Zombie Costumes

What is a zombie apocalypse without any zombies? Dark Knight Armoury is home to some of the best zombie costumes you can imagine, ensuring that when you want to transform into one of the walking dead, you can with ease! Our selection includes costumes for men, women and children, as well as a variety of costume accents, like gloves, shoe covers, and masks. This way, you can easily complete your look without trouble. Our adult selection of costumes includes iconic and classic zombie looks from the modern day, as well as undead from various other eras, including pirate and knight zombies, for those who want something historical. Our kids costumes are equally diverse, with some focusing on being scary while others will change your children in the cutest zombies ever. At Dark Knight Armoury, we are helping to spread the zombie apocalypse, one person at a time, thanks to our selection of great, grim, and gory zombie costumes.
Boys Biohazard Zombie Costumes, Undead Costumes, and Horror Costumes
Kids make great zombies. Their innocence combines well with the zombie theme to create something that is all at once scary, cute, and amusing. That is why Dark Knight Armoury offers a wide selection of boys zombie costumes in a variety of themes. This way, he can be whatever zombie he wants, be it a ninja zombie, a pirate zombie, a schoolyard zombie, or just a classic zombie from film and horror.
Zombie Feet, Decayed Zombie Boot Toppers, and Zombie Costume Boot Toppers
Good costumes take into account every detail. To complete your zombie look, glance at the ground and see if your feet look like those of a zombie. Dark Knight Armoury can help you complete the illusion of zombification, thanks to our selection of zombie feet and zombie boot toppers. Emulating undead and decayed feet in sick skin tones, these accessories are perfect for casual costuming and completing your ideal undead style.
Zombie Girl Costumes, Zombie Cheerleader Costumes, and Girls Horror Costumes
If you ever thought that a cute little girl would not make a good zombie, then you have obviously never seen any zombie film or TV show, ever. At Dark Knight Armoury, you can find a selection of girls zombie costumes that will transform her into a flesh-eating monster, albeit one that never quite loses her cuteness. Our selectin includes classic zombie costumes, zombie cheerleaders, adorable zombies in pink, and more.
Zombie Costume Gloves, Decayed Zombie Hands, and Skeleton Hands
A survivors first experience with zombies is often either their teeth or their decayed hands. For that reason, it is important to get the hands right in your zombie costume. Dark Knight Armoury makes it an easy task to accomplish, thanks to our selection of zombie gloves. We offer zombie hands in sickly skin tones and decaying colors, often with wounds and injuries. We also offer skeletal hands and monster gloves for a more startling look.
Zombie Costume Masks, Undead Monster Masks, and Gas Masks
The zombie masks at Dark Knight Armoury are more than just easy. They are a terrifying collection of zombie visages that you can utilize to transform yourself into the undead. They are also a great way to inspire some fright and dread in all who see you wearing one! Our selection of masks includes rotting zombies, hungry zombies, feral zombies, undead monsters, corpses, demons, gas masks, biohazard looks, and much more!
Mens Zombie Costumes, Military Zombie Costumes, and Undead Monster Costumes
Why build your own zombie costume when most of the work is already done for you at Dark Knight Armoury? We have a wide selection of zombie costumes that include all a guy needs to create a fun or frightening zombie look. Our quality costumes include classic zombies, pirate zombies, knight zombies, hungry zombies, corpse monsters, formal zombies, zombie doctors, and more. Plus, they go great with our zombie masks and zombie accessories.
Womens Zombie Costumes, Corpse Bride costumes, and Horror Costumes
Ladies, if you are looking to scare someone, have we got the costumes for you! Dark Knight Armoury knows that a good scare can be fun, and nothing scares quite like a zombie. Our selection of womens zombie costumes includes plenty of scare factor, as well as some great undead style, in the form of bloody nurse costumes, decayed zombie costumes, zombie bride costumes, and zombie punk costumes.

"THANK YOU Christy - you were such an angel for helping me with my shirt order today and getting things moving so my groom and his men can be clad in your lovely Pirate attire next week!"

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