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Throughout the medieval era, doublets and vests remained popular fashion choices. In keeping with that level of popularity, Dark Knight Armoury offers a number of medieval and Renaissance doublets and vests, which you can now use to compliment your own medieval or Renaissance look. The entire reason why doublets and vests remained so popular was their simplicity. A doublet is little more than a fitted mens jacket, and a vest is little more than a light, sleeveless jacket worn over the chest. They are so utterly simple, and yet so much can be done with them. Our own medieval and Renaissance doublets are just as versatile since they can complement a variety of looks, ranging from simple peasant to something as elaborate and grandiose as a nobleman or royalty. Some of our doublets can even be worn as a gambeson, which some doublets were actually used for in medieval times. Our vests are no less varied in their use. They work wonders for almost any look, and we carry such a broad variety that you can find pirate vests, peasant vests, and kingly vests, all right here! You can also find a number of our longer medieval coats in this category as well, given that a doublet is really just a short coat itself. If you want your own medieval or Renaissance look to be authentic no matter if it is noble, pirate, knight, or anything else then perhaps you should consider adding one of our medieval doublets or vests. They did stay in style for several hundreds of years and that has to count for something!
Steampunk Commander Waistcoat
Exquisitely replicating the elegant styling of 19th century fashion, the Steampunk Commander Waistcoat is a magnificent way for you to transform your style into that of a sophisticated Victorian gentleman.
Price: $31.00
Steampunk Edwardian Waistcoat
Recalling the rich color of Bordeaux wine, this waistcoat makes a fantastic choice for elegant formal attire. The Steampunk Edwardian Waistcoat features brown check fabric for the lapels, placket pockets, and inner lining.
Price: $70.00
Steampunk Floral Brocade Waistcoat
This sophisticated steampunk waistcoat is made from stunning brocade fabric with an intricate floral pattern. The Steampunk Floral Brocade Waistcoat makes a great addition to your formal attire of all styles.
Price: $62.50
On Sale For: $55.00
Steampunk Floral Brown Vest
You will look like quite the dapper gentleman when you add this high quality vest to your wardrobe! The Steampunk Floral Brown Vest shows off a lovely light brown material displaying a subtle pattern of flowers.
Price: $51.00
Steampunk Gentlemans Coat
Designed in homage of the elegant fashion worn during the Victorian era, the Steampunk Gentlemans Coat features an eye-catching, double-breasted design which will perfectly complement to your steampunk outfit.
Price: $58.00
Steampunk Gold Snakeskin Waistcoat
Enhance your already striking dress sense with the addition of this bold waistcoat to your attire. The Steampunk Gold Snakeskin Waistcoat features gold snakeskin-patterned material on the lapels and faux pocket plackets.
Price: $50.75
Steampunk Hidalgo Vest
Designed in emulation of the exceptionally eye-catching and refined fashion of the Victorian era, the Steampunk Hidalgo Vest features a beautiful blending of satin, brocade fabric, and velvet to achieve a lavish appearance.
Price: $34.00
Steampunk Opera Brocade Tailcoat
An extraordinary piece of steampunk apparel which is well-suited for all occasions from nights at the opera to elegant daily wear, the Steampunk Opera Brocade Tailcoat is a magnificent means to radiate your love of Victorian fashion.
Price: $68.00
Steampunk Paisley Lapel Smoking Waistcoat
With great Victorian styling that is perfect for a sophisticated gentleman, this waistcoat adds charm to any outfit! The Steampunk Paisley Lapel Smoking Waistcoat features paisley-printed satin lapels against black canvas.
Price: $49.25
Steampunk Pocket Watch Waistcoat
Show off your unique personal style with the help of this stylish steampunk waistcoat. The Steampunk Pocket Watch Waistcoat features solid black canvas decorated with a timepiece print on the lapels and placket pockets.
Price: $50.75
Steampunk Police Coat
The post-apocalyptic world can be a very scary place. Show that you are willing to serve and protect every citizen as you wear this Steampunk Police Coat! This structured coat makes a fantastic addition to any steampunk wardrobe.
Price: $129.00
Steampunk Sovereign Tailcoat
Exceptionally replicating the sophisticated elegance of Victorian age fashion, the Steampunk Sovereign Tailcoat is the perfect choice for the steampunk enthusiast who wishes to embody the appearance of a 19th century gentleman.
Price: $38.00
Steampunk Striped Long Vest
Enjoy the instant touch of class that a quality vest provides your favorite outfits. The Steampunk Striped Long Vest offers a charming piece to add a Neo-Victorian twist to your wardrobe with its brown striped pattern.
Price: $54.00
Steampunk Striped Waistcoat
Show off your sophisticated tastes when you add this charming piece to any outfit! The Steampunk Striped Waistcoat features an eye-catching, brown striped pattern and an excellent, adjustable fit.
Price: $54.00
Steampunk Time Traveler Waistcoat
This eye-catching waistcoat makes a fun piece to elevate your dress attire to the next level. The Steampunk Time Traveler Waistcoat features solid black canvas decorated with travel-themed print lapels and placket pockets.
Price: $62.50
On Sale For: $56.00
Steampunk Velour Lapel Jacket
Stand out from the masses with the striking appearance of this steampunk jacket. The Steampunk Velour Lapel Jacket goes great over formal attire with its gold and black marble print velour lapels, elbows, and sleeve cuffs.
Price: $118.50
Striped Victorian Aristocrat Vest
Vertical stripes in a piece of clothing help to create the impression of length and slimness, something that this vest does well. The Striped Victorian Aristocrat Vest displays suave style on its own or worn under a suit jacket.
Price: $105.00
Tapestry Cavalier Vest
When you want to make a dramatic entrance that will catch every eye in the room, you should consider wearing the Tapestry Cavalier Vest. This vest flaunts your good taste with its refined stylishness and sophistication.
Price: $145.00
Tapestry Victorian Aristocrat Vest
A vest adds the ideal element of sophistication to formal wear for men with its clean lines. The Tapestry Victorian Aristocrat Vest can be worn by itself or under a suit jacket to give your ensemble some class.
Price: $105.00
The Baron's Frock
The Baron's Frock is a collarless mens tunic-styled frock that is designed in the fashion of baroque-era aristocracy. The garment is an exceedingly stylish jacket that looks perfect when combined with any other regal or noble looks.
Price: $175.00
Time Travelers Brown Coat
Steampunk explores an alternate history in Victorian times and this Time Travelers Brown Coat will serve you well during your travels. It is made from 100% cotton twill fabric and features a faux leather trim from the neck to the bottom.
Price: $65.00
Time Travelers Buff Coat
This Time Travelers Buff Coat brings together adventurous Steampunk style with 100% cotton twill fabric and faux leather trim. This sturdy reenactor coat will protect you from any weather you find while traversing the aether streams.
Price: $65.00
Traditional Serfs Doublet
Even a serf deserves to have a nice doublet. In the case of this Traditional Serfs Doublet, it will be a very nice one, made from materials fit for nobility, yet featuring a minimalist design that will suit any social class perfectly.
Price: $39.25
Tristan Leather Jerkin
Designed directly from the film-used costume, the Tristan Leather Jerkin is made of versatile brown leather and can be worn may different ways for a look that is the ultimate in dashing, courtly attire with a rugged twist.
Price: $275.00
Tristan Vest
The Tristan Vest is a stylish addition to the wardrobes of trusted court advisors and well-mannered townsfolk. Simply decorated with contrasting ribbon trim to emphasize a sleek look, this fitted medieval vest ends at the waist.
Price: $30.00
Velvet Cavalier Vest
This vest flaunts your exquisite taste in formal wear, completing any suave look with its stylish design. The Velvet Cavalier Vest features a rich material that feels great to the touch and gives you a nice silhouette.
Price: $139.00
On Sale For: $125.00
Velvet Victorian Aristocrat Vest
When striving to make a good impression at your next formal event, consider giving this vest a chance! The Velvet Victorian Aristocrat Vest can be worn by itself or under a suit jacket to give your ensemble some class.
Price: $105.00
Velveteen Noble's Doublet
The comfort of the everyday man meets the style of nobility in the Velveteen Nobles Doublet. This doublet is the prime example of a garment that would have been favored by men of all stations, noble and common alike.
Price: $105.00
Versailles Coat
Suited as the ornate garment of an aristocrat, this coat lets you dress in regal style that will help you to catch eyes whenever you go out. The Versailles Coat is a three-quarter length coat in rich tapestry fabric.
Price: $395.00
Victorian Silver Floral Brocade Waistcoat
Elegant and sophisticated, a waistcoat always makes a stylish piece to add to a formal outfit. The Victorian Silver Floral Brocade Waistcoat features a beautiful light brocade accented with black canvas details.
Price: $59.25
Wheel of Time Aiel Coat
The world in the Wheel of Time series is a dangerous one. In the Aiel Wastes, this is doubly true, for it is a desert inhabited by warriors known as the Aiel, who are recognizable for garments like this Wheel of Time Aiel Coat.
Price: $115.00
Wheel of Time Rands Red Coat
Rand Al'thor, also known as the Dragon Reborn, is the prophesized hero and protagonist of the Wheel of Time series. This Wheel of Time Rands Red Coat reproduces a vibrant coat that will turn anyone into the Dragon Reborn.
Price: $175.00
Woodsman Fur Trimmed Coat
For a rugged winter look befitting a medieval huntsman or traveler, wear the Woodsman Fur Trimmed Coat. This medieval coat replicates the authentic look of historic winter outerwear with faux fur and high quality synthetic suede.
Price: $140.00

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