Medieval Outfits For Men

It is understandable to be somewhat overwhelmed when faced with all the variety and choices that Dark Knight Armoury offers as far as clothing options go. To ease your way, Dark Knight Armoury has assembled a number of different complete medieval outfits for men. These complete medieval outfits take the hassle out of shopping. If you happen to like the way one looks, all you have to do is pick your sizing and your color options, choose any optional accessories that you might want, and then check out. Each complete outfit is made up of quality items that can be purchased separately. As far as variety goes, you could not ask for a better selection since we have a complete Spartan outfit inspired by the movie 300, several knightly outfits that will make you look like an authentic crusader, and many more! From assassins to kings, we have complete outfits that range from historically accurate to incredible fantasy. Given such variety, our complete medieval outfits are fantastic for holidays like Halloween, as well as SCA events, Renaissance fairs, conventions, festivals, themed parties or weddings, or any situation that might require a costume and fun. And as an added bonus, all of our complete medieval outfits are priced lower than if you bought each item separately!
Complete Gladiator Outfit
Our complete Gladiator Outfit is a typical outfit you would have seen the real gladiators fighting in. It comes with a basic tunic, wide kidney belt, and sandals. Save 10% off regular prices when buying the complete outfit.
Price: $184.00
On Sale For: $165.60
Complete Musketeer Outfit
Our Complete Musketeer Outfit is composed of top quality garments and features the blue velvet tabbard with silver cross and fleur-de-lis. It is a stunning ensemble that is perfect for that noble swashbuckler to wear.
Price: $358.75
On Sale For: $322.87
Complete Roman Outfit with Armour
Our Mens Complete Roman Outfit is very historically accurate and you have the option to purchase just the basics or go all out and get all the pieces shown. Get 10% off normal prices by buying the complete set.
Price: $249.00
On Sale For: $224.10
Dark Elven Leather Armour Package
Emerge from the tunnels of the underdark, and join your fellow drow in combat against the children of the sun with the Dark Elven Leather Armour Package. This set includes the cuirass, pauldrons, a right hand gauntlet, and a tunic.
Price: $518.00
On Sale For: $492.10
Highland Complete Scottish Outfit
A classic Scottish look, natural colored shirt with oversized sleeves, a Scottish sporran, and a pleated wool kilt. Add a few accessories to this outfit and you are set, with a great highland look to wear when you want!
Price: $189.00
On Sale For: $170.10
King Tunic & Armour Package
For LARP, Re-enactments or Ren Fairs, our King Tunic and Armour set is a great start or addition to your wardrobe. This set includes the body armour and the kingly long tunic and cape. This regal ensemble provides a truly distinctive and royal look.
Price: $538.00
On Sale For: $511.10
Lord of Huntingdon Ensemble
Perfect for everyday wear around the village, to go hunting with your trusty longbow, or to the big town feast. Whatever you are doing, you will be comfortable all day in our top quality clothes and arm bracers.
Price: $238.00
On Sale For: $214.20
Norman Warrior Outfit and Armour Set
Our Norman Warrior Outfit comes complete with everything shown except the LARP sword. Whether you are just beginning or are a veteran re-enactor, this armor set will work great for Viking, Norman, and Scottish themes.
Price: $664.20
On Sale For: $597.78
Robin of Locksley Complete Outfit
One of our most popular looks is now available as a complete outfit. For those who steal from the rich and give to the poor, we give you the Robin of Locksley outfit so you may do so in medieval style.
Price: $299.00
On Sale For: $269.10
Tristan Complete Outfit
Our Tristan Outfit has been faithfully reproduced from actual movie pieces. These top quality garments give you an authentic medieval look. Save 10% off regular prices when buying the complete outfit.
Price: $348.00
On Sale For: $313.20
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