Zombie Gifts

It goes without saying that zombie gifts are great to give to zombie enthusiasts. Many are just the right mix of horror and humor that is sure to tickle the interest of a zombie enthusiast, to say nothing of thrill them with the prospect of something new to enjoy. However, thinking that the zombie gifts at Dark Knight Armoury are only for zombie enthusiasts would be a mistake, as this section is filled with fun novelties and little accessories that practically anyone can enjoy. Cool key chains depict zombie body parts and skulls. Bottle openers are handy for anyone to have and come in the form of biting zombies and wicked looking survival weapons. Gift sets include multi-tools, flash lights and compasses, making them perfect for survivalists. Horror themed wallets and zombie graphic zippo lighters make perfect personal accessories. Humorous labels are great for casual use or for parties, or just to add some humor to your drinks, pulled freshly from the fridge by an unsuspecting friend! You could even shock and awe your family and friend with delicious deserts made into the shape of hearts and brains. Endless opportunities for great gift-giving and fun await in the zombie gifts section of Dark Knight Armoury.
Bad Bunny Statue
A nasty monster with big, pointy teeth, the Bad Bunny Statue depicts the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you have ever set eyes on! This killer rabbit is no longer an adorable childrens toy but a bloodthirsty nightmare.
Price: $70.00
Biohazard Morale Patch
Display your pride as an avid zombie hunter everywhere you go with this Biohazard Morale Patch! When the apocalypse strikes, this patch will show that you are prepared to lead your team to victory against those undead monsters.
Price: $4.00
Biting Zombie Bottle Opener
Sometimes, a zombies bite can be a good, or at least, a helpful thing! This Biting Zombie Bottle Opener is proof, as this zombies bite is a handy helper that allows survivors to easily get annoying bottles open with ease.
Price: $24.00
Bloody Soap
Put this bar of soap within easy reach of a faucet and then just sit back and wait until someone tries to wash their hands. Do not be surprised if you hear shouts of fear and confusion, though. That is what the Bloody Soap does best.
Price: $1.00
Bloody Zombie Glasses
It is quite difficult to see when you have blood in your eyes. Unfortunately, while these glasses do keep the blood directly out of your eyes, you will not see much else other than blood when you wear these Bloody Zombie Glasses.
Price: $4.00
Bloody Zombie Zippo Lighter
No survivor should ever be without a good, reliable lighter. You never know when you might need to start a fire for warmth, light, or defense. With the Bloody Zombie Zippo Lighter, you will always have fire and know your enemy.
Price: $27.00
Cloth Zombie Killer Patch
When the world ends and we are overrun with the undead you will want to wear a Cloth Zombie Killer Patch. Show everyone that you are fighting for humans with this original clothing accessory that will be admired by your friends.
Price: $4.00
Dashboard Zombie
There is still something of a debate as to which zombie is scarier, the slow one or the fast one. The Dashboard Zombie is neither. Instead of chasing you, this zombie is perfectly content to just sit and waggle its arms at you.
Price: $6.75
Decapitator Key Chain
Never overlook the little things when it comes to filling out your zombie survival kit. Small and handy, the Decapitator Key Chain is a must-have, one that allows you to de-cap any bottles that cross your path, apocalypse or no.
Price: $7.99
Full Color Zombie Bi-Fold Wallet
One of the fastest spreading plagues in the world is the zombie plague. These undead monsters have experienced a revival and an explosion of popularity. Now you can join the craze with the Full Color Zombie Bi-Fold Wallet!
Price: $17.00
Ghoulish Glasses
There will not be a human alive who will dare look you in the eye when you are wearing your Ghoulish Glasses! Set in classic black frames, these scary spectacles feature zombie eye lenses that will turn any gaze into a hungry glare.
Price: $8.00
Glow In The Dark Flesh Eating Zombies Play Set
Your tyke will be the terror of his playground with this Glow In The Dark Flesh Eating Zombies Play Set. This disturbing and amusing toy is designed to attack, overrun, and maul any and all other toys that stumble into its midst.
Price: $17.10
Glowing Halloween Slapsticker Beer Bottle Labels
Ghouls, drinking human adult beverages? Not on your life! Come this Halloween, slap these Glowing Halloween Slapsticker Beer Bottle Labels on your bottles and serve them to discerning ghouls who will appreciate such a clever brands.
Price: $3.99
On Sale For: $2.10
Glowing Halloween Slapsticker Soda Bottle Labels
Even your soda bottles can dress up for Halloween whenever you apply one of these Glowing Halloween Slapsticker Soda Bottle Labels! Dress your two-liter bottles in these and you will transform mundane soda into wicked drinks.
Price: $3.99
On Sale For: $2.10
Glowing Halloween Slapsticker Wine Bottle Labels
Affix these Glowing Halloween Slapsticker Wine Bottle Labels to your bottles of liquid refreshment and your guests might think twice about their drink. Use these fun stickers to turn all your drinks into ghoulish and fun treats.
Price: $3.99
On Sale For: $2.10
Halloween Slapsticker Beer Bottle Labels
This Halloween, do not concern yourself with mundane refreshments. Instead, make sure you drink only the spookiest of beverages by converting all of your bottles into themed drinks with the Halloween Slapsticker Beer Bottle Labels.
Price: $2.99
On Sale For: $1.40
Halloween Slapsticker Bottle Labels
With these Halloween Slapsticker Bottle Labels, you can instantly transform some of your favorite bottled beverages into Halloween drinks. Each label is ghoulishly clever and features a name designed to inspire fright and fun.
Price: $2.99
On Sale For: $1.40
Halloween Slapsticker Glass Labels
With these Halloween Slapsticker Glass Labels, you can instantly transform some of your favorite bottled beverages into Halloween drinks. Each label is ghoulishly clever and features a name designed to inspire fright and fun.
Price: $2.99
On Sale For: $1.40
Halloween Slapsticker Soda Bottle Labels
Soda? Why bother drinking regular soda on Halloween when you can just apply one of these Halloween Slapsticker Soda Bottle Labels and convert any two-liter bottle into a spooky liquid refreshment fit for ghosts, ghouls, and monsters.
Price: $2.99
On Sale For: $1.40
Horrified Zombie Victims Play Set
The Horrified Zombie Victims Play Set is the perfect companion to our flesh eating zombies play set! This toy set has figurines with responses geared for horror, ensuring that no zombie or ghoul will ever catch these toys off-guard.
Price: $17.10

"To start off I would just like to say... I am VERY satisfied with my purchase. I am Very Impressed with the quality of the metal when it arrived. For the price I doubt I could find better. As for the shipping and arrival.. Very timely, took a week to the day with just standard shipping and in my opinion is a very solid process. I have waited up to 2 months for swords in the past with other websites. The Chainmail shirt I ordered was heavy and well fitted, Which for not crafting to measurements I would say was very lucky or excellent craftsmanship to make the chain mail as well fitting as it is. All around I would give you 10 out of 10. I will definitely be using your site from now on for all my medieval needs. "

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