Military Survival Accessories

If you want to put your survival skills to the test, make sure you are equipped for the task with some of the accessories from Dark Knight Armoury. We are not just talking about knives and axes, folks, but about a wide range of unique and helpful items that can make your survival experience that much easier. For convenience, we offer bug-out bags that come pre-loaded with all you could ask for, as well as backpacks that you can fill up with your own gear. Water is essential for survival, so we also offer canteens, canteen covers, and even a portable hydration system! Navigation, too, is key, so we have compasses in a variety of styles. To stay protected from the elements, we offer caps, masks, and gloves, as well as lengths of paracord and paracord bracelets, which are great for use in lashing up a make-shift shelter. Flashlights round out the selection, as well as an assortment of more specialized gear. We also offer patches, to help trick out your survival kit. Survival just got easier, be it in the wild or the urban jungle, so long as you get your gear at Dark Knight Armoury.
1 Qt. Black Plastic G.I. Canteen
Before your next expedition be sure you have the proper gear packed like the 1 Qt. Black Plastic G.I. Canteen. This traditional military water canteen can be a great addition to your camping or survival gear, so grab one today.
Price: $5.00
ACU Digital Camo Helmet Cover
Sometimes the item protecting you needs some protection so consider the benefits of the ACU Digital Camo Helmet Cover. This unique accessory will become a treasured piece of kit when you personally field test it and see the advantages.
Price: $16.00
ACU Digital Camo Tactical Goggles
When you are in the field you need to see your surroundings clearly and the ACU Digital Camo Tactical Goggles can help. This military equipment will become a valued asset to your current gear when you experience the benefits for yourself.
Price: $38.00
ACU Digital MOLLE Double Mag Pouch
Prepare for your mission with the help of the versatile and convenient ACU Digital MOLLE Double Mag Pouch. This military accessory will allow you to increase your round count for those times when hot lead is the only solution.
Price: $13.00
ACU Digital MOLLE Utility Pouch
The ACU Digital MOLLE Utility Pouch is ideal for soldiers or survival enthusiasts who want to be prepared for anything. This versatile military accessory will become a treasured addition to your kit when you field test it for yourself.
Price: $15.00
BioHazard Gas Mask
At the end of the world, a gas mask is almost a vital and necessary accessory that will keep you breathing easy. Rest assured that while wearing the Biohazard Gas Mask, you will not have to worry any airborne toxins or gases.
Price: $8.00
Biohazard Morale Patch
Display your pride as an avid zombie hunter everywhere you go with this Biohazard Morale Patch! When the apocalypse strikes, this patch will show that you are prepared to lead your team to victory against those undead monsters.
Price: $4.00
Black Adjustable Nylon BDU Belt
Constructed for use in survival, tactical, and even casual situations, the Black Adjustable Nylon BDU Belt features an all-black and versatile design which is excellent for wear in any type of weather conditions.
Price: $7.00
Black Fingerless Neoprene Combat Gloves
You never want to lose dexterity in a time is life scenario so grab a pair of Black Fingerless Neoprene Combat Gloves. These versatile and durable gloves will allow your hands to function normally while still providing protection.
Price: $22.00
Black G.I. Flight Gloves
Your service demands you to perform difficult tasks but they want to keep you as safe as possible while you are working. Protect yourself with the versatile Black G.I. Flight Gloves which are as comfortable as they are functional.
Price: $41.00
Black Smoke Mask
A good gas mask is hard to find, and this Black Smoke Mask replicates the look of one to the last detail. It makes a solid choice for any survivor to have, while serving as a bold accessory that fits well into a post-apocalyptic look.
Price: $21.80
Chemical Warfare Mask
This mask looks like it comes straight from the trenches of World War II, featuring a militaristic style that is sure to make zombie survivors happy. The Chemical Warfare Mask also features an intimidating look with loads of appeal.
Price: $31.80
Cloth Zombie Killer Patch
When the world ends and we are overrun with the undead you will want to wear a Cloth Zombie Killer Patch. Show everyone that you are fighting for humans with this original clothing accessory that will be admired by your friends.
Price: $4.00
Cold Weather Tactical Shooting Gloves
Cops know that crimes can happen anytime, so be prepared for the elements with the Cold Weather Tactical Shooting Gloves. Balancing function with comfort this item will become a valued addition to your personal gear and wardrobe.
Price: $45.00
Deluxe Overhead Latex Gas Mask
When it comes to zombies, you can never be too safe. The Deluxe Overhead Latex Gas Mask recreates the look of a true gas mask, making it a good stand-in for when you need some good safety gear to complete your zombie survivor look.
Price: $40.00
Deluxe SWAT Cap
Featuring an eye catching law enforcement design, the Deluxe SWAT Cap is a supremely comfortable baseball style cap which is superb for displaying your support for the hard work and discipline of your local SWAT team.
Price: $12.00
Drop Leg Utility Rig
Sometimes, you have to keep too much equipment on you to fit it all on your belt. This Drop Leg Utility Rig is ideal for conveniently holding a number of different tools so you can still keep your pistol in a holster on your belt.
Price: $42.00
Drop the Bomb Fabric Patch
Breathe new life into your clothing or gear with the bold and explosive Drop the Bomb Fabric Patch, which will impress your friends. This original accessory will become a treasured asset when you proudly wear this in public.
Price: $6.00
Full Face Gas Mask
At the end of the world, a gas mask is almost a vital accessory that will keep you breathing easy. And not only will the Full Face Gas Mask keep you breathing easy, but it will also protect your whole face whenever you wear it out.
Price: $8.00
Full Face Smoke Mask
When it comes to the zombie apocalypse, you can never be too safe. The Full Face Smoke Mask recreates the appearance of a traditional gas mask, showing off the protection you need to slay the undead and survive the apocalypse.
Price: $39.80

"This is adorable and perfect! A fun, inexpensive accessory to a costume, but still sturdy and well-made. The purple glass is really pretty. Thank you!"

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