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Deathly pallor, caked blood, vicious bite wounds, grisly injuries, gnashing teeth ' these are all hallmarks of a zombie. Many of them are not easily faked, which means transforming yourself into a zombie can be quite difficult. That is, unless you shop at Dark Knight Armoury, where you will find a host of zombie costume accessories that are perfect for deathly and undead transformations! This section is filled with helpful items, all of which are helpful towards enhancing your zombie look. This section includes a variety of wound prosthetics, fake blood, zombie teeth, zombie wigs, make-up, and more. Do not think for a second, though, that this section is only for zombies, because zombie survival costumes can benefit from all these items too. Helpful for building costumes from scratch as well as for enhancing existing costumes, this section is one you must visit, no matter where you are in the costuming process. No matter what the costume is for, whether you are a zombie or a survivor, the zombie costume accessories at Dark Knight Armoury are ones you simply do not want to be without.
Bloody Costume Bandages, Blood Stained Bandages, and Zombie Blood Bandages
Bloody bandages are a quick and easy addition to almost any horror look, adding gruesome and graphic detail with just a few wraps. Dark Knight Armoury offers a collection of blood stained bandages in red and green, simulating human and zombie blood, respectively. We have rolls of blood bandages to freely wrap yourself in, as well as fixed pieces that are perfect for wearing on your head, arms, legs, and face.
Zombie Make-Up, Undead Make-Up Kits, and Costume Make-Up Accessories
Avoid the infected, and instead visit Dark Knight Armoury to help with your transformation into a zombie. Our selection of zombie costume make-up is perfect for creating a zombified appearance, thanks to our selection of cream- and water-based make-ups. Combined with applicator kits, sponges, setting spray, ooze, and flesh latex, you have all you need to create a grim, gory, and terrifying zombie visage.
Jugs of Fake Blood, Fake Blood Capsules, Blood Gel, and Black Zombie Blood
Zombie apocalypses are bloody ordeals. To make sure yours has the right level of crimson spatter, make sure you visit Dark Knight Armoury. We can provide you with plenty of fake blood. We offer jugs of it, as well as convenient capsules for individual use and spray misters for gentle application. We also offer blood gel, green zombie blood, and black zombie blood, if you need your blood to have various shades and consistencies.
Zombie Teeth, Prosthetic Teeth, Fake Teeth, and Undead Teeth Prosthetics
Among the most terrifying sights a survivor can see are the teeth of a zombie. Many times in an apocalypse, to see these is to glimpse death. Dark Knight Armoury offers a selection of gruesome and terrifying zombie teeth, fake teeth, and prop teeth that are perfect for transforming your maw of healthy human teeth into monstrous choppers that will inspire nightmares and dread.
Wound Prosthetics, Costume Prosthetics, Foam Appliances, and Prosthetic Application Accessories
During the zombie apocalypse, both zombies and humans alike will suffer all manner of injuries. To help create those wounds and scars, Dark Knight Armoury offers a wide selection of foam and latex prosthetics. We offer a variety of wounds and facial appliances, as well as application kits, spirit gum, spirit gum remover, power glue, and liquid flesh latex, so you can apply your chosen prosthetic and make it look as real as possible.
Zombie Wigs, Biohazard Zombie Wigs, and Lady Zombie Wigs
Every little detail matters when turning yourself into a zombie, even your hair. If you have a head full of healthy hair, Dark Knight Armoury has a quick fix that will allow you to sport the matted, decayed style of a zombie. Our selection of zombie wigs includes an assortment of styles for both men and women, allowing either gender to easily change their style to one appropriate for the walking dead.

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