Western Era

In a time of expansion and growth for the nation, the Wild West was an untamed frontier, as dangerous as it was rewarding for those who were willing to brave outlaws and Indians for their chance at wealth and fame. The turbulent times and tough area gave rise to gunslingers, lawmen, and bandits of all sorts, and it was these men who made the West famous. At Dark Knight Armoury, you can visit our Western section to relive some of those glory days and equip yourself with some accents that recall the weapons and accessories reminiscent of those legendary western figures. Perhaps the most iconic feature of the Wild West is the firearms, and Dark Knight Armoury offers an incredible selection of western pistols and western rifles, recreated from metal, wood, and resin to feature as realistic a look as possible, down even to working actions! Alongside these safe-to-use firearm replicas, we also offer replica badges of all sorts, from US Marshal and sheriff badges to famous badges of those who served in Cochise County and Tombstone, AZ. We also offer a selection of western hats, costumes, and clothing, so that you can complete your western look with ease. And of course, if you have a pistol, you need a holster, so we carry those too. In their youth, many have longed by be a cowboy or an outlaw, and now, Dark Knight Armoury gives you a chance to relive a part of that childhood dream by giving you a great selection of incredible and impressive western collectibles.
Western Badges, Wild West Badges and Cowboy Badges
In the days of cowboys and outlaws in the Wild West, it was usually fairly easy to tell a lawman apart from all the rest. You just had to look for the man with the badge. This iconic element was instantly recognizable back in the day, and now Dark Knight Armoury offers a selection of reproduction western badges so that you can feature the singular accent that marked a man as the law in any given territory.
Western Costumes, Cowboy Costumes and Wild West Costumes
The western frontier was a hard place, and hard places breed hardy people. In this case, it also created a sub-culture that lives on even to this day. For all those who want to recreate something of the Wild West in their life, nothing works better than dressing the part. That is why Dark Knight Armoury offers just such a selection of great Western costumes and clothing.
Western Hats, Cowboy Hats and Wild West Hats
What could be more iconic than a cowboy hat? Offering insulation and shade, the wide-brimmed, tall-crowned hat as an easy choice among those in the Wild West. Today, it is as much a part of the genre as the six-shooter and the duster, and that is why Dark Knight Armoury offers such a selection of great, authentic cowboy hats for you to purchase, own, and wear.
Western Holsters, Western Gun Belts, Cowboy Holsters and Leather Holsters
What is a cowboy to do when he has his six-guns but no place to put them? Why, he had better ride on down to Dark Knight Armoury and see about getting some western holsters - that is what! Our western holsters are all made from quality leather and recreate the design of a classic gunslinger belt, making it easy to store and carry about your own favorite six shooter.
Western Pistols, Cavalry Revolvers, Cowboy Pistols and Army Revolvers
When it comes to cowboys, no gun is as iconic as the six-gun. The typical western pistol has gone by many names over the years, but it has always remained relatively consistent in its look, and it has always remained popular, too. At Dark Knight Armoury, we are absolutely ecstatic to offer a line of realistic looking replica revolvers.
Western Rifles, Cowboy Rifles, Calvary Rifles and Repeating Rifles
Some might say that it was the western revolver that won the west, but others could rightly argue that it was the western rifles that truly tamed the Wild West. Dark Knight Armoury carries a wide assortment of different western rifles, all of which not only feature an incredibly realistic look but also a stunning level of detail that is difficult to beat.

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