Scottish Shields, Celtic Shields and Scottish Targe

The Scots and the Celts were both no strangers to war and battle. Nor were they picky when it came to arming themselves. But when it came to shields, two types were prevalent among these warriors. And when it came to shields, both Scottish and Celtic shields tended towards a rounded shape that was easy to use and swift to bring about in battle, allowing for good protection at a moments notice. Celtic shields were traditionally wood, sometimes with a metal layer on the face for added protection or decoration. They would be small or large, depending on the need. At Dark Knight Armoury, ours tend towards smaller, allowing a Celt warrior to move and fight with ease. Still, our Celtic shields feature the stunning appeal of the traditional Celtic design. On the other end of the spectrum, we offer Scottish shields as well, ones that were known as targes. Targes were small shields like bucklers, made from wood and often set with a long spike to make the shield as offensive as it was defensive. Like our Celtic shields, our Scottish targes are also feature rich designs in embossed leather and gold studs, making each one a stunning collectible and work of art. If you need a shield to reenact and battle with, you have come to the right place. And if you need a Scottish or Celtic shield to display, Dark Knight Armoury is also a great place to be.
Brass Riveted Scottish Targe
Based on the design of the targe, this Brass Riveted Scottish Targe recreates the look of this traditional Highland shield, while also featuring a distinctive and iconic design that makes it quite the impressive sight to see, too.
Price: $156.00
Brass Studded Scottish Targe
The preferred shield of the Highland warrior was the targe. Slightly smaller than the medieval round shield, this Brass Studded Scottish Targe is a reproduction of the Scottish shield, in all its impressive detail and adorned glory.
Price: $195.00
Miniature Scottish Targe
For those history buffs and cultural enthusiasts who want to celebrate some Scottish Highland style but have limited space, this Miniature Scottish Targe is a gift from above, one that recreates the Highland shield in miniature.
Price: $108.00
Red Lion on Crackle Steel Battle Shield
The beast presented on the Red Lion on Crackle Steel Battle Shield served as the standard for Scottish ruler from at least 1222. Constructed from 16-gauge steel, this reenactment shield enhances your defense on the SCA battlefield.
Price: $196.00
Round Celtic Harp Wooden Shield
The Round Celtic Harp Wooden Shield is a hand-painted shield featuring attractive Celtic designs alongside a simple harp. Made from smooth composite wood, this shield is strong enough to endure use and pretty enough to be a decoration.
Price: $341.00
Scotland Lion Steel Battle Shield
Since at least 1222, Scottish rulers have used the beast that decorates the Scotland Lion Steel Battle Shield as their standard. Crafted from 16-gauge steel, this reenactment shield contributes to a solid defense on the battlefield.
Price: $196.00
Scottish Culloden Targe
The Scottish Culloden Targe, as a restored recreation, is based on a historical piece that was captured during the Battle of Culloden in 1746, during the Jacobite Rising, and has since been kept in the Museum of Royal Armouries.
Price: $225.00
Unicorn on Purple Steel Battle Shield
The brave and defiant Scots chose a proud creature that would choose death over enslavement as their standard. Fend off those who would conquer your lands with the Unicorn on Purple Steel Battle Shield adding power to your defense.
Price: $196.00

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