Zombie Collectibles, Zombie Decor, and Zombie Gifts

You do not have to brave the apocalypse to have some zombie style in your everyday life. Instead we at Dark Knight Armoury will be happy to hook you up with all kinds of great zombie paraphernalia, including a wide assortment of collectibles and accessories. In fact, all you have to do to see all of it is pay a visit to our zombie decor and gifts section! In this section, you will find an accessory for any and every time of the day. Need to start your day off right? Why not start it like a zombie slayer, with the Keep Calm and Kill Zombies Mug. Bored? Play a card game, and educate yourself on zombie survival with some outbreak playing cards, complete with tips and tricks on each one. Want to decorate? Try one of our zombie statues or zombie magnets, or even one of our stellar zombie signs. Perhaps you want to show some zombie style when you go to class or work. If that is the case, try taking your lunch in a classic zombie tin lunch box. Those are just some of the examples of items and collectibles that Dark Knight Armoury offers. So if you love zombies and want to have a bit of the walking dead in all you do, this zombie decor and gifts section at Dark Knight Armoury is the first place to look for something new and exciting.
Zombie Body Parts, Prop Limbs, Severed Heads, and Zombie Organs
Nothing screams zombie style quite like body parts. Dark Knight Armoury has gone through the trouble of getting as many of them as possible so you do not have to, allowing you to easily grab whatever zombie bits and pieces you need for your decor. Our selection includes molded, foam, and latex limbs, including fingers, ears, hands, hearts, arms, legs, brains, and more.
Zombie Fountains, Horror Themed Fountains, and Mist Machines
Ambiance and atmosphere are important aspects of horror, and thus, to most zombie settings. To help set up your zombie decor, Dark Knight Armoury offers a selection of themed fountains and misters. Many of our fountains emulate monsters or corpses, creating thirsty vampires and bleeding bodies when used with red water. Our misters are simpler, creating rolling white mist from water to help add mystery to any setting.
Zombie Home Decor, Zombie Statues, and Zombie Accessories
Who says you have to wait for a zombie apocalypse to celebrate your zombie style? Dark Knight Armoury carries an assortment of zombie themed home decor pieces that are perfect for zombie and horror decorating schemes, including hanging ornaments, statues, wall d'cor, window decals, trinket boxes, shelf sitters, and much more!
Zombie Drinking Glasses, Zombie Shot Glasses, Zombie Mugs, and Zombie Goblets
You can celebrate zombie style even when you have a drink, thanks to Dark Knight Armoury. Our zombie drinkware includes stylized and themed zombie mugs for casual use, drinking glasses for everyday beverages, shot glasses for a quick drink, and fancy glasses for refined beverages. Depicting zombie heads, bloody mugs, clever messages, and zombie hands, our zombie drinkware is simply to die for.
Zombie Board Games, Zombie Group Games, and Zombie Card Decks
Zombie games are not only great for casual fun, but many also have extra features that will help prepare you for the apocalypse to come! Our zombie cards often feature hints and survival tips, while zombie board games provide group activity that fosters communication and teamwork. Plus, having fun with your friends is always a blast, so grab some zombie cards and board games from Dark Knight Armoury to make game night memorable.
Zombie Gifts, Zombie Key Chains, Zombie Accessories, and Zombie Gag Gifts
If you know, or are, a zombie enthusiast, Dark Knight Armoury has a selection of zombie themed gifts that are great for any occasion. We have humorous labels for bottles, zippo lighters, wallets, zombie toys for kids, zombie plushes and stuffed animals, tactical gift sets, pins, badges, and more. Plus, we have some zombie gag gifts that are great for spreading around a bit of zombie humor.
Walking Dead POP Figures, Zombie Movie POP Figures, and Zombie Wacky Wobblers
Who knew zombies could be so cute?! Dark Knight Armoury carries a full line of various POP figures dedicated to the zombie apocalypse, including your favorite characters and zombies from such works as The Walking Dead, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Call of Duty, Sean of the Dead, and more. They are great collectibles and a fantastic way to show your passion for zombies, zombie films, zombie TV shows, zombie games, and more.
Standing Zombies, Animated Skeletons, Zombie Lawn Ornaments, Horror Props, and Zombie Props
At Dark Knight Armoury, good horror is only a few items away. Our selection of zombie props and horror accents is a perfect place to look when you are trying to build a spooky and scary setting. We have full sized skeletons, ghouls, and zombies that can stand our hang, as well as electronic props that spin, swing, and speak. We also have smaller props like haunted tree stumps, ground bursting zombie hands, foam latex animals, lanterns, and more.
Vintage Steel Zombie Signs, Zombie Art Scrolls, Zombie Posters, and Zombie Humor Signs
Perfect for communicating the danger of zombies while also decorating your home in zombie style are the zombie signs and zombie wall art and decor at Dark Knight Armoury. Here you will find vintage steel signs, artistic prints, posters, scrolls and more, all of which featuring hungry zombies, clever messages, warnings, and more, all inspired by zombies from pop culture, literature, and fiction.
Nesting Skulls Measuring Cups
Who knew that adding a hint of macabre to everyday life would be this practical! In an adorable twist on classic kitchenware, the Nesting Skulls Measuring Cups provide charming gothic flair without compromising on needed function.
Price: $13.00

"I recently purchased a couple of Chinese broadswords(MC-1606PP) from your online store, very pleased with them, they look and feel great."

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