dress
The Italian Renaissance Francisca Dress features elegant open sleeves that extend to the floor. Handcrafted, this historic dress gives off the appearance of a layered outfit while truly consisting of one easy to wear piece.
Price: $220.00
Italian Renaissance Isabella Dress
With extravagant lace and stunning gold detail, the Italian Renaissance Isabella Dress is fit for a royal lady. White brocade patterned with delicate golden flowers is combined with taffeta to create this luxurious historic gown.
Price: $315.00
Jasione Canvas Dress
With its traditional design, the Jasione Canvas Dress is perfect for a historical stroll through the Middle Ages or a LARP adventure into a high fantasy realm. Regardless, this medieval dress is a vital addition to your wardrobe.
Price: $51.00
Juliana Canvas Sideless Overdress
Reveal just enough when you layer the Juliana Canvas Sideless Overdress over your noble ensemble. Inspired by noblewomens fashion of the early 14th century, this medieval overgown adds fashionable finesse to historical looks.
Price: $26.00
Lace Up Bodice Medieval Gown
The Lace Up Bodice Medieval Gown combines a pale green taffeta fabric with light gray floral brocade, creating a delicate look reminiscent of a springtime garden. Dress in elegance when you wear this gown to your reenactment events.
Price: $155.00
Lace-Up Gown
This medieval gown has been inspired by the court of the middle ages. Beautiful and stylish, this Lace-Up Gown is made from quality materials and is a sure-fire way to create an elegant look of medieval nobility and royalty.
Price: $206.00
Ladies Gothic Lace Dinner Dress
A ladies dinner dress could be an elaborate and beautiful affair, especially if she was the host. In this Ladies Gothic Lace Dinner Dress, you will be dressed in lovely fashion, ready to host parties and wow crowds with your beauty.
Price: $172.39
Ladies Highland Dress
Even the look of a Scottish lass off the moors can be easily done with the right attire. This Ladies Highland Dress is just right for those girls who want to recreate the iconic look of a bonnie lass right out of Highlands!
Price: $72.00
Ladies Hooded Nobility Gown
A great deal of detail goes into the Ladies Hooded Nobility Gown, so much so that it would serve any noble lady well, whether she was wearing it as a disguise or as a casual garment when royal opulence is not necessary.
Price: $156.69
Ladies Layered Medieval Dress
The loveliness of this Ladies Layered Medieval Dress makes it a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. It offers a beautiful layered look with no added hassle, making medieval beauty an almost effortless thing to achieve.
Price: $78.19
Ladies Medieval Dress
The Ladies Medieval Dress is made of rich red velvet and fitted with a closed back. The front of the dress has lacing which can be adjusted to fit your figure. The Ladies Medieval Dress includes a shoulder cape.
Price: $275.00
Ladies Raven Dress
Viking women are strong, just like their male counterparts. If you want to be strong like a Viking woman, you will need to dress the part and you can do that in the Ladies Raven Dress. It is perfect for home making and butt kicking!
Price: $46.00
Lady Jane Dress
This elegant gown could easily be seen traversing the royal court of King Henry VIII. The rich burgundy cotton velvet body gives a form-fitted appearance and is exquisitely accented with a hand beaded gold trim.
Price: $189.00
Lady of Leeds Gown
The Lady of Leeds Gown is made of soft velvet fabric with rich brocade lace used inside the sleeve and front waist line. This medieval gown has a very unique slit design on the sleeves.
Price: $164.00
Lady's Casual Castle Dress
There is no better dress to wear around the castle and its grounds then the Lady's Casual Castle Dress. It is simple, elegant, and comfortable, and it is a great choice for those occasions that do not require an elaborate appearance.
Price: $130.00
Ladys Lace Trimmed Steampunk Dress
When it comes to class, the Victorian age had it all. The influence of that era is strong even today. For a sampling of its beauty and appeal, you need only glance towards a woman wearing this Ladys Lace Trimmed Steampunk Dress!
Price: $123.00
On Sale For: $75.00
Lady's Renaissance Dress
The Lady's Renaissance Dress is a beautiful two-piece dress ensemble that consists of a skirt and bodice made from extremely high-quality baroque damask. This attractive ensemble is also highly adjustable, as it fastens via laces in the back.
Price: $235.00
Lady's Saxon Style Dress
The Lady's Saxon Style Dress is a great outfit for a woman who not only wants to look pretty, but also wants something that can be worked in, if need be. This simple yet attractive dress is made entirely from light-weight Muslin cotton.
Price: $125.00
Lannion Medieval French Dress
In Brittany, on the northern coast of France, there is a town called Lannion that was occupied by people from Britain in the Middle Ages. The Lannion Medieval French Dress replicates clothing from this region and time period.
Price: $71.98
Late Medieval Germanic Dress
As fashion began to replace function, the end of the Middle Ages saw the coming into being of clothing that resembled what is commonly worn today. One such garment has been authentically recreated in the Late Medieval Germanic Dress.
Price: $71.18
Late Medieval Hooded Wrap Dress
Before the puffy coats of the modern era or the woolen jackets of the 19th Century, there were other, more rudimentary ways to stay warm. One of these early coats has been beautifully recreated in the Late Medieval Hooded Wrap Dress.
Price: $71.98
Late Medieval Winter Wrap Dress
During the late Middle Ages, there was no air conditioner or heating, so people in Scandinavia had to bundle up in the winter. The Late Medieval Winter Wrap Dress recreates what one of their winter garments would have looked like.
Price: $115.18
Late Medieval Wrap Dress
As the Vikings began to settle down in Scandinavia, their clothing began shifting its focus from function to fashion. The Late Medieval Wrap Dress recreates one such Scandinavian garment that combines staying warm with looking good.
Price: $83.98
Leandra Canvas Overdress
Transform your maidenly outfits into stylish ensembles when you wear the Leandra Canvas Overdress with your favorite medieval gowns or blouse and skirt combos. This cotton canvas overdress adds unique detail to reenactment looks.
Price: $31.00
Lenora Damask Dress
Inspired by the luxurious garments worn by the rich, noble maidens of the Middle Ages, the Lenora Damask Dress is suitable apparel for a historical feast within a castle setting or for the festive atmosphere of a renaissance faire.
Price: $100.00
Lenora Damask Tunic
The Lenora Damask Tunic takes inspiration from historical garments worn by the rich, noble maidens of the Middle Ages. Its luxurious design is perfect for a courtly appearance or for the fun and festivities of a renaissance faire.
Price: $80.00
Lenora Linen Tunic
The Lenora Linen Tunic is the ideal undergarment for wearing beneath dresses and gambesons. Featuring a 50 percent cotton and 50 percent linen construction, this tunic is phenomenally comfortable, cool, sturdy, and stylish.
Price: $40.00
Lenora Premium Canvas Sleeveless Tunic
The Lenora Premium Canvas Sleeveless Tunic follows a traditional design that suits a fair maiden of the Middle Ages. It serves as a sturdy, yet stylish overdress for a full-length dress or tunic, perfect for reenactment or LARP.
Price: $31.00
Lenora Premium Cotton Dress
A staple in the wardrobe of any fine lady, the Lenora Premium Cotton Dress is a stylish and versatile gown. With dramatic sleeves and a full skirt, this versatile dress makes an incredible base for any historic or LARP outfit.
Price: $56.00
Lenora Premium Cotton Tunic
An essential component of any medieval wardrobe, the Lenora Premium Canvas Tunic is suited for wearing underneath dresses, bodices, gambesons, and more, making it the ultimate undergarment for historical reenactment and LARP events.
Price: $31.00
Lenora Wool Dress
For the fair maiden who makes a historical appearance in the northern lands, or visits an enchanted LARP kingdom cursed with an eternal winter, the Lenora Wool Dress is the perfect base garment for a medieval themed costume.
Price: $100.00
Lenora Wool Sleeveless Tunic
The Lenora Wool Sleeveless Tunic serves as a sturdy, yet stylish overdress for a full-length tunic or dress. It adds to the authentic look of your roleplay character, while providing an extra layer of warmth against cold air and drizzle.
Price: $60.00
Lenora Wool Tunic
Whether you are a peasant from a historical village or an adventurer from a LARP kingdom, the Lenora Wool Tunic offers both warmth and style during roleplay. Wear it with an undergarment, bodice, and belt to complete your look.
Price: $76.00

"I'm real happy with the past few orders I've received and it turned out to be a great series of renaissance festival outings this year.' Wanted to give you guys a big thanks for everything, I loved the outfits and gear!"

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