Zombie Props

Why wait for the zombie apocalypse to arrive when you can just make your own? With the assortment of great zombie props and accessories from Dark Knight Armoury, you have all you need to start building your very own zombie outbreak or horror scene. This section is filled to the brim with all sorts of helpful decorative pieces and scene fillers that are perfect for adding grim horror, and sometimes humor, to your setting. It goes without saying that this section is great for Halloween decoration, and many of the pieces have several uses beyond All Hallows Eve as well. Many of our props depict undead ghouls in a variety of styles, ranging from hungry zombies to well-dressed corpses. Many are full sized stand-ins that create a spooky atmosphere that goes a long way towards any haunted house or creepy crypt. More than just zombies, we also offer an assortment of monster props as well. For added surprise, grab some of our electronic horror props, which speak, spin, and move! They are sure give someone a good fright. From severed heads to ground bursting zombies to skeletal figurines to body bags, this section of Dark Knight Armoury has all you need to perfectly transform a location with some seriously spooky surroundings.
12 Foot Hanging Zombie Man
How big can zombies get? Well, if you take into account the 12 Foot Hanging Zombie Man, the answer is very big. This impressively sized zombie actually is 12 feet tall, and it is every bit as mean and hungry as its smaller zombie kin.
Price: $160.00
12 Foot Hanging Zombie Woman
As if zombies were not terrifying enough, the 12 Foot Hanging Zombie Woman is a massive zombie the likes of which many hope to never see, much less encounter. Garbed in tattered white cloth, this zombie is terrifying to behold.
Price: $160.00
9 Foot Swamp Zombie
The swamp is perhaps the worst place to encounter a zombie. That goes double for encountering a ghoul like the 9 Foot Swamp Zombie. Towering above even a tall human, this zombie is not the kind of creature to tangle with.
Price: $90.00
Army Green Combat Canteen
The last thing you want to be caught without when you are knee-deep in zombie land is to run out of supplies like water. If you brought along your Army Green Combat Canteen, water will not be one of your biggest concerns.
Price: $5.00
Bag of Skeleton Bones
One look at this Bag of Skeleton Bones, and you will think you are looking at a skeleton body, all contained in one bag! This impressive bag contains 13 bones of various shape and size, ranging from skulls to hands to leg bones and more!
Price: $16.00
Belly Demon
It has not even been born yet and this little child is already one of mommys worst nightmares. The Belly Demon is a strange decoration that will not only make any woman look as though she is pregnant, but pregnant with pure evil.
Price: $12.00
Black MD Bag
A Black MD Bag like this once would have contained tools a doctor needed when making a house call. In a time when zombies walk and mad scientists reign, though, who knows what sort of terrifying things might be inside this bag.
Price: $9.00
Corpse Torso
This Corpse Torso is not a sight you will be able to wipe out of your mind for some time to come, especially if it managed to surprise or scare you. This torso features a realistic look that is reminiscent of the decay of a real body.
Price: $120.00
Crate Corpse
Set this crate on the corner of your porch or in a recessed section of a room and people are bound to grow curious. They will walk right into a trap, as the Crate Corpse rises spookily out of its box, red eyes vividly aglow.
Price: $120.00
Crawling Zombie Torso
Many a zombie survivor has found themselves feeling the agony of jagged, broken teeth biting into their ankle because they forget that even a Crawling Zombie Torso can be a threat, especially if you are not paying attention.
Price: $98.00
Dead Monkey Skeleton
Sure, you know that this Dead Monkey Skeleton is the skeleton of a monkey, but when you place it as a prop in your next real-life survivor game, will your players know? Or will they pause and wonder what beast this was in life?
Price: $49.80
Deluxe Fiberglass Tombstone
It is not often that you see a skeleton clinging to its grave. Typically, the dead try to escape them. But that does not seem to be the case when this Deluxe Fiberglass Tombstone is concerned, as this skeleton clings tightly to it.
Price: $278.00
Fanged Groundbreaker Zombie
Not all zombies are putrid, shambling dead things that lack speed or coordination. Some ghouls are more capable and thus, infinitely more terrifying. One such ghoul, the Fanged Groundbreaker Zombie, pops up right there in your yard.
Price: $60.00
Free Food Prop
Someone has gone and done a favor for any zombies that pass by. Perhaps the Free Food Prop is merely a peace offering or a diversion of some sort. Regardless, this sign is bound to distract plenty of hungry zombies.
Price: $159.80
Full Size Corpse
Imagine turning a corner and finding yourself face to face with this Full Size Corpse! Even if you are not in the middle of a zombie outbreak, it would still be quite a shock to your system to bump into such a gruesome looking body.
Price: $170.00
Full Size Spinning Corpse Torso
Was this corpse left twisting in the wind to dry, or was it left up as a warning? None can say, but the one thing that is certain about the Full Size Spinning Corpse Torso is that it is one realistic and scary looking decoration.
Price: $120.00
Giant Skull
A head that needed a skull this big must have been huge, indeed, as this Giant Skull is far larger than most. It is also far more resilient then it looks, in spite of the numerous cracks and chips that are visible over its surface.
Price: $200.00
Giant Zombie Hand Stakes
Oh, no! It seems as though your house was built on top of a graveyard, and now zombies are rising up from your yard! That is what passersby will think when they see these Giant Zombie Hand Stakes decorating your yard.
Price: $24.00
Giddy Fiberglass Pumpkin
This Giddy Fiberglass Pumpkin has all the look and style of a traditional jack-o-lantern, with far more durability then a typical pumpkin shell can offer, making this a great outdoor display whenever All Hallows Eve approaches.
Price: $338.00
Glowing Black Reaper Hanger
Anyone who looks at this glowing grim reaper will think that death has arrived, although the reason for deaths arrival will remain unknown. The Glowing Black Reaper Hanger is a large decoration that casts an eerie and ghastly glow.
Price: $65.00
On Sale For: $45.50

" Just wanted to drop a note! AWESOME STUFF. It just arrived today :) I was pretty worried if things would still get shipped as they were all 'out of stock'. However, I was not let down. This is beautiful stuff! Awesome job and thank you."

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