Womens Steampunk Pants and Tights

Good more than just running, jumping, and fighting in, our womens steampunk tights and Neo-Victorian pants are a stellar alternative for adding something stylish and impressive to your ensemble. After all, not all ladies have to wear skirts! Dark Knight Armoury has plenty to choose from when it comes to steampunk trousers. Offered in several different styles and themes, our Neo-Victorian legwear fits classic steampunk, cyberpunk, and post-apocalyptic styles with ease. Some steampunk pants mimic military trousers, while others echo Victorian riding pants. We also steampunk shorts and Victorian bloomers, some of which feature adorable steampunk octopuses. For a tough steampunk lady, we also offer leather steampunk pants that are perfect for sky pirates, time travelers, and adventuresses. Dress for success, the old adage states. Whether you are dressing up as a steampunk thrill-seeker or ship captain, or just want a good pair of pants for your look, Dark Knight Armoury has plenty to choose from among our selection of breeches, bloomers, trousers, slacks, and tights.
Black Lace Adorned Womens Pants
For the ladies who cannot get enough lace in their attire, these Black Lace Adorned Womens Pants are a fine way to add a bit more, while bringing a second layer to your attire for reasons of comfort, modesty, or anything else.
Price: $57.00
On Sale For: $35.00
Casual Victorian Trouser
There are times when a skirt just will not do. When you find yourself in that moment, turn to a pair of cute trousers, like this Casual Victorian Trouser, to complete your outfit without sacrificing any style or appeal.
Price: $30.00
On Sale For: $27.00
German Airship Knickerbockers
These German Airship Knickerbockers will make just about any Steampunk ensemble as sporty as can be. Made from a soft poly-cotton stretch fabric, these knee pants feature pockets at the waist and brown wooden buttons at the cuffs.
Price: $55.00
Leonardo Writing Bloomer Shorts
If you are feeling hot this summer but still want to enjoy your favorite fashions, be sure to check out these steampunk bloomers. The Leonardo Writing Bloomer Shorts can be worn as shorts or as unique period undergarments.
Price: $46.00
New Orleans Pantaloons
The New Orleans Pantaloons are part of a flirty Edwardian lingerie ensemble when paired with our matching camisole, making an enticing number in the boudoir. The period bloomers are perfect for wearing alone or as an undergarment.
Price: $60.00
Octopus Print Bloomer Shorts
If you need to beat the summer heat while showing off Victorian style, then these charming patterned steampunk bloomers make a great option. The Octopus Print Bloomer Shorts can be worn as shorts or as unique period undergarments.
Price: $46.00
Steampunk Black Stretch Pants
The form-fitting stretch of these pants creates a comfortable wearing experience both stylish and flattering. The Steampunk Black Stretch Pants suit many different ensembles with their solid black color.
Price: $45.00
Steampunk Exposed Thigh Striped Pants
The genre of steampunk embraces a variety of styles within its aesthetic, including retro-futuristic elements from its science fiction roots. The Steampunk Exposed Thigh Striped Pants offer unique trousers to complement your outfit.
Price: $79.00
On Sale For: $71.10
Steampunk Striped Bloomer Shorts
Victorian ladies might have been required to swelter in the summer heat, but you will not have to with the addition of these shorts to your closet! The Steampunk Striped Bloomer shorts look great with your favorite period tops.
Price: $38.00
Steampunk Three-Quarter Pants
When you need an attractive pair of bottoms to accompany your fashionable steampunk blouses and tops, this pair of cropped pants makes a great option! The Steampunk Three-Quarter Pants cut off around the mid-calf.
Price: $64.00
White Steampunk Pantaloons
This pair of bloomers is ideally suited for any situation, from enjoying high society with nobility or sailing the seas and skies with pirates. Made in a Victorian style, these White Steampunk Pantaloons are nothing if not versatile.
Price: $12.00

"Hi, I recently placed an order but an item was out of stock, so I had to send a few emails and a phone call to substitute items and pay the difference. I spoke with Rachel through emails and Melissa over the phone, and would just like to say that your customer service department is fantastic. Every step of the way they were polite and helpful, and the setback was apologized for and promptly fixed. I've dealt with a lot of companies, but this was arguably the best that I have received to date, and as such I will definitely be ordering from you again."

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