Thunder sounds and lightning splits the sky as an eerie moan shatters the silence. Hair-raising as it is, it is only the wind, or so you tell yourself. It could very well be zombies! Zombies have taken the nation by storm, it seems, and now Dark Knight Armoury is getting into the craze with some zombie gear, from weapons to decor to figurines and more, all to suit your hunger for the walking dead! Zombies, the walking dead, shamblers, walkers, biters, the undead, the living dead, walking corpses, or cursed ones - whatever you call them, zombies are a fascinating element of horror, one that has enthralled modern society. Here, we have gathered an assortment of great zombie items for you to choose from. If you seek to add some stylized zombie and grim horror to your decor, we can offer you the items to do just that, including an array of zombie statues, banners, boxes, and more, all of which featuring that spine-chilling undead look. For zombie slayers and survivors, we offer an assortment of functional weapons as well, including weapons such as machetes, combat knives, wood axes, survival spears, and many others that are perfect for camping and combat. And if you plan on becoming a zombie, we offer an assortment of costumes, prosthetics, and other supplies, so that you can change your look without having to leave the world of the living! In short, if you love zombies, Dark Knight Armoury is here to help you express that love by giving you all you need to celebrate the world of zombies, as well as a few items to help you keep the zombie population under control!
Zombie T-Shirts, Zombie Hoodies and Zombie Jackets
At Dark Knight Armoury, we cannot think of a better way to show your love for all of zombie-kind than to make them a part of your daily life. And to do just that, we offer a selection of great zombie apparel, allowing you guys and girls out there to sport some awesome, eerie, or just plain sinister zombie styles that are sure to get some attention.
Zombie Costume Accessories, Wound Prosthetics, Fake Blood, and Make-Up Kits
Costume accessories are a must for elevating an existing zombie costume into the realm of truly terrifying. At Dark Knight Armoury, we have a variety of zombie costume accessories that are of benefit to the living and the dead alike. Chose from our selection of would prosthetics, fake blood, wigs, bloody bandages, make-up, and more to find all the additional accents you need to make your zombie or survivor costume really shine.
Mens Zombie Costumes, Womens Zombie Costumes, Kids Zombie Costumes, Zombie Masks, and Zombie Costume Accessories
If you want to be a zombie, do not offer yourself to the shambling horde. Instead, just visit Dark Knight Armoury. We have a wide selection of zombie costumes that are perfect for completing your transformation. We have grim and gory zombie costumes for men and women, as well as kid costumes for boys and girls who want to be zombies. We also offer masks, gloves, and boot toppers to help complete your look.
Zombie LARP Weapons, Conventional LARP Weapons, and Post-Apocalypse LARP Weapons
Zombies are as infectious as they are popular, so it should come as no surprise that they have invaded the LARP world! Zombie live action roleplays can be hilarious, dark, fun, and challenging. If you intend to fight in those undead LARP events, either as a survivor or as a zombie, Dark Knight Armoury has a selection of LARP and latex weapons to wield, ranging from wrenches and pipes to classic swords and traditional weapons.
Plastic Zombie Weapons, Plastic Costume Knives, and Plastic Chainsaws
Plastic weapons are an affordable and easy way to arm yourself for your zombie costume. At Dark Knight Armoury, we offer an assortment of plastic weapons in classic horror styles, including plastic knives, plastic axes, and even plastic chainsaws. They are safe to carry, and are a perfect complement to horror, zombie, and post-apocalyptic costume styles.
Zombie Machetes, Zombie Axes and Zombie Combat Knives
To survive the zombie apocalypse, you are going to need real weapons. Dark Knight Armoury has you covered in that area, because we have functional weapons and survival tools that are perfect for keeping you alive in the worst of situations. So if you need a hatchet, a knife, a trail axe, or a machete for your own survival, pay us a visit and we will get you one that suits your need.
Zombie Collectibles, Zombie Accessories, Zombie Books and Zombie Accents
You do not have to brave the apocalypse to have some zombie style in your everyday life. Instead we at Dark Knight Armoury will be happy to hook you up with all kinds of great zombie paraphernalia, including a wide assortment of collectibles, decor, and accessories. In fact, all you have to do to see all of it is pay a visit to our zombie decor and gifts section!

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