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At its root, steampunk style takes an old-world class and an industrial look and enhances it, adding some grunge here and some appeal there to create something completely new and completely unique. Touches of that Victorian look remain, though, and for that reason, nothing suits a steampunk gentleman or lady nearly as so well as one of the many different steampunk hats to be found here at Dark Knight Armoury. Our hats are all made from a variety of different materials, ranging from fabric caps and stiffened toppers to fine leather dress hats that will make a true gentleman turn green with envy! Of course we offer classic toppers and stove pipe hats to suit the more subdued look, as well as bowlers and derby hats for a style that is a bit more casual but still totally industrial. But for those moments when you need a hat as outlandish and impressive as the grandeur of a true steampunk setting, we deliver on those as well, featuring hats with all the right levels of flourish. For the ladies, we have riding hats both traditional and miniature decorated with ribbon, floral accents, feathers, and lace. For the gents, we offer traditional top hats decorated with bullets and pocket watches. Some have plain hat bands, while others are decorated with animal print or scales or draped with chains. And many are richly adorned with genuine clock parts for that steampunk clockwork look and feel! In short, if you are in need of a great steampunk hat, when Dark Knight Armoury should be your first place to look for one!
Aeros Aviator Hat
Perfect for fans of the steampunk genre or those who seek a stand out look, the Aeros Aviator Hat features a stylish and versatile design which allows for it to be worn as eye catching casual wear or to complete your steampunk costume.
Price: $10.95
Art Nouveau Hat
An art movement enraptured by curved lines, natural forms, and harmonious designs, Art Nouveau was embraced by all the decorative arts, including fashion. The Art Nouveau Hat features a gorgeous design inspired by the period.
Price: $167.00
On Sale For: $150.00
Atlantis Top Hat
The elegance and myth of the sea meet steampunk style in the Atlantis Top Hat. Expertly handcrafted out of American leather, the artistic crown of this aquatic inspired top hat depicts an ethereal mermaid meeting with a dolphin.
Price: $247.00
Balance Hat
Prowling forward with a menacing gleam in its eye, the dragon shows no mercy to those who encroach upon its cavernous domain. The Balance Hat displays a fantasy graphic that has been beautifully laser engraved and airbrushed.
Price: $317.00
Black Top Hat
Never has dressing with flare and style been so easy as with this elegant yet simple Black Top Hat! Styled like the hats of antiquity, this hat is a great way to accent a variety of different styles, ranging from classic to Steampunk!
Price: $17.00
Black Trim Steampunk Riding Hat
Rediscover the world of steampunk by making this fantastic Victorian top hat a part of your outfit! The Black Trim Steampunk Riding Hat will ensure that your equestrian pursuits will be performed with the utmost quality and style.
Price: $68.00
Bowler Derby Wool Hat
The Bowler Derby Wool Hat is perfect for sporting sophisticated style at any occasion. Made of 100 percent Australian wool with a comfortable, organic cotton sweat band, this bowler hat is waterproof and has a soft, rounded crown.
Price: $46.00
British Pith Hat
Dont embark on your next jungle adventure without your trusted British Pith Hat. This costume hat displays the authentic style of a historic British helmet, its light khaki color accentuated by a dark brown faux leather chin strap.
Price: $20.00
Bromley Leather Hat
Somewhere out there in the wide world, there is a hat for all occasions. Ask and you shall receive, for this Bromley Leather Hat is a classy little number that works well with just about any style of attire!
Price: $167.00
Brown Bell Topper Hat
The Brown Bell Topper Hat is a great way to add a touch of 19th century Victorian appeal to any outfit, although it looks particularly striking when combined with Steampunk looks, ranging from casual to gentleman to adventurer.
Price: $5.00
Brown Cadet Hat
Modeled after the kepis worn by soldiers during the Civil War, this Brown Cadet Hat not only creates the right look for historical reenactments, but can also add a subtle military touch to steampunk, cosplay, and modern ensembles.
Price: $8.00
Brown Steampunk Headband Hat
Not all hats are created equal. Take, for instance, this Brown Steampunk Headband Hat, which is a miniaturized top hat that perfectly embodies classic Steampunk style, making it a great addition to virtually any Neo-Victorian look.
Price: $10.00
Brown Striped Steampunk Riding Hat
Rediscover the world of steampunk by making this fantastic Victorian top hat a part of your outfit! The Brown Striped Steampunk Riding Hat will ensure that your equestrian pursuits will be performed with the utmost quality and style.
Price: $68.00
Buffalo Band El Dorado Steampunk Hat
Modesty is never a bad thing, especially not when it looks as good as this Buffalo Band El Dorado Steampunk Hat! This hat can be dressed up or down, allowing you to wear it on any day of the week with any style you might favor!
Price: $167.00
Carnival Hat
A quirky fusion of Victorian elegance and futuristic imagination, this steampunk hat offers a dashing look for almost any whimsical character. The Carnival Hat suits the eccentric aristocrat or extravagant dandy equally well.
Price: $167.00
Casual Black Derby
Step back into the past with the iconic Black Costume Derby hat. This elegant item is sure to be recognized by fans of Charlie Chaplin, A Clockwork Orange, or Laurel and Hardy. Do not pass up a wonderful costume item like this hat.
Price: $20.00
Casual Brown Derby
A nearly universal design the Brown Costume Derby has become synonymous with everything from bad guys like Alex from A Clockwork Orange, funny guys like Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, and many different character types in between.
Price: $22.00
Casual Stove Piper Steampunk Hat
When you think of a stove top hat, usually what comes to mind are the tall hats favored by Abe Lincoln. This Casual Stove Piper Steampunk Hat is one that even he would have been happy to wear, thanks to its casual yet edgy style.
Price: $197.00
Chain Link Steampunk Top Hat
The Chain Link Steampunk Top Hat is perfect for adding a bit of edge to your Victorian vibe. This black top hat is made of Azo-free, 100 percent Australian wool, and its brown leather band is accented all around with brass chains.
Price: $83.00
Chaplin Hat
This classic felt bowler is beyond extraordinary. Named for the silent film extraordinaire Charlie Chaplin, the leather brim and round felt crown of this fashionable hat are perfect for giving your style a touch of edgy chic.
Price: $147.00

"A great BIG thank you to the ladies and all involved. I can't believe how fast it got here. Well packaged. My son will be so happy! "

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