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Mens Doublets & Vests

Throughout the medieval era, doublets and vests remained popular fashion choices. In keeping with that level of popularity, Dark Knight Armoury offers a number of medieval and Renaissance doublets and vests, which you can now use to compliment your own medieval or Renaissance look. The entire reason why doublets and vests remained so popular was their simplicity. A doublet is little more than a fitted mens jacket, and a vest is little more than a light, sleeveless jacket worn over the chest. They are so utterly simple, and yet so much can be done with them. Our own medieval and Renaissance doublets are just as versatile since they can complement a variety of looks, ranging from simple peasant to something as elaborate and grandiose as a nobleman or royalty. Some of our doublets can even be worn as a gambeson, which some doublets were actually used for in medieval times. Our vests are no less varied in their use. They work wonders for almost any look, and we carry such a broad variety that you can find pirate vests, peasant vests, and kingly vests, all right here! You can also find a number of our longer medieval coats in this category as well, given that a doublet is really just a short coat itself. If you want your own medieval or Renaissance look to be authentic no matter if it is noble, pirate, knight, or anything else then perhaps you should consider adding one of our medieval doublets or vests. They did stay in style for several hundreds of years and that has to count for something!
15th Century Vest
This unique 15th Century Vest will complement any medieval shirt or outfit. This vest is made of wool with linen lining. The medieval vest has a laced closure and comes in sizes Large to XX-Large.
Price: $39.00
Airship Flying Vest
This Airship Flying Vest is made of faux leather that has a two-tone color scheme. The vest has a zip-up front, high Nehru collar and a stylish bib front. The bib is held in place by ten antique brass clockwork buttons.
Price: $110.00
Aramis Doublet
Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to this elegant looking vest. After all, the Aramis Doublet features a look, a cut, and a style that fits perfectly into just about any time frame, allowing any man to look royal, regal, and dashing.
Price: $150.00
Aristocrat Vest
In a design which is fit for an English prince or wealthy Victorian age trader, the Aristocrat Vest is exceptionally well-made and employs a 19th century styling to help you achieve the appearance of a dapper gentleman.
Price: $45.00
Assassin's Creed II Ezio Doublet
This grey and red hooded doublet from Assassin's Creed II is the heart of the Ezio ensemble. The Assassin's Creed II Ezio Doublet is made of cotton and polyester with leather buckles in front.
Price: $235.00
Baker Street Suede Vest
In a design inspired by military style waistcoats, the Baker Street Suede Vest is a spectacular way to exude your passion for 19th century fashion and the steampunk genre which heavily favors this elegant styling.
Price: $47.00
Baker Street Vest
Inspired and named after the Victorian fashions that might be seen strolling down a certain street in merry old London, this Baker Street Vest is the perfect picture of casual comfort for a gentleman that wants to look their best, at all times.
Price: $150.00
Black Double-Breasted Cavalier Vest
An exquisite piece of Victorian era which features a magnificent double-breasted design, the Black Double-Breasted Cavalier Vest is perfect for achieving a refined gentlemanly look and pairs superbly well with a frock coat.
Price: $49.00
Black Gentlemans Vest with Watch Chain
This vest comes with an added feature, one that any gentleman, be he gothic, contemporary, Victorian, or Steampunk, is sure to enjoy. The Black Gentleman's Vest with Watch Chain not only enhances your style, but makes it easy to carry your timepiece, too.
Price: $103.00
On Sale For: $75.00
Black Suede Inventor Short Coat
Whether you are spending your night at the opera house, the day at a steampunk convention, or merely wish to dress like a proper gentleman, the Black Suede Inventor Short Coat is the perfect garment to fit your needs.
Price: $51.00
Black Suede Lafayette Vest
A marvelous garment for the discerning steampunk fan who wishes to achieve the look of a relaxed, yet dapper 19th century gentleman, the Black Suede Lafayette Vest brings suede and satin together in an eye catching design.
Price: $37.00
Black Velvet Gentlemans Tailcoat
Typifying the shear elegance of a Victorian age gentleman, the Black Velvet Gentlemans Tailcoat is a magnificent piece of formalwear for the steampunk fan who is desires a stunning completion to their Victorian themed attire.
Price: $71.00
Blackbeard Pirate Coat
A ship captain is a man of distinction, and must dress in a way that conveys this. The Blackbeard Pirate Coat is a fine garment, well-suited the look of a ship captain and iconic in the way that it demonstrates a solid pirate style.
Price: $162.00
Britannia Guard Coat
This formal Britannia Guard dress coat is made of 100% wool with a drab green open front. The cuff braid, collar markings, shoulder patches and chest emblems all add to an overall steampunk look.
Price: $170.00
Brocade Cavalier Vest
When you are preparing to head out to a formal event, consider making this stylish vest a part of your ensemble. The Brocade Cavalier Vest features a gorgeous pattern over its material and gives you a great silhouette.
Price: $145.00
Brocade Clockwork Vest
Delightfully designed in homage to the exquisite styling of the Victorian era, the Brocade Clockwork Vest is a magnificent addition to the wardrobe of anyone who enjoys this classic fashion or the retro-futuristic genre of steampunk.
Price: $67.00
Brown Baker Steet Coat
This coat looks like it belongs on a certain detective's shoulders as he departs from his residence on Baker Street. Striking in its look and accurate in its style, this impressive Brown Baker Street Coat a great choice for any stylish gentleman to wear.
Price: $99.00
Brummel Double-Breasted Vest
Wonderfully capturing the shear elegance of Victorian era fashion, the Brummel Double-Breasted Vest features a beautiful pattern of swirling muted green, black, and white bands in a sophisticated double-breasted design.
Price: $47.00
Buccaneer Coat
This heavy woolen coat is one of the best we have ever produced. The long period cut, the large bell cuffs and the richly antiqued buttons all add up to make this coat one stunning piece of pirate garb.
Price: $125.00
Cavalier Gentlemans Steampunk Coat
A wondrous coat for those who want to embody the exquisite elegance of Victorian formalwear, the Cavaliers Gentlemans Steampunk Coat is a beautiful frock coat which was fashioned after the styling of the Victorian era.
Price: $78.00
Charcoal Grey Baker Street Coat
This coat looks like it belongs on a certain detective's shoulders as he departs from his residence on Baker Street. Striking in its look and accurate in its style, this Charcoal Grey Baker Street Coat a great choice for any stylish gentleman to wear.
Price: $120.00
Classic Renaissance Doublet
Every reenactor should have access to a doublet of some kind, especially since they were a common garment of the medieval and renaissance era. And this Classic Renaissance Doublet is not only affordable, but also quite handsome and versatile, too.
Price: $51.81
Clockwork Open Coat
With its distinctive look, this Clockwork Open Coat is a handsome choice for any gentleman to wear. It serves well, rain or shine, summer or winter, and will provide any lord just the right elements of dark appeal and gothic style.
Price: $165.00
Damask Renaissance Doublet
The design of the Damask Renaissance Doublet makes it seem like a traditional doublet from the eras of antiquity. However, what separates this doublet from its ancestors is the quality of the material and the design it features.
Price: $238.00
Decorated Pirates Captain Peter Long Velvet Coat
A fully decorated coat made from Cotton Velvet, best suited for any pirate costume. The Decorated Pirates Captain Peter Long Velvet Coat has golden lace has with fully functional golden buttons on a black colored velvet.
Price: $136.00
Dominion Coat
If you prefer to dress with imperial majesty, you will find no better option than this grand opera coat from the future. The Dominion Coat is a fitted, full-length coat in rich printed velvet that will impress and intimidate.
Price: $535.00
Dominion Vest
Popular fashions often go out of style before regaining their status at a later date, leaving stylists to predict which looks will again gain traction. The Dominion Vest displays retro-futuristic flair in its design.
Price: $275.00
Dorchester Tailcoat
The perfect way to complete your Victorian age aristocrat look, the Dorchester Tailcoat emulates the elegant styling of 19th century fashion in an eye catching design which emanates an air of sophistication and refinement.
Price: $100.00
Double-Breasted Brocade Vest
Emulating the exquisite styling of Victorian period fashion, the Double-Breasted Brocade Vest is an exceptional addition to the wardrobe of anyone who enjoys the steampunk genre or desires to appear as a 19th century gentleman.
Price: $41.00
Double-Breasted Engineer Vest
The perfect addition to your collection of steampunk attire, the Double-Breasted Engineer Vest is designed to be the stunning piece which completes your steampunk engineer outfit, exuding a magnificent Victorian appeal.
Price: $37.00
Double-Breasted Steampunk Brocade Waistcoat
Richly colorful and supremely sophisticated in its design, the Double-Breasted Steampunk Brocade Waistcoat is an exquisite means for you to embody the refined appearance of an English gentleman from the Victorian age.
Price: $35.00
Double-Breasted Steampunk Vest
Emulating the elegant styling of 19th century gentlemans fashion, the Double-Breasted Steampunk Vest radiates Victorian appeal with its double-breasted design, making it the perfect way to complete your steampunk look.
Price: $45.00
Duke's Vest
Simplicity is not always a bad thing. In the Duke's Vest, simplicity is an advantage that is almost unbeatable. This sleek vest is not meant only for antiquated styles of clothing, as it can be used in countless ways to great effect.
Price: $69.00
Empire Gentleman's Steampunk Coat
This rich Steampunk black brocade coat has faux sealskin lapels and arm straps. Our Steampunk coat features full pockets and antique silver buttons. This gentleman's steampunk coat is great to wear to costume parties are a steampunk convention.
Price: $179.00
Empire Opera Coat
This Empire Opera Coat is a formal tailcoat with a Steampunk twist. The Empire Opera Coat is made of rich black brocade with artificial seal-skin lapels, antiqued brass gear buttons and a real watch pocket.
Price: $179.00
Empire Vest
This Empire Vest is a deep golden brocade with five matching antiqued brass gear buttons, a rounded collar and an adjustable back strap. Our Empire Vest is available is Small/Medium or Large/X-Large.
Price: $55.00
Engineer Vest
This tan engineer vest has a twill wool front and a satin back with an adjustable strap. The high rear collar and the eight antiqued brass buttons make this double breasted vest a real Steampunk beauty!
Price: $79.00
English Gentlemans Double-Breasted Vest
Employing an eye catching design which is styled after the supremely elegant fashion of the Victorian era, the English Gentlemans Double-Breasted Vest is a superb way to embody the distinguished look of a debonair gentleman.
Price: $37.00
Explorer's Doublet
The doublet was a common piece of attire in its day. It was not worn only by royalty and aristocracy. Doublets, such as the Explorer's Doublet, were worn by common people in need of an extra layer or additional function in their attire.
Price: $126.00
On Sale For: $105.00
Ezekiel Steampunk Vest
Radiating an aura of Victorian era sophistication, the Ezekiel Steampunk Vest features a stunning double-breasted design which is perfect for helping you achieve your desired look of a refined 19th century gentleman.
Price: $35.00
Faux Leather Steampunk Short Jacket
Designed to meet the needs of steampunk enthusiasts, the Faux Leather Steampunk Short Jacket features a retro-futuristic style with a sleek leather-like appearance and a high-waist cut which pairs perfectly with Victorian trousers.
Price: $73.00
First Mate Vest
Ahoy Mate, climb aboard for any adventure with this 17th century lace-up vest. This vest can be worn with a variety of period shirts and has even been worn by a few shipboard ladies.
Price: $45.00
French Highwayman Coat
This stunning full-length coat is made of durable black denim and is designed with a generous split in the back, as well as the sides, for easy movement. A stylish wide period cuff with braid and buttons adorn the sleeves.
Price: $119.00
Galleon Coat
Stay warm and fashionable as you sail the high seas on your ship boasting the Jolly Roger! The Galleon Coat ensures you will be well dressed as an elegant swashbuckler, ready to search for hidden treasure in style.
Price: $360.00
Game of Thrones Eddard Stark Doublet
If you seek a noble look, and one befitting a warrior as well, then you could do no better than to wear the Game of Thrones Eddard Stark Doublet. Also known as a peascod, this garment is a capped vest that suits a warrior's style with ease.
Price: $69.00
Gentleman's Baroque Vest
If baroque defines a style that uses clearly defined decoration to create exuberance and grandeur, then there is no better way to describe or name this attractive, renaissance-styled vest then as the Gentleman's Baroque Vest.
Price: $168.00
Gentlemans Sleeveless Long Vest
Our Gentlemans Long Vest is a great piece of apparel for wear under your pirate coat or alone. The dashing metallic brocade patterns of this rich vest are accented with antiqued buttons and an adjustable belt in the back.
Price: $75.00
On Sale For: $55.00
Gentleman's Vest
The Gentleman's Vest is a visually complex and striking vest that looks great with medieval and renaissance attire. It is also multi-purpose garment that can be used in many ways, from antiquated attire to Steampunk clothing and beyond.
Price: $120.00
German Jerkin
It is considered exceedingly poor in taste for a gentleman to not match his lady's dress. So gentlemen, when your lady is wearing a beautiful and decorative dress, you should be wearing your German Jerkin to match her style perfectly.
Price: $199.50
Gothic Black and Red Brocade Vest
Look like a suave gentleman when you wear this stylish vest! The Gothic Black and Red Brocade Vest displays a solid black front for a touch of formality and vibrant red brocade over the back as a decorative flourish.
Price: $51.00
Gothic Black Brocade Single Strap Chain Shaper Vest
Enjoy the vintage elegance apparent in this fine example of shapewear for men. The Gothic Black Brocade Single Strap Chain Shaper Vest displays rich black brocade in a design that extends up with a single buckled shoulder strap.
Price: $80.00
Gothic Black Brocade V-Neck Waistcoat
Transform your personal fashion with the addition of this charming black waistcoat! The Gothic Black Brocade V-Neck Waistcoat offers a compelling look for any outfit or style that needs a touch of sophistication.
Price: $74.00
Gothic Black Cross and Chain Shaper Vest
The grandeur of this black, faux leather vest offers your outfit incredible style. The Gothic Black Cross and Chain Shaper Vest gives you a great shoulder to waist ratio while showing off a stunning design for gothic apparel.
Price: $96.00
Gothic Black Cross and Chain Waistcoat
For an incomparable gothic look, make this striking waistcoat a regular part of your wardrobe. The Gothic Black Cross and Chain Waistcoat shows off black faux leather decorated with brilliant red gothic crosses on the front.
Price: $86.00
Gothic Black Leather V-Neck Shaper Vest
You might be taken for a Victorian aristocrat when you go out on the town in this stylish piece. The Gothic Black Leather V-Neck Shaper Vest features metal boning to help give you a trim shoulder to waist ratio.
Price: $180.00
Gothic Black Long Vest
Add charm to any of your favorite outfits when you wear this sophisticated vest! The Gothic Black Long Vest features solid black material that goes with just about any color, making it a fantastic item for gothic outfits.
Price: $51.00
Gothic Black Pinstripe Single Breasted Waistcoat
Waistcoats add an edge of sophistication to whatever outfit they are paired with, making them a great option when you need an irresistible look. The Gothic Black Pinstripe Single Breasted Waistcoat provides classic style to any closet.
Price: $68.00
Gothic Black Pinstripe V-Neck Waistcoat
This black waistcoat embraces classic style, offering sophistication and charm to any outfit in your closet. The Gothic Black Pinstripe V-Neck Waistcoat shows off thin white pinstripes and a black trim around the neckline.
Price: $76.00
Gothic Black Striped Brocade Shaper Vest
With the classic appearance of a waistcoat, this amazing piece of shapewear for men looks stylish and dramatic. The Gothic Black Striped Brocade Shaper Vest shows off a subtle striped pattern in solid black for sophistication.
Price: $90.00
Gothic Black Striped Brocade Stand Up Collar Waistcoat
Able to be paired with anything from vintage attire to office wear, this gothic-inspired vest transitions between looks flawlessly! The Gothic Black Striped Brocade Stand Up Collar Waistcoat displays a subtle, striped pattern.
Price: $76.00
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