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Soldier garb is the ultimate in tactical wear, and at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer apparel inspired by the actual garments worn and favored by military forces. Our tactical wear emulates typical military fatigues and combat attire, down even to accurate camouflage patterns. Ranging from combat cargo pants to field jackets, we offer a selection of apparel that is perfect for gearing up for wilderness ops. They are also a stellar option when you need something tactical, like during military games or staged combat events. Perfect for casual wear as well, many feature tactical features that prove to be invaluable during more mundane activities. If you want something a bit less than typical soldier, we also offer camouflage patterned t-shirts, allowing you to sport military style with woodland, desert, and ACU digital patterns. A secondary benefit to tactical apparel and camo clothing is that it all looks distinctive, which means when worn, you will definitely stand out in a crowd. Sized for both men and women, you will be ready for anything when you wear the tactical apparel from Dark Knight Armoury.
ACU Digital Camo BDU Pants
Confidently and comfortably face your mission while wearing the versatile ACU Digital Camo BDU Pants. Ideal for training or real life scenarios this military apparel will become a valued asset when you need mission specific clothing.
Price: $42.00
ACU Digital Camo BDU Shirt
Overcome any obstacle and fight for glory with the versatile ACU Digital Camo BDU Shirt. This modern uniform can aid you in training or real life scenarios which require you to perform at maximum level, so grab a pair while you can.
Price: $42.00
ACU Digital Camo Boonie Hat
If you are fighting in jungle swamps or dessert terrain you need good clothing like the ACU Digital Camo Boonie Hat. This modern item captures the essence of military function and creates a comfortable and stylish accessory.
Price: $17.00
ACU Digital Camo Combat Fatigue Pants
Face the battle with confidence while wearing the ACU Digital Camo Combat Fatigue Pants, which are versatile and comfortable. This military grade clothing will become a valued asset to your wardrobe when you personally field test them.
Price: $50.00
ACU Digital Camo Fatigue Cap
Your uniform will not be complete without a cover like the versatile ACU Digital Camo Fatigue Cap, which will loyally serve you. You do not want to pass up a functional and stylish military clothing item like this so buy one today.
Price: $7.00
ACU Digital Camo Field Jacket
When the elements are harsh you need durable and comfortable protection like the ACU Digital Camo Field Jacket. This military wear can become a treasured addition to your kit when you experience the wide span of uses for this item.
Price: $108.00
ACU Digital Camo Low Profile Cap
If you want to enhance your personal style with a new accent then the ACU Digital Low Profile Cap can be the solution. This original clothing item will impress your friends when you proudly wear it to your next social event.
Price: $10.00
ACU Digital Camo Military Flightsuit
As you walk across the aircraft carrier you need to be dressed properly so step into the ACU Digital Camo Military Flightsuit. This modern military uniform can be a valued asset when you are prepping for a mission or working on a plane.
Price: $59.00
ACU Digital Camo Military T-Shirt
Dig in and complete your mission safely with the stylish ACU Digital Camo Military T-shirt, which can be yours today. This item will become a treasured addition to your kit when you experience the balance of comfort and function.
Price: $12.00
ACU Digital Camo Vintage Cargo Shorts
For those who need comfortable and tactical apparel the ACU Digital Camo Vintage Cargo Shorts can be a wonderful asset. You do not have to sacrifice function for fashion because these military inspired cargos will loyally serve you.
Price: $44.00
ACU Digital Rangers MOLLE Vest
Step up your tactical game with the full customizable ACU Digital Rangers MOLLE Vest, which can be yours today. This innovative tactical equipment will become a treasured addition to your kit when you see the benefits for yourself.
Price: $50.00
ACU Digital Uniform Pants
Always be prepared to respond at a moments notice with the durable and stylish ACU Digital Uniform Pants. This piece of tactical clothing will protect your during training or life fire missions, so do not pass up a pair of these.
Price: $53.00
ACU Digital Uniform Shirt
Gear up for the obstacles of the day with the ACU Digital Combat Shirt, which will loyally serve you anywhere. This impressive uniform shirt will protect you from harsh terrain while keeping you safely hidden away in various environments.
Price: $53.00
American Flag Beanie
Send a stylish salute to the red, white, and blue with the American Flag Beanie. There is no need to wait for Independence Day to celebrate freedom and the good ol USA. Add a patriotic touch to your daily ensemble with this trendy hat.
Price: $20.99
Black Conceal and Carry Jacket
If you are undercover or simply a responsible citizen then the Black Conceal and Carry Jacket can be a great asset to your daily life. This subtle piece of outerwear will provide you with a stylish veil to carry your side arm.
Price: $148.00
Black Conceal and Carry Vest
Now you can easily disguise your firearm with the Black Conceal and Carry Vest, which is as fashionable as it is functional. Step up your everyday carry with a subtle piece of outer wear which can provide you with true security.
Price: $78.00
Black SWAT BDU Pants
Whether you are dressing for a mission or just looking for durable and comfortable clothing for daily wear, you certainly cannot beat these Black SWAT BDU Pants. These pants are designed after the uniforms used in Federal Agencies.
Price: $44.00
Black SWAT BDU Shirt
For the same comfort and durability found in traditional Battle Dress Uniforms but with a sleeker design, look no further than this Black SWAT BDU Shirt. This heavy duty shirt is great for everyday wear or for stealthy missions.
Price: $44.00
Black Tactical Raid Vest
As you stack up behind the front door and you give the count to breach you can trust in the versatile Black Tactical Raid Vest. You have to trust the guns beside you and also the gear you have on when it comes to a time is life scenario.
Price: $95.00
Black Vintage Paratrooper Shorts
Now you can benefit from the combination of style and function within the Black Vintage Paratrooper Shorts. This military inspired clothing item can become a treasured asset to your collection when you utilize its full potential.
Price: $44.00

"I'm real happy with the past few orders I've received and it turned out to be a great series of renaissance festival outings this year.' Wanted to give you guys a big thanks for everything, I loved the outfits and gear!"

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