Mens Medieval Jerkins & Tunics

There is no better garment to add to your medieval wardrobe then a medieval jerkin or tunic. These articles of medieval clothing are extremely versatile and effective at creating an authentic medieval look. Tunics have been worn throughout virtually all of the medieval ages. They were one of the dominant articles for men and women to wear during the Roman ages and remained a part of the typical manner of dress during the course of the middle ages. A tunic is worn exactly like a shirt and features a long hem that falls somewhere between the hips and the ankles. A medieval tunic is also made of heavier fabric, which makes tunics excellent to wear under armor. And because they were worn throughout the medieval era, there are various styles of tunics available. We offer Viking tunics, Roman tunics, Greek tunics, and even simple medieval tunics that are great for farmers, peasants, and warriors. We even have knightly tunics featuring the symbols of famous orders and kingly tunics featuring the heraldry of well-known kings. A jerkin, on the other hand, is worn like a jacket or a doublet. They typically button or buckle up the front and are considered to be somewhat dressy. Actual medieval jerkins were typically made from light weight leather. Some of our own jerkins follow this trend, although those that do not are still rather comfortable and stylish. A jerkin can be paired with virtually any period shirt or tunic, and a tunic can be paired with full length pants or breeches. They can even be worn with a toga, in true Roman fashion! In short, you can wear your medieval jerkins and tunics just like you would any combination of medieval shirt and jacket. It is this versatility that makes medieval tunics and medieval jerkins valuable garments to include in your own medieval attire.
Men's King Arthur Tunic
The Men's King Arthur Tunic is an attractive and ornate tunic that is made from luxurious black velvet. This tunic is perfectly styled for the medieval era and features silver decorations, which stand out perfectly against the tunic's black velvet.
Price: $130.00
Musketeer Tabbard
The Musketeer Tabbard is made from rich blue cotton velvet fully lined with a matching satin. The front, back, and sides are emblazoned with the fully hand embroidered silver cross and fleur-de-lis of the Musketeers.
Price: $169.00
Mystic Tunic Ensemble
Wizards have come a long way since the days of austere robes and cloaks. The modern mage wears something a little more stylish. With the Mystic Tunic Ensemble, you can bring your magic into the 21st Century while maintaining mystique.
Price: $245.00
Noble Knights Tunic With Cross
The Noble Knights Tunic With Cross is a great tunic to wear if you're looking for a noble, knightly look, this tunic is simply made from 100% cotton and features a knightly cross on the chest, making it a great tunic, both on or off the battlefield.
Price: $80.00
Norman Tunic
From the age of William the Conqueror comes this courtly Norman Tunic. Manufactured of sturdy homespun blue and grey cotton twill, this tunic is designed to give the look of layered garments with the comfort of a single shirt.
Price: $79.00
Norse Saxon Tunic
Embrace down to earth style when you wear the Norse Saxon Tunic. This incredibly versatile, historically inspired tunic is made of dark tan rayon fabric and suits a wide variety of historical and fantasy cultures and characters.
Price: $31.00
Norse Torstein Tunic
The strength of the sea and the sky meet in navy blue and white panels of the Norse Torstein Tunic. Made out of linen, this historically inspired Viking tunic exudes refinement and elegance without over the top embellishment.
Price: $51.00
Norse Trimmed Viking Tunic
Fine craft was inherently a part of the Viking culture, and this Norse Trimmed Viking Tunic proves as much. It stands alone as a Viking tunic, with just that right touch of detail to make it into a stellar piece of apparel to wear.
Price: $38.00
Radulfus Norman Tunic
Walk with dignity when you wear the Radulfus Norman Tunic. Made of quality linen fabric, this mens gray tunic features contrasting red trim along its neck, sleeve cuffs, and bottom hem, creating a bold yet stately reenactment piece.
Price: $51.00
Rafael Canvas Tunic
The Renaissance was a time of learning, art, and culture, and with those things comes reputation. Make sure your reputation is a good one by dressing to the nines with the classy and subtly ornate Rafael Canvas Tunic.
Price: $66.00
Rafael Wool Tunic
Brass buttons add a touch of nobility and wealth to the traditional design of the Rafael Wool Tunic. It also offers a layer of protection against cold air and light rain, perfect for exploring a LARP kingdom or a renaissance faire.
Price: $100.00
Ratio Tunic
Showing off dramatic black and red coloration, the Ratio Tunic is a padded, long-sleeved coat covering the torso from neck to hips. The padded tunic can be worn on its own or serve as armour padding under mail or plate armour.
Price: $64.00
Ready for Battle Tunic
When it comes to a casual medieval style, nothing beats a good, solid tunic. This Ready for Battle Tunic is just that, offering a medieval look and feel that is a perfect complement to practically any style of medieval ensemble.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $27.00
Richard the Lionheart Tunic by Marto
Designed in colors reminiscent of kingly grace and strength, the Richard the Lionheart Tunic by Marto is designed with the lionhearted king himself in mind, replicating kingly colors and the kings own coat-of-arms.
Price: $229.00
Robertus Linen Underdress
For medieval scholars to noblemen and townsfolk to adventurers, a proper under layer is a must when it comes to dressing the part. Add authenticity and comfort to your medieval and fantasy looks with the Robertus Linen Underdress.
Price: $34.00
Roman Gladiator Tunic
Entertain the roaring crowd and earn yourself a name by unleashing your skills in the Roman arena while clad in the Roman Gladiator Tunic. Forget your past and what tragedies may lay there, the upcoming battle deserves full attention.
Price: $39.00
Roman Tunic
The sleeves on the Roman Tunic are the real eye catcher, with a gold and black jacquard trim and the fabric slightly gathered into the hem. The Roman Tunic is made of a light to medium weight cotton that is woven to look like linen.
Price: $43.00
Roman Tunic
The red Roman Tunic is based on the historical garments standard issue to the Roman legions from the days of the Republic to the end of the Empire, around 400 A.D. This versatile tunic works well for a number of reenactment looks.
Price: $49.00
Saint James Templar Knight Cloak and Tunic by Marto
The Saint James Templar Knight Cloak and Tunic, by Marto, is an all-cotton white cloak and tunic sewn with the cross of Saint James, a red cross terminating into a sword. This is the typical uniform of a variant of the Templar.
Price: $326.00
Saxon Tunic
During the Norman and Saxon periods, men of all classes wore tunics. Continuing that tradition, our Saxon tunic has been made using durable Brown Twill fabric. The sleeve and garment were cut as one piece using only one seam.
Price: $82.00
Shapur Canvas Tunic Robe
With diligence, you study the ancient techniques. Dress as a dignified warrior of the past when you clothe yourself in the Shapur Canvas Tunic Robe. This reenactment garment is ideal for early history, Eastern, and fantasy styles.
Price: $36.00
Shapur Wool Tunic Robe
For eons, you have studied the ancient ways. Now, wear the Shapur Wool Tunic Robe as you step forth skilled in the time-honored discipline. This unique reenactment garment is constructed from a warm and comfortable wool blend fabric.
Price: $51.00
Short Sleeved Medieval Tunic
The tunic is a classic part of any medieval attire, making this piece a great choice. This Short Sleeved Medieval Tunic is as fine an addition to a medieval mans attire as he could ask for, thanks to its subtle touches of detailing.
Price: $39.25
Sigbert Canvas Tunic
A staple reenactment garment with just the right amount of ornate detail, the Sigbert Canvas Tunic suits noblemen, Vikings, and most any medieval or fantasy character looking for a stylish yet practical base to their ensemble.
Price: $36.00
Sir Godfrey Tunic
Medieval Collectibles is proud to offer this officially licensed replica of the tunic worn by Sir Godfrey in the epic action-adventure motion picture Robin Hood from Universal Pictures and director Ridley Scott.
Price: $145.00
On Sale For: $110.00
Siward Saxon Tunic
Peasant, ranger, or nobleman, dress the Siward Saxon Tunic up or down to create a look that will have you feeling positively medieval. This mens reenactment tunic is made of a sturdy and thick, uniquely textured cotton blend fabric.
Price: $58.00
Small Templar Knight Tunic and Cloak by Marto
The Templar Knight Tunic and Cloak by Marto is an all-cotton-made cloak of white fabric, with a red Templar cross sewn onto the fabric this cloak is the typical attire of a knight Templar, in the traditional colors of red and white.
Price: $272.00
Snorre Viking Tunic
Despite popular culture interpretations, Vikings were somewhat known for their hygiene and style. Boldly red with embroidery trim, the Snorre Viking Tunic will help you stand out among the crowd at your next reenactment event.
Price: $38.00
Snorri Thorbrandsson Undertunic
The life of Snorri Thorbrandsson was pockmarked with conflict. Following a fight with another Viking, he traveled to Greenland, where he was killed in battle. You can capture the warrior spirit with the Snorri Thorbrandsson Undertunic.
Price: $43.18
Squire's Tunic
With its split design, the Squires Tunic has the potential to display a variety of interesting color combinations. Beyond the staggering array of color possibilities, however, the Squires Tunic is actually rather simple in appearance.
Price: $55.00
Stepan Damask Tunic
The historical style and cut of the Stepan Damask Tunic are inspired by the houppelande of the late Middle Ages. It became the preferred fashion of the professional classes. Modern judicial and academic robes are based on it as well.
Price: $80.00
Sven Viking Undertunic
The name Sven is directly derived from the medieval Swedish word meaning squire, the apprentice of a knight. The Sven Viking Undertunic grants its wearer the flexibility and modesty expected of an apprentice to a great Viking warrior.
Price: $43.18
Tancred Crusaders Tunic
Many heeded the call of the Crusades, noble and peasant alike. One noble who went was named Tancred, and he would eventually become prince of Galilee. This Tancred Crusaders Tunic carries the cross he bore as a crusader.
Price: $75.00
Templar Quartered Tunic
This Templar Quartered Tunic is made from white cotton. A large red velvet Templar cross is stitched to the chest. Faux leather trims the collar and shoulders. This surcoat is quartered with splits in the front, back, and sides.
Price: $99.00
Templar Tunic
This heavy cotton sleeveless Templar Tunic has been dyed a bright white. The Orders Maltese styled red cross has been appliqued over the heart, while a full linen lining has been sewn on the interior for comfort.
Price: $85.00
Teutonic Knight Tunic
This Teutonic Knight Tunic is made from medium weight white cotton. An imposing black velvet cross is stitched to the chest, and faux leather trims the collar and shoulders. Splits in the front, back, and sides allow free movement.
Price: $99.00
Teutonic Templar Knight Tunic and Cloak by Marto
The Teutonic Templar Knight Tunic and Cloak by Marto are a cotton-made of white fabric, with a simple black cross sewn on. This is the typical attire of a Teutonic Templar Knight, in the traditional colors of white and black.
Price: $326.00
Three-Quarters Sleeve Viking Undertunic
As the seasons change, clothing does, too. This phenomenon is not isolated to the contemporary era. The Three-Quarters Sleeve Viking Undertunic provides just enough sleeve for chilly days while still allowing the arms to cool in unseasonable heat.
Price: $43.18
Townsman Tunic
Get ready for medieval fest with the Townsman Tunic. The Townsman Tunic is made of Cotton fabric gives a rustic look while maintaining a comfortable fit. Two wooden buttons enhance the beauty of the asymmetric opening neck line.
Price: $93.00
Tyr Viking Tunic
Tyr is one of the oldest known European gods whose role shifted from principal deity to Norse god of justice over the centuries. The Tyr Viking Tunic allows you to emulate the poise and power of Tyr without having to feed your hand to a wolf.
Price: $83.98
Velvet Lionheart Tunic
This royal tunic is worthy of the great king Richard I of England, known as Coeur de Lion and leader of the Third Crusades. This Velvet Lionheart Tunic makes a regal addition to any medieval knight or king ensemble.
Price: $120.00
Viborg Tunic
At an 11th-to-14th-Century Viking settlement in Sonderso, Denmark, archaeologists found what is believed to be the only existing piece of everyday Viking wear. The Viborg Tunic replicates this garment with stunning accuracy.
Price: $83.98
Viking Nobleman Tunic
The Viking Nobleman Tunic exudes the style of the Dark Ages and recalls the tales of fierce Norse raiders. This Viking shirt is made of heavy 100 percent cotton with a wide, natural edging at the collar and bottom of the garment.
Price: $120.00
Viking Tunic
The Viking Tunic was worn during the Norman and Saxon periods, when men of all classes wore tunics. This tunic is a very versatile piece and will go with many different outfits, making it a great addition to any wardrobe.
Price: $69.00
White Templar Knight Tunic
The perfect period garment for any medieval knight, the White Templar Knight Tunic offers clear identification of its wearer. Made from white cotton canvas, this Crusader tunic shows off a bright red Templar cross on the chest.
Price: $43.00
Wilfred Cotton Tunic
Whether your character is a pragmatic merchant, a medieval nobleman, or an adventurer of almost any sort, the Wilfred Cotton Tunic will have you dressed in distinct medieval style with its classic shape and cool color block look.
Price: $36.00
Wolfram Cotton Tunic
Create a historical appearance without forsaking comfort during the hot days of summer. Whether as an undergarment or on its own, the Wolfram Cotton Tunic is perfect for an adventurous visit to a LARP kingdom or renaissance faire.
Price: $28.00
Wolfram Damask Tunic
Whether you are reenacting a historical scene on stage, mingling with the peasants at a renaissance fair, or adventuring into a LARP realm, the Wolfram Damask Tunic is a period garment that reveals the wealth and prestige of your role.
Price: $80.00
Wolfram Long Canvas Tunic
When it comes to medieval apparel, you can never go wrong with a tunic, and the Wolfram Long Canvas Tunic is no exception. Featuring long sleeves and a calf length style, this cotton canvas garment is great for cooler weather.
Price: $40.00
Wolfram Long Wool Tunic
LARPers and reenactors alike can appreciate the historical style and utility of the Wolfram Long Wool Tunic. Its soft surface naturally repels dirt and moisture, making it a suitable outer layer for adventuring into a medieval kingdom.
Price: $80.00
Wolfram Premium Canvas Tunic
As an undergarment or on its own, the Wolfram Premium Canvas Tunic is perfect for an adventurous stroll through a LARP kingdom or renaissance faire. Create a historical look without forsaking comfort during the hot days of summer.
Price: $36.00
Woolen Viking Tunic
The Woolen Viking Tunic is a fine addition to Norse or medieval wardrobes alike. Made of a warm wool blend, this long sleeve tunic has a heavy construction that feels accurate to the period. Nordic designs decorate its hems.
Price: $89.00

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