Steampunk Clothing, Steampunk Coats, Steampunk Corsets and Steampunk Costumes

What do you get when you take some Victorian style, mix it with industrial and grunge, and liberally season with some punk and some gothic touches? Why, you get steampunk! Our steampunk clothing section here at Dark Knight Armoury covers a whole range of looks, from dark grungy industrial to bright neo-Victorian, making it THE place to shop when it comes to you building your ideal steampunk style! We cater to men and women both when it comes to great neo-Victorian clothing to suit your steampunk needs. More than just the pseudo-stylized elements of formal apparel though, we offer a wide range of garments that are perfect for putting together impressive looks worthy of a high society gent or lady, as well as grungy low looks fit for mechanics and engineers - as well as everything in-between! If, as a lady, you need a lovely dress, we can provide that, with all the bells and whistles of steampunk style. Or if you are more daring, we have corsets, skirts, and blouses fit for a steampunk adventurer or lady captain to wear while she sails her ship across sea and sky! Gents, we have not forgotten you, offering long coats, vests, trousers, and frocks to build all manner of looks that include elements of noble gentry, military style, and post-apocalyptic steampunk grunge! Gadgets and gizmos adorn many of our pieces as well for that added touch of technology. Of course, we offer plenty of toppers, stove pipers, and hats to suit your steampunk need as well! Feeling steampunk? So are we. So pay us a visit at Dark Knight Armoury, and let us set you up with all the steampunk clothing and apparel that you could ever dream of wearing!
Complete Steampunk Ensembles, Neo-Victorian Outfits, and Dieselpunk Looks for Women
If you need a steampunk look in a hurry or worry over building one yourself, Dark Knight Armoury can help you out. Our selection of complete steampunk ensembles for women is a selection of pre-assembled outfits, ranging from noble styles to casual looks. Composed of blouses, skirts, leggings, corsets, harnesses, bodices, and more, they are all made to sport the best steampunk style possible.
Men's Long Steampunk Coats, Neo-Victorian Tailcoats, and Steampunk Jackets
It is the Neo-Victorian era, and coats are big in fashion right now. Dark Knight Armoury would hate for you gents to lack a stylish coat in your steampunk look, which is why we offer so many. Ranging from military coats and pea coats to frock coats and tailcoats, our selection is perfect for adding an extra touch of style and layering to any look, whether you are a Neo-Victorian lord, a cyberpunk scientist, or an everyday steampunk civilian.
Mens Steampunk Trousers, Neo-Victorian Slacks, and Steampunk Breeches
Stylish steampunk slacks and Neo-Victorian trousers are easy to find at Dark Knight Armoury. We offer a wide selection of styles, ensuring that when you go steampunk, you can get the pants you need for your preferred look. We offer historically inspired jodhpurs, neo-Victorian slacks, steampunk breeches, and more, all featuring unique Victorian twists mixed with steampunk elements like chains, gears, cogs, and grommets.
Airship Shirts, Neo-Victorian Shirts, and Mens Steampunk Shirts
Going steampunk is as easy as grabbing a new shirt at Dark Knight Armoury. Our selection of mens steampunk shirts includes steampunk, Neo-Victorian, and historical styles that are perfect for creating your ideal look. Our steampunk shirts range from formal, with ruffles, collars, and distinctive Victorian touches, to more casual looks that are fit for steampunk engineers and air captains, as well as for tees for everyday wear.
Mens Steampunk Vests, Victorian Waistcoats, and Shaper Vests
A stylish vest is just the way to add something sensational to your steampunk attire. Dark Knight Armoury offers an assortment of options in both single breasted and double breasted styles. Our steampunk vests and Victorian waistcoats also sport unique patterns and fabrics, like floral brocade, classic stripes, gear patterns, chain decorations, clockwork imagery, and more, to better fit the steampunk style.
Mens Steampunk Cravats, Womens Lace Jabots, and Aviator Scarves
When wearing steampunk styles, do not forget what goes around your neck! We are not talking about necklaces and pendants, but instead about steampunk scarves, cravats, and jabots! Dark Knight Armoury offers cravats for men, jabots for women, and scarves for both, made in soft fabric and decorated with gears, floral patterns, lace, and more. Just choose one that suits your style and you are ready to go.
Womens Steampunk Gloves, Victorian Headdresses, and Other Steampunk Accessories
A good accessory can transform your look from good to unforgettable, while also adding in your own personal touch. Dark Knight Armoury makes it easy to accessorize with our steampunk selection of womens accessories. Here, you will find lace and leather gloves, belts, pouches, headdresses, arm bands, bracers, and harnesses, all of which are perfectly suited to adding extra flair and panache to your steampunk style.
Womens Steampunk Dresses, Victorian Gowns, and Corseted Dresses
Dark Knight Armoury has steampunk dresses that are perfect for casual, costume, and formalwear. Designed with style in mind our steampunk dresses and gowns feature modern, Victorian, and historical styles in a range of fabrics, ensuring a chic, comfortable fit. They come in a variety of colors, and they range in style, including full length gowns, sweet heart dresses, halter dresses, gothic dresses, corseted dresses, and more.
Womens Steampunk Vests and Leather Harnesses
A steampunk harness or Victorian vest is a great way add to extra appeal to any steampunk ensemble. Our selection of womens steampunk vests includes elegant and attractive options with clasp and button closures that are perfect for adding shape and style to blouses and dresses. Our steampunk harnesses are similar, adding extra shaping and support, while also doubling over as an attachment point for extra steampunk accessories.
Womens Steampunk Jackets, Neo-Victorian Coats,  Steampunk Boleros, and Lace Capelets
If the weather turns or you find yourself fighting a chill in the air, Dark Knight Armoury has a selection of womens steampunk jackets and capelets that are perfect for adding extra layering to your look. They are also a stylish array of garments. Choose from stylish steampunk leather jackets, frock coats, formal jackets, and more, as well as elegant lace and fabric capes and capelets.
Womens Steampunk Overbust Corsets, Engineer Corsets, and Neo-Victorian Waist Trainer Corsets
For a striking and eye-catching addition to your steampunk style, do not miss out on one of Dark Knight Armourys fetching steampunk overbust corsets. Made in quality materials, they range from subdued and elegant to vibrant and bold. They add structure and shape to almost any steampunk ensemble and help create a lovely hourglass figure as well. Some also feature steel boning, making them suitable for waist-training.
Womens Steampunk Trousers, Leather Steampunk Pants, and Victorian Bloomers
Skirts are well and good, but sometimes a lady needs leggings. Dark Knight Armoury is no stranger to adventure and action, and we know that sometimes females in the procession prefer pants or leggings. That is why we offer a selection of stylishly steampunk slacks and trousers for women, including jodhpurs, crop pants, neo-Victorian trousers, fitting leggings, historical bloomers, steampunk shorts, and more.
Womens Steampunk Tops, Victorian Blouses, and Steampunk Shirts
When building a steampunk style, you have to ask what your profession is. Whatever you chose, you can bet that Dark Knight Armoury will have a steampunk top, shirt, or blouse to suit it. Our selection ranges from elegant blouses and tops based on Victorian fashion to tough and rugged tops designed for lady engineers and adventuresses. All are made from fine materials, to ensure the most comfortable and best fit possible.
Womens Steampunk Skirts, Victorian Skirts, and Bustles
Once you have a steampunk top or blouse, legwear comes next. Dark Knight Armoury has a wide selection of steampunk skirts that combine rich fabric, Victorian form, and industrial functionality, providing long, short, ruffled, straight, colorful, and patterned skirts that fit the steampunk genre perfectly. Add in a bustle for that historical appeal, and very little will look better than you.
Womens Steampunk Underbust Corsets and Victorian Underbust Corsets
Enhance your steampunk style with a bit of Victorian inspired fashion, in the form of a steampunk underbust corset from Dark Knight Armoury. Made from quality materials, these lovely corsets offer a cinched look that provides shaping to any ensemble, while also adding extra style to your look as well. They feature a variety of decorations, including blueprint patterns, bright colors, grommets, chains, gears, clasps, jackets, bustles, and more.

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