Survival Slingshots

Do not underestimate the slingshot. What seems to be a childs toy is actually a handy weapon, good for hunting small game, putting down zombies, and providing a distraction. Dark Knight Armoury understand the value of a good weapon, even if it seems unassuming. Small and light weight, a slingshot with some extra balls is an easy addition to almost any survival kit. Plus, slingshots have the advantage of being easy to use, and with some practice, they are highly accurate as well. They are a great short to mid-range distance weapon. Many of the slingshots we offer sport tactical grips for a comfortable hold, as well as arm supports to allow for steady aiming. Far from kids toys, these slingshots sport strong bands that help your shots achieve higher velocities, ensuring a significant impact on whatever you are shooting. If you have a bit of extra space in your survival kit and feel like you need another weapon, try out one of our slingshots. You will not be disappointed.
Adjustable Marksman Slingshot
As children we all had fun running outside and playing so relive those memories with the Adjustable Marksman Slingshot. This versatile survival accessory will become a valued asset after you see this modern and lethal design.
Price: $27.00
Marksman Slingshot Steel Shot
As you trek the wilderness or the apocalyptic wasteland make sure you have enough ammo with the Marksman Slingshot Steel Shot. This ammo is easy to transport and can deliver a killing blow when used properly by a seasoned shooter.
Price: $8.00
Zombie Marksman Slingshot
Keep the living dead at bay after your gun runs dry with the versatile and fun Zombie Marksman Slingshot. This traditional weapon will become a treasured asset to your survival gear after you send some ball bearings into a few zombies.
Price: $42.00

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