Steampunk Jewelry

The world of Steampunk is an eccentric and unique thing, filled with wonders that the modern world has rarely glimpsed. Gears, cogs, and strange machines make up the everyday style in this world, and at Dark Knight Armoury, we are all too eager to give anyone the chance to glimpse this genre, in the form of amazing Steampunk Jewelry. What we pass as strange and surreal is likely all too common-place in a Steampunk world. In this world were steam reigns supreme, technology has taken a turn for the better, creating innovations that can hardly be fathomed, and many of these innovations are small enough to be worn as jewelry. Offered here, we carry a huge assortment of great Steampunk jewelry, in a wide range designs, ensuring that no matter what you desire from this esoteric world of tech, you can find it here. Strange gizmos and gadgets sit here, looking like machines that are ready for use, including things like mechanical dragons and clockwork dragonflies, as well as various other gizmos that use gears, cogs, sprockets, screws, joints, and other industrial parts as casual and cunning decoration. Rings hold keys and clockwork gears, while earrings look like machines that might translate every word you wear. Necklaces that hang around your neck suspend proper gears and flying boxes that look like they might take off, and medals decorated with wings, strange symbols, and odd commendations will make you look like an official Steampunk citizen. All in all, Steampunk jewelry is an impressive thing, one that somehow manages to look antiquated, pseudo-modern, and futuristic, all at once, and at Dark Knight Armoury, you will find Steampunk jewelry enough to fill several jewelry boxes, ensuring that male or female, noble or not, you can find the Steampunk jewelry that you desire, whether it is your first foray into the surreal world of Steam or yet another trip back into a strange world that you have come to know and love.
Steampunk Bracelets, Octopus Bracelets, Steampunk Wrist Cuffs, and Sleeve Bands
Enhancing your steampunk style has never been easier, thanks to the selection of steampunk bracelets offered at Dark Knight Armoury. This section is filled with bands and cuffs for men and women alike, allowing them to sport decorative pieces and unique elements of steampunk technology. Octopus bracelets show a Vernian theme, while gear, cog, and gadget bracelets show off steampunks industrial style.
Steampunk Pins and Victorian Themed Brooches and Cameos
An enticing way to decorate your shirt or jacket is with a brooch, badge, or pin. For those who want to do so in steampunk style, Dark Knight Armoury has a wide selection of Neo-Victorian brooches and steampunk pins to choose from. Emulating everything from military medals to Victorian cameos to themed gizmos of gears and cogs, our steampunk selection of pins, brooches, and badges gives you the freedom to freely decorate any piece of apparel.
Mens Steampunk Cufflinks, Neo-Victorian Cufflinks, and Buttons
Victorian style is known for his rich formal looks, something that carries over to steampunk styles as well. Dark Knight Armoury has capitalized on that by making available a selection of steampunk cufflinks, buttons, and other accessories that are perfect for customizing your formal looks. Our cufflinks in particular are incredible, allowing you to sport fantasy eye, clockwork, and gear designs in both steampunk costumes and modern-day wear.
Steampunk Drop Earrings, Steampunk Gear Earrings, and Neo-Victorian Cameo Earrings
Casual or formal, earrings are an accessory that most feature on a day-to-day basis. If you want to include some steampunk style into your daily style, steampunk earrings from Dark Knight Armoury is one way to do it. Designed with octopuses, gears, nautical themes, gadgets, keys, and Victorian emblems, they are diverse in their look. From studs to dangling styles, they are also perfect for all sorts of ensembles, from casual to formal to costume.
Steampunk Clockwork Pendants, Gear Necklaces, Octopus Necklaces, and Machine Pendants
Adding to your steampunk style can be as easy as picking out a pendant or a necklace. Dark Knight Armoury offers a wide selection of steampunk necklaces and Neo-Victorian pendants, including cameo pendants, gear chokers, gadget necklaces, clockwork dragonfly and butterfly necklaces, steampunk fantasy pendants, octopus necklaces, and more. They are perfect for casual wear, and of course they go great with existing steampunk styles.
Steampunk Rings, Cameo Rings, Steampunk Eye Rings, and Octopus Rings
When wearing steampunk style, do not forget to properly dress your hands! Unless you are wearing gloves, one of the best ways to feature Neo-Victorian themes on your hands is to wear one or more of the steampunk rings from Dark Knight Armoury. They depict images and icons like steampunk technology, octopuses, keys, cameos, gears, cogs, eyes, moving parts, and more.
Functional Steampunk Pocket Watches, Decorative Pocket Watches, and Steampunk Timepieces
Do not let time pass you by. Instead, seize the hour and grab a stylish pocket watch for yourself. Watches are big in steampunk style, thanks to the pervasiveness of clockwork patterning and Victorian style. Our functional pocket watches echo classic themes with ornate cases, windowed lids, and quartz crystal movements. Our watches do the same, while more decorative pieces allow you to show the style without worrying over dead watch batteries.

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