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Steampunk can be so much more than just dressing up in cool fashions and carrying around cool gadgets. It can be a lifestyle, if you so choose! And at Dark Knight Armoury, we offer a huge selection of great steampunk collectibles that are perfect for surrounding yourself with intriguing and entrancing accents that embody the core concepts and values of this amazing movement! Guns and gizmos are some of what you will find in this section, as well as statuaries and more, all of which allow you to add a new and unique touch of Steampunk style to your everyday life. And all of them offer that technological look that makes Steampunk so steam-powered! The guns are modeled after a mix of real firearms, futuristic fantasy, and anachronistic design, creating an eclectic mix of pieces that are perfect for displaying on your mantle or carrying at your hip! We also offer wall clocks, decor plaques, and more that are a great way to bring some industrial gears and clockworks designs into your decor. Sprinkle a few pieces like gadget boxes and cybernetic steam-skulls around as well, and you have all you need to create your perfect steampunk home. And for those who love statues and figurines, we also carry steampunk styled ones that recreate lovely ladies, futuristic fairies, and mechanical beasts to display in your home as well! Steampunk is a wide world, and Dark Knight Armoury is a great place to find an array of collectibles from that world, so that you can live and breathe steampunk, every moment of every day!
Anguistralobe Clock
Based on an early alternative-history device created to predict future conjunctions points and moments of alignment regarding planets, the Anguistralobe Clock is a complex piece of steampunk science themed home or office decor.
Price: $40.00
Anguistralobe Trinket Dish
The Anguistralobe, a device from steampunk science used to map the chronological points of alignment of the planets. The body of this tool is oddly dish shaped when seen by itself, so why not have an Anguistralobe Trinket Dish?
Price: $12.00
Armed Steampunk Dragon Fairy Statue
Prepared for whatever situation she encounters, this bold fairy stands with a steampunk gun in her hands. The Armed Steampunk Dragon Fairy Statue also displays her dragon companion crouching at her feet on their pedestal.
Price: $110.00
Armored Steampunk Skeleton Statue
Prepare for the battle of the future with the bone chilling Armored Steampunk Skeleton Statue. This daring figurine can add new levels to your current collection of steampunk decor with full armor and a menacing stance.
Price: $37.60
Art Glass Octopus Sphere Paperweight
Every desk deserves a flash of color, and these glass paperweights are a great way to find some bright hues! The Art Glass Octopus Sphere Paperweight shows off a purple figure within a clear sphere flecked with colors.
Price: $22.00
Avenging Angel Statue
With a great blend of steampunk and fantasy the Avenging Angel Statue brings these two worlds together with a bang. Crafted from polystone, this fairy gives a great twist on dark fantasy and steampunk alike.
Price: $79.00
Black Seadevil Steampunk Submarine
Designed for ocean exploration, this Black Seadevil Steampunk Submarine resembles an anglerfish who dwells in the deepsea areas where no sunlight can reach. Instead of a bioluminescent lure, this submarine has a steam-powered lamp.
Price: $60.00
Blue Brass Octopus
Few sea creatures attract as much notice as octopi with their winding tentacles and natural curiosity. The Blue Brass Octopus allows you to bring one of these fascinating animals to your home decor as a stunning accent.
Price: $80.00
Blue Glass Octopus
Glass decorations can add a splash of color to your otherwise neutral room. The fantastic Blue Glass Octopus depicts one of these curious ocean dwellers in a deep ocean blue art glass with bright white eyes.
Price: $49.00
Blue Octopus Glass Paperweight
Every desk deserves a flash of color, and these glass paperweights are a great way to find some bright hues! The Blue Octopus Glass Paperweight shows off a streaked blue figure that grips tight to its clear paperweight.
Price: $25.00
Bright Metallic Machine Skull
Mechanical-inspired embellishments transform this human skull into a robotic monstrosity. Made of high quality cold cast resin, the Bright Metallic Machine Skull displays a golden colored macabre twist on typical steampunk style.
Price: $35.00
Bronze and Copper Steampunk Butterfly Trinket Box
Keep your treasure safe under gear and cog with the Bronze and Copper Steampunk Butterfly Trinket Box. Crafted from polystone, this is a great piece to add some steampunk flair to your home, while storing your small treasures.
Price: $27.00
Bronze Crow-Masked Winged Steampunk Warrior
Wings open from his recent landing, this masked warrior brandishes his gun as he surveys his new location. Display this Bronze Crow-Masked Winged Steampunk Warrior on a shelf or table for an elegant fantasy vigilante display.
Price: $52.00
Bronze Propeller Bookend
Embrace the dazzling visuals of the steampunk genre with the stylish and elegant Bronze Propeller Bookend. This original home accent can become a daring new addition to your personal collection, so grab one today.
Price: $40.00
Captains Nemo Steampunk Pistol and Stand
Jules Verne is the author of the first nautical story to have elements of steampunk in it, and that tradition continues in the form of this Captains Nemo Steampunk Pistol and Stand, which bears name of his legendary sea captain.
Price: $70.00
Clockwork Steampunk Storage Box
Even storage containers are gear-powered in a steampunk world! This Clockwork Steampunk Storage Box reveals the aesthetics of a clockwork realm dependent on gears, perfect for storing your pocket watches, pendants, coins, and more.
Price: $30.00
Copper Detail Cyborg Skull
Hand painted the color of ancient bone, this skull shows curious mechanical details. Made entirely of high quality cold cast resin, the Copper Detail Cyborg Skull is an intriguing and macabre display of twisted steampunk style.
Price: $35.00
Copper Skull Steampunk Incense Burner
The clockwork realms have their darker sides too. Embrace the macabre when you enjoy your favorite stick incense from the Copper Skull Steampunk Incense Burner. A mechanical-seeming human skull grins from one end of its boat.
Price: $12.00
Copper Steampunk Dragon Statue
The most skilled neo-Victorian inventors specialize in making monsters of machinery, but just because these things are designed for fearsome tasks does not mean they cannot be beautiful, as shown in the Copper Steampunk Dragon Statue.
Price: $48.00
Crow-Masked Winged Steampunk Warrior Statue
An elegant warrior from another time, this stylish figure wears mechanical feathered wings that open with gears and levers. Display your Crow-Masked Winged Steampunk Warrior Statue with any Neo-Victorian or fantasy vigilante display.
Price: $52.00

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