Womens Steampunk Dresses

Capture the elegance of a distant age with the elegant and attractive steampunk dresses at Dark Knight Armoury. Based on Victorian styles and modern sensibilities, these steampunk dresses offer a chic alternative for any woman to add to her steampunk wardrobe. Beyond just classic steampunk style, we offer dresses that can just as easily fit into post-apocalyptic styles as well as into modern fashions. Some of the more classic dresses sport layered skirts, rich detailing, ruffles, and period bustles, creating a vintage look fit for steampunk soirees. More modern steampunk dresses feature corseted bodices as well as buckle and chain decorations, adding a touch of modern fashion to the steampunk era. Our steampunk dresses even borrow from gothic style, as Lolita dresses and gothabilly dresses with steampunk features also appear in this section. From solid colors to striking stripe patterns and fine satin to comfortable cotton, Dark Knight Armoury has quite the selection of steampunk gowns and dresses to choose from, allowing you to grab the garment you most desire.
Anneliese Steampunk Corset Dress
Gorgeous and unique, the Anneliese Steampunk Corset Dress makes the perfect formalwear option with its striking steampunk style. The built-in sweetheart corset of the sleeveless gown creates a lovely hourglass silhouette.
Price: $71.68
Antonie Steampunk Corset Dress
Dress up in stunning Neo-Victorian formalwear for your next event by bringing home the Antonie Steampunk Corset Dress! This gorgeous sleeveless gown features a built-in sweetheart corset that creates the ideal hourglass figure.
Price: $76.80
Balloon Print Net Dress
This striking steampunk dress will send your fashion to new heights with its charming hot air balloon print! The Balloon Print Net Dress features a fitted bodice trimmed with brown gimp braid and a ribbon bow at the neckline.
Price: $85.75
On Sale For: $78.00
Barnardel Steampunk Corset Dress
Sophisticated and eye-catching, the Barnardel Steampunk Corset Dress makes an excellent choice for steampunk formalwear. The lovely sleeveless gown includes a built-in sweetheart corset to create its hourglass silhouette.
Price: $74.24
Blue Hellfire Gown
Wonder awaits when you wear this lavish 19th century gown out on the town. The Blue Hellfire Gown is made of a blue floral rayon with a black Antebellum waist and velveteen belt. This Edwardian dress displays an asymmetrical hem.
Price: $149.00
Dita Corset Dress
The Dita Corset Dress is a fine showing of exotic style, possessed of several features that make this an appealing dress for any woman to wear, thanks to its style and a level of detailing that makes this garment look fit for the stage.
Price: $120.00
On Sale For: $108.00
Dita Cream Taffeta Corset Dress
Inspired by Victorian fashions, this off-the-shoulder vintage dress offers an elegant option for fancy evening engagements. The Dita Cream Taffeta Corset Dress includes a built in corset to create its stunning silhouette.
Price: $120.00
On Sale For: $108.00
Empire Woman's Steampunk Gown
This stylish black Steampunk gown has a pleated skirt layered with a floral veil. A faux sealskin corset with faux leather front straps and armbands complete the look. Our steampunk gown comes with mini top hat and veil.
Price: $225.00
HMS Gown
This layered crimson satin HMS Gown consists of 3 layers. The bottom layer of the gown is trimmed in black net. An attached overskirt is a black net with black rayon fabric that can flow freely or be tied in a bow for a sassy look.
Price: $149.00
Ladys Lace Trimmed Steampunk Dress
When it comes to class, the Victorian age had it all. The influence of that era is strong even today. For a sampling of its beauty and appeal, you need only glance towards a woman wearing this Ladys Lace Trimmed Steampunk Dress!
Price: $123.00
On Sale For: $75.00
Leonardo Inventions Gothabilly Dress
Fans of gothabilly subculture are sure to enjoy the vintage schematic drawings that cover the Leonardo Inventions Gothabilly Dress. This comfortable steampunk dress can be worn for almost any occasion, especially on summer days.
Price: $68.00
Leonardo Writing Gothabilly Dress
Fans of gothabilly subculture are sure to enjoy the vintage script print that cover the Leonardo Writing Gothabilly Dress. This comfortable steampunk dress can be worn for almost any occasion, especially on summer days.
Price: $68.00
Map Print Gothabilly Dress
Fans of gothabilly subculture are sure to enjoy the charming steampunk twist in the design of the Map Print Gothabilly Dress. This comfortable vintage dress can be worn for almost any occasion, especially on summer days.
Price: $68.00
Metropolis Dress
Fans of the 1927 science fiction classic film, Metropolis, will enjoy this fun dress inspired by the work. The Metropolis Dress features a deconstructed appearance that gives it a great sci-fi aesthetic.
Price: $110.00
Octopus Print Gothabilly Dress
Fans of gothabilly subculture are sure to enjoy the nautical twist in the design of the Octopus Print Gothabilly Dress. This comfortable steampunk dress can be worn for almost any occasion, especially on summer days.
Price: $68.00
Ophelia Renaissance Dress
Named after the great beauty in Shakespeare's play Hamlet, the Ophelia Renaissance Dress is a vision of loveliness, possessed of rich detailing and style that will transform any woman into a beauty straight out of Shakespearian lore.
Price: $140.00
Ophelie Brown Brocade Corset Dress
A gorgeous option for your next formal event, the Ophelie Brown Brocade Corset Dress provides a waist-slimming effect with its built-in corset. The high-low dress cascades down the back in layers of ruffled brocade and lace.
Price: $160.00
On Sale For: $144.00
Ophelie Cream Brocade Corset Dress
Perfect for a formal event or an enchanting party, this Ophelie Cream Brocade Corset Dress is resplendent with ornate details. Decorative satin ribbon lacing framed by lace ruffles embellishes the front panel of this Victorian frock.
Price: $160.00
On Sale For: $144.00
Steampunk Alexandria Bib Dress
The black and white striped bib amps up the charming appearance of this stylish steampunk dress. The Steampunk Alexandria Bib Dress is a licensed design from Steampunk Couture and renowned steampunk model and fashion designer, Kato.
Price: $62.00
Steampunk Black and Brown Striped Dress
Combining the rockabilly fashion from the 50s with steampunk style, the Steampunk Black and Brown Striped Dress features a bold black and brown striped pattern and a thick black waist belt that emphasizes your curves.
Price: $69.00

" Just wanted to drop a note! AWESOME STUFF. It just arrived today :) I was pretty worried if things would still get shipped as they were all 'out of stock'. However, I was not let down. This is beautiful stuff! Awesome job and thank you."

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